THe Capitol City of the Denial Nation

I’ll be traveling the next two weeks…but if opportunity presents itself…maybe on long , long flights…I hope to add to the Blog.

Phoebe’s tragedy is such an important lesson: we cannot allow those who failed her in life…to flail at her memory or hide behind feeble excuses now… just to cover their culpability. Many other children remain in their “care.”  Moreover…what happens in this  South Hadley case will reverberate…or not…throughout other communitues and other school systems.

There will either be concerted change or…continued complacency. We will help that choice be made by continuing to be a voice for Phoebe.

It seems almost every day we read of another child lost to this same type of brutal campaign of Bullying. When we stand with Phoebe, we stand with them too , and all those who today feel alone, unable to cope, and without any authority figure to offer solutions or solace.

Ignorance is no excuse among professionals; tolerating thug-like behavior in public schools where attendance is mandatory and escape for victims, barely manageable, is of itself… professionally intolerable.  Why should the victim have to flee and disrupt his/her education because the school refuses to provide  sanctions to the Bullies…and therefore a safe learning environment for all?  Why is the onus placed on the VICTIM, first by the Bullies and then by apathetic, enabling staff and faculty?

A three month campaign in a contained school atmosphere , among a close knit school community…means either outright professional neglect or downright apathy.


Here’s a bold idea.

Superintendents…SUPERVISE the learning enviorment in your schools.

Teachers, educate yourselves about Bullying.

South Hadley, embrace this tragedy for a learning experiment and lead…not have to be dragged forward…as examples of what should and should not be done to save our children’s lives and psyches from this current intolerable cycle of Bullying.

Right now, in my opinion,  you look like the capital city of the Denial Nation.

It’s a pitiful sight.


2 Responses

  1. “If you stand by passively and watch some child be tormented, terrorised, and bullied – you are as guilty as the person who is doing it.”

    Dr. Phil

  2. That’s right.

    Are they arguing they are incompetent at their jobs…or just inhuman in their response to the misery of a child.

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