“Keep it in Perspective”

Some of you may be following the comments of  “Keep it in Perspective” on this Blog…


He has stated he is a relative of one of the Bullies charged.  He claims there will be evidence about Phoebe (that he must keep confidential now) that will result in a dismissal.

Hopefully, some of you will join the conversation.

I am re-posting my reply to him today…here:

Perspective, I think your most telling comment was when you referred to this dead child as a “chippy” who “flew the coop.”

Quite stunning and instructive.

Like your relative who is charged, you seem both unaware that words have power and unable to self-discipline yourself even when civility would better suit your purpose.

Perhaps you missed the description of this Bullying campaign as “relentless.” Have YOU ever endured “relentless” targeting? Please try to imagine, for Phoebe or any child, to be forced by law to spend your days in a place where books are knocked from your arms in the hallway,you are pushed and shoved and insulted as you try to get to class, you are surrounded in the library, and taunted with threats in the cafeteria. Your email is loaded with obscenities directed at you; your class photo is defaced with filth;
your Facebook page filled with insults and ugliness. As you walk home alone, shrieking obscenities from a car…a soda can is thrown at your head,,,your clothes wet and stained.

Not one day.
Not one week.
Three months.

This is what relentless means.

This is the death of a thousand cuts. Your relative was part of this campaign of terror. It is clear they were organized, they were enthusiastic, they rejoiced in Phoebe’s misery, and as one of them posted on Phoebe’s Memorial Page…they proclaimed “ACCOMPLISHED!” at her death.

You cannot separate out your relative when she was a willing part of the SWARM. Just like one bee sting will not kill a non allergic person, a swarm of stinging bees is fatal.

Your relative has a responsibility to pay for what she and her “associates” “ACCOMPLISHED.” That is, as one of them published on Facebook, the death of their intended target. Since you have a military background…think of them as an organized squad…with a mission and a target (Phoebe.) I’m sure there will be testimony of the joy they shared with others in undertaking their “campaign.”

No drug problem…no garbage you can bring into court on Phoebe will change WHAT THEY DID.

The RELENTLESS bullying.

You will find no mitigating circumstances for your relative in blaming her victim…because no matter what Phoebe’s problems….Phoebe was entitled to an education at that school without enduring a campaign of mental torture by your relative and her friends.

You may bring whatever smears into the courtroom and it will only remind the jury and the watching public of how Phoebe was smeared by all of them in those last three months of her life. IT WILL BE SEEN AS JUST MORE OF THE SAME. The campaign to destroy this child continues… even in death.

Yes, just more of the same…

I wonder if you can understand this…as someone who would refer to the death of a child as…. “a “chippy who flew the coop.”


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