Now come the Defense Attorneys, in fairness, doing their jobs, spinning to the media, trying to craft for their client’s benefit…sympathy and doubt. I can picture them as they spoke to various media yesterday: the suffering of the alleged Bullies shining soft in their eyes as they admonish us….”Do you REALIZE that these charges will follow my client for the rest of his/her days?”

Uh-huh. We do.

I wish one of the media types had retorted…”Does your client realize Bullying follows its victims for the rest of his/her days too?”

Being charged with a crime is indeed a life-altering event….but it’s time we acknowledged as a society that Bullying, especially severe Bullying of the type Phoebe endured changes lives too. There is oftentimes no cure or compensation in one’s entire lifetime…for the wounds inflicted to your soul and self-esteem. Victims may acquire a self-doubt or worse, a self-loathing that cripples them from ever attaining their full potential. They may suffer from social phobias and certainly from diminished self-esteem. Bullies not only burden their victims with mistrust and painful lifetime memories, they rob them of whom they might have been…before Bullying misshaped their soul and skewered their psyche.

So pass me no handkerchiefs to weep for the alleged Bully-meisters of South Hadley High. Actions have consequences. Somewhere in their lives, Mommy and Daddy should have taught them that.  Sometime in their school careers, a decent school system should have shown them that a civil society will not turn a blind eye to their malignant efforts. But it appears, in the Eyes Wide Shut South Hadley school district a different message was conveyed.

In the Eyes Wide Shut South Hadley High School district, the alleged bullies seem to have been conditioned to the fact that they were immune from accountability.  If you see you are observed by an authority figure as you surround and taunt a victim, and nothing happens…you understand you may repeat that action. If shoving and pushing and verbal pelting with obscenities is observed and unaddressed, you become bolder. At some point so bold that you feel empowered to enter a class in session to humiliate your target. These are some of the things we read Phoebe endured…the first two relentlessly, the last, in the last week of her life. With the classroom intrusion (if accurate), could Phoebe sense the Bullies were becoming bolder? Did she feel an Escalation of the Ugliness, bad enough in the months past, had now come upon her?

If so, seeing there was no help for her anywhere, is her desperate decision to take the only escape route the fifteen year old child saw left available…so hard for anyone to understand?

My reading of the last day of her life seems to indicate she made one last attempt to find someone to stand at her side…one school staff member to stand up with her and tell her Tormentors..”No more!”  After being surrounded in the Library, she was seen crying in the Nurse’s office after school. Then allegedly, as she tried to leave, Mulveyhill, Narey, and Longe blocked her way, taunting, pushing…taking this already distraught child to some even more desperate place. Finally past them…Phoebe starts her lonely walk home, and a car with the other Bully Posse passes…a can of Red Bull hits her head, the contents soil her clothes…

Defense Attorneys, please tell your clients actions like this have lifetime consequences too.  Why do they NOT know this?

If their Mommys and Daddys want to point fingers away from their children, please spare of the obscenity of a now LEGAL campaign to continue the smearing of Phoebe. We do not need this dead child bullying to continue in court to try to divert attention from the actions of these defendants. People all over the world are asking themselves, in light of this case, how does society create Bully? What vital lessons are neglected, what sense of empathy not encouraged, what basic humanity not passed along to young people…that they might take pleasure….not once in while…but RELENTLESSLY tormenting another child? How do young adults come to feel EMPOWERED to make another person’s life unbearable, day after day after day….for sport and amusement?

One answer is being endowed at home and school with a sense of entitlement…that only  YOUR pain or pleasure matter. The other is a persistent lack of accountability. I wonder if the alleged Bully-parents dare to exhibit both these behaviors as a legal defense for their children to an already disgusted global audience? Will they be brazen enough to defame this dead child, defile her memory in the face of her parents, and revile us all with a revolting effort to cast the (alleged) Vicious Posse of South Hadley High as the poor widdle victims of Phoebe Prince.

Defense Attorneys, this is no ordinary case.

The World is watching.

Blame Phoebe?

Boo-hoo-hoo for the Bullies?


Oh my.


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