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If the world were a better place….

No appearances in Court tomorrow for Accused Bullies Mulveyhill, Narey and Renaud.

The Boston Herald reports:

“Narey’s attorney Michael O. Jennings of Springfield said the arraignment is not “significant” and there’s no reason for his client to attend.

“If you don’t have to be there you’re better off,” Jennings said. “There’s nothing special about this.”

Well, whadda you know?

Nothing special to Ms. Narey and her cohorts, if you say so, Mr. Jennings.  But this first official day of accountability for the alleged perpetrators of fatal harassment of their daughter Phoebe  is certainly “special” and “significant” to the Prince family and to the many of us worldwide fully engaged in this tragedy.

So the Timid Trio will stay at home…protected from anything like the taunts, and threats and abuse it is alleged they directed mercilessly at Phoebe.  But like Phoebe, they know there’s no refuge that can hide them forever. They will be brought to that court and the power of the State will speak for Phoebe…and this time…. no sports prowess, no special connections, no faculty favoritism, or staff apathy, or dismissive ineptitude will lend them cover.

Phoebe has the Richest Daddy of them all now…the State of Massachusetts…taking EACH of them on. No longer dependent on help from the Eyes Wide Shut of Gus Sayer and Dan Smith,  she has the District Attorney and her staff to champion her. And just as their friends lined the hallways to watch as Phoebe tried to find a way past their (alleged) shoves and obscenities to get to class…. think of all of us… in this case that has grabbed world attention…as lining the cyber-halls now….watching EVERY ACCUSED BULLY…leaning in to hear just what they have to say.

There seems to be an indication in articles here and there…that their defense will be The Smearing Of Phoebe Redux.  Whispers of “drugs”, secrets, “skeletons”….(YAWN) sounds like your standard…”She’s A Nut and a Slut.” In my humble opinion , that is the worst possible path for these accused Bullies to follow. If you are arraigned on drug charges, don’t bring your bong to court; if you are accused of drunk driving, don’t show up inebriated; and if the charges are you smeared, and taunted, and reviled a child…don’t come to court and try to make the jury an accessory after the fact to more of the same ugliness.

You stand accused of being a bully. A girl is dead. Demeaning her further is no winning strategy for YOU.

Even if Phoebe were to be all the things you called her…if her skeletons rattled mightily throughout the court…that DOES NOT give anyone the right to make her life a three month living hell…to hound her mercilessly into despair.  Even a Nut and/or a Slut has rights by law that protect them from being targeted as the CONSTANT punching-bag in a public school of foul mouth relentless thugs!

Here’s a thought. Maybe one of the Accused Bullies could come to the arraignment…or stand outside the courtroom and make a statement like this…

“”I’m here to face whatever punishment the court decides, because I deserve it. Phoebe is no longer alive for me to make amends…so I will take whatever sentence is handed to me and serve it as some small measure of my remorse…for Phoebe and for her loving family. I made mistakes, and created much misery and I cannot turn back time. The part I played in this…no matter how large or small…was an integral part of the tapestry of a real tragedy, the loss of Phoebe’s life.  I will neither minimize my actions or ask anyone to mitigate them with excuses.

This case has received a lot of publicity. Phoebe’s name and mine will always be linked. For me, her name will be a Scarlet Letter that I deserve…and I will tell her story and mine every chance I get…in hopes that no one will every again make my mistakes or suffer as Phoebe suffered.

I’m pleading guilty today. I look forward to serving whatever sentence the court decides. My real sentence will be living with my memories for the rest of my life.”

I know.

Fat chance.

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