One….Alone and Lost

“Dim trotting figures that seldom will attack

Two with a light who match their steps and sing:

To one… alone and lost…another thing.”

We learned more yesterday about the “dim trotting figures” at South Hadley High …the alleged Bully Posse…and their organized conspiracy of relentless cruelty toward Phoebe Prince.

Flannery Mullins is alleged to be the Big He-Girl…the “Muscle”, laying plans to find the opportunity to do physical harm to Phoebe, trolling school bathrooms and hallways for assualtive opportunities.

Velazquez, the archetypal Wannabee (displaying the high moral fiber her Mother tells us she instilled at home.)…prefers loud, obscenity labeled verbal assaults in support of her friend.  As further evidence of her gentle rearing, she describes this harassment  to authorities as but a manifestation true friendship for Mullins….whose pain causes her pain.  As for any such feeling for Phoebe…well, let’s not go overboard with empathy..even post mortem:

“Another student told police that after Prince’s suicide, Velazquez said she “wasn’t the only person that caused Phoebe’s death and that she didn’t care that she was dead.”

And Longe must have been a legend in the Library…where she was permitted to shout her abuse both up close and from tables away…unrestrained by any supervision, of course. FYI, to you taxpayers funding the place, that South Hadley High is providing quite the atmosphere of civility and academic learning,wouldn’t you say.  (Remember when we feared whispering behind the stacks?)


3 Responses

  1. It is all really sad – isn’t it?
    If not for the DA none of this would ever have come to light, the school would spin out something quickly with undertones that this girl had a problem that they can’t talk about and that would be that. Any parents who wanted more clarification would be given the big brush-off, treated as an annoyance. That is what usually happens and then these scary people learn that they are still dark shadows, they got away with it as they did in the months leading up to it. It is the fact that it was done right out in the open at school and no one did anything about it that gave her the feeling of “hopelessness” as it would anyone. A very clear message to all other students as well. The teachers and principal are leading in this and that was their message. They need a course or a task force to tell them that when someone burst into a classroom and shouts obscenities at another student you should do something…good god. What has it come to? Any statements at this late date to conjure up some sympathy for the staff…well because it’s 10 weeks later it really looks phoney. The DA and the media have to get involved before any feelings kick in? Next you will be hearing they are all crying and gone on stress leave. Hmmmmmm The lack of remorse is just incredible, by both the staff and the organized thugs.
    I really think when this is all over, no matter what the outcome, you should write a book…

  2. Did anyone read the letter from the superintendent? Did anyone real the column written and quoting Smith? In the Gazette.

    Really shocking in that the same arrogance and vagueness is still there. Mostly they just said the same thing and the principal even took the opportunity to include that if they had more funds they could implement a teacher mentor program.
    All this to discipline a few out of control students. Incredible.

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