Tears in Heaven

The town of South Hadley will send a message to the Heavens today…to that young girl bedeviled in her short  life by so many cruel messages.  Today South Hadley High gives school chair Ed Boiselle another three year uncontested term…so, Phoebe, as your watching us down here…just know that nothing  has really changed.

And nothing is GOING to change.

The message is, Phoebe,…they refuse to”get” YOUR message.

South Hadley’s Eyes-Wide-Shut leadership led by the “See-No-Evil” Gus Sayer, “Hear-No-evil” Dan Smith…and “Speak-No-Evil-of -Anybody-But-the-Prosecutor” Ed Boiselle instead will stumble ahead into the future.  Refusing to take any responsibility for the chaotic environment that enabled the fatal cruelty that befell you, Phoebe….they will close ranks against the lessons your short life offered us all.

South Hadley will retain it’s title as the Clueless Capitol of the Western World. It’s High School hallways will remain happy hunting grounds for the sadistic juvenile stalkers enabled by apathy and shielded by self-protective denial.

It’s an outrage, Phoebe. These are men tasked with the welfare of the school children in this town…and their integrity seems to disintegrate before our eyes each time they speak…
“The ragged men in the ragged clothes,
The silver thorn of bloody rose,
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow.

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they’re not listening still.
Perhaps they never will…




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