“A Chippy Flew the Coop”


There seems to be a commonality of thought among the Excuse-makers on various blogs.

We are now told that the Vicious Six are “victims” themselves; one supposes they expected the community and the world at large to view them with the same benign neglect that shielded them at South Hadley High. That, of course, is the Educational Camelot where students may be shoved and pushed in the halls, their books slammed to the floor….where students may suffer obscenities  while being surrounded in public places…where students may find their class photo defaced with filth and…the sunshine is so bright, that apparently no faculty member ever sees.

Yes, at South Hadley High, a student like Phoebe may be , as Gus Sayer tells us, in counseling for adjustment issues; the target of threatening remarks; subjected to someone interrupting her class in session to berate her; and her Mother might visit twice with her fears and concerns….and yet…even in the last week of her Phoebe’s life…when Sayer admits AT THE VERY LEAST they knew all this….no special care was given to her situation.

Here is where Sayer’s Excuse-making falls apart. Even if we accept that school officials knew only THIS in the week preceding, they certainly had enough information at that point to see Phoebe was in a perilous situation. Especially since they were cognizant that Bullying had reached critical proportions at South Hadley High….so critical that they needed to call in and PAY FOR… a professional!

The second stab at Excuse-making is in full display on this Blog:


“Angeles Chanon did do an interview and explained clearly that her daughter had one verbal exchange with Phoebe Prince a month before Phoebe decided to kill herself. She and Phoebe were both calling each other names but because one of these chippies flew the coop, the other is charged with driving her to commit suicide? Yet her daughter was indicted anyway and now stands to be unjustly labeled for the rest of her life as a bully? Tell me again that people don’t get just get indicted for nothing?”

This poster who calls himself “Keep It In Perspective” admits to being related to one of the accused, which I suppose gives him some moral free pass to refer to a dead child as a “chippy.” To me, at the least, this reflects a cruel disdain that might indeed be indicative of the mindset in Bullying-infected  families.

Phoebe was one NEW child trying to defend herself against an established mob. Phoebe was one SINGLE child, relentlessly targeted and tormented by a group who acted in concert.  What fear was there for the Chanon girl or any of the other Bullies…they were part of a pack.  But , the poet Millay has a line that certainly fits Phoebe…”to one alone and lost, another thing…”

No, these two “chippies” were not on equal ground. And, the evidence will show if the District Attorney charged any of these Bullies on one exchange…alone!

But yes, Phoebe “flew the coop.” (using Bully Family lingo for her tragic death.) To Perspective, this seems to be a heartless trick by Phoebe perpetrated on her Tormentors. No fair, he seems to say!  Victims “should be made of sterner stuff.”

Some, like “Perspective”,  feel Phoebe is the only bad actor in her own death; he alludes to mysterious”skeletons.” I think we can presume that the Bully Families intend to further demean Phoebe in court in order to to defend themselves. I’m wondering if they understand this tactic might just reinforce what we already presume about them: that they feel their children are entitled to exhibit this behavior and that they have enabled it by excusing it. I wonder if watching the Bully Families swarm Phoebe’s distraught family by further demeaning their dead child…will be a winning strategy with a jury..or a wider world already watching from afar? Or will it be a reminder of the behavior that brought Phoebe to a lonely, desperate end? Will it be perceived as an extension of the comments that assaulted Phoebe’s family as they came to her memorial page for solace: “She deserved it.”

So I say, be wary, Bully Families, even if you have your “skeletons” to besmirch Phoebe. If a gang of thugs regularly shoves passerbys to the cement…and ONE TIME, they select for the object of their cruelty… someone with a weak heart…does that cleanly absolve them of a resulting death? Will a jury  be anything but unimpressed by that line of thinking? If Bully Children who conducted a three month campaign to savage a child…bring that mindset to the courtroom as a defense…will a jury not be equally offended by that line of excuse?

Phoebe died the death of a thousand cuts. The Vicious Six sliced at her daily, over and over, everywhere she turned, for months. The Excuse-makers are trying to isolate out their favorite Bully’s participation…”But He only cut here..or here..!”   They wish us to see each Bully in isolation ..not  part of  a deadly group effort…not part of the swarm. They want us to now sympathize with those who defaced Phoebe’s memorial pages….enveloping her grieving family in their last wave of vile and outrageous inhumanity. They are trying to make the Bullies…Phoebe’s victims.

They want us to understand this is just acceptable adolescent behavior that may be inflicted by the Strong and must be endured by their Targets.

They want to diminish this tragedy  to their favorite Bully-words used before…


“She deserved it.”

and now from a Bully-family member…speaking of a child’s death

“A chippy flew the coop.”


7 Responses

  1. Keep it in Perspective….just like the tormentors,is nothing less than an impudent parasite and greedy emotional looter. They’re all so jealous of a bright,well mannered,genuinely trusting,pretty and smart 14 yr old girl. It really takes someone worthy of the aforementioned appellations to vilify such a girl–not only in life,but to continue such foul behavior posthumously as well.

    It reveals a lot about the unsavory character of the tormentors and of their families.

  2. This whole case just sickens me. I cannot believe that people would even dare defend these bullies. These disgusting excuses for human beings not only tormented an innocent child to the brink of suicide, but they continued to torment her after her death. Angeles Chanon defends her daughter, yet fails to see that her perfect little daughter has yet to show any sort of remorse over Phoebe’s death. She’s only upset that she’s now in trouble with the law. She has gone on the record saying that her daughter pointed Phoebe out to her when they were driving in the car after school. What did she do then? Allow her daughter to roll down the window and shout something? Join her daughter in the name-calling? Why didn’t she go to the school authorities if her daughter had been a victim of bullying? I’m guessing that it’s because her daughter was never bullied, and because only after the investigators questioned her daughter did this incident come to light (as a way of saying, “hey…I’m not guilty. She called me a name too”). The parents of these bullies are all failures as parents, and it scares me to see such sociopathic behavior from these teens. None of them have yet to show any remorse, and it is frightening. Had they not gotten in trouble for this, they would have continued to go on with their lives without a care for the fact that their actions caused a suicide. Imagine what else they would have gone on to do. It is truly frightening!

  3. Good comment, Mary.

    Have a question for you about how to gain “permission” to post on the web sleuth site… I registered but am unable to respond to jjenny’s numerous clueless posts. She is way off in too many of her comments. Not the least of which is her stance that suicide is a mere choice.

    • Sauerkraut, I’m honored to have you stop by.

      I’m at a loss to explain your problem posting. I know for the first few times they limit ability to start threads, but I never had any problem posting.

      We need you over there!

      I can only suggest you contact the Mods.

      Thanks again for your great Blogs!

  4. SMS & Sauer kraut:

    Can’t reply on most threads at WS until you have X number of posts. It varies but is usually 25. Skip on over to the Game thread and do 25 throwaway posts there to get your count up, then you can reply.

    Toss us a link to your blog, please.


  5. Apologies! Didn’t make the connection to Litterbox. Skip the blog link. Have it bookmarked.

    Thanks to you both.

  6. For some reason, every time I see people who defend thugs like bullies and criminals, I think of serial killer groupies.

    To me, they are just as bad as the criminal. They are enablers. It does not help the criminal much either.

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