Obama and Me

President Obama and I both have a lot in common I think. Both of us have been “community organizers” in a way. Both of us are accustomed to speaking to large groups and like Big O…I’m told I do it well. And , of course, in a loose definition of the word…we have both been “Senators.”

The way I see it ….Senators, unlike Governors, businessmen or Presidents…really aren’t much concerned with budgets; they are most concerned with improvement, change, prettying things up, finding good ways to spend money.

In this way, I consider myself exceedingly “senatorial.” For example, the mission I was given to replace an oven has now morphed into putting the new oven into a specially designed island… in which case we may as well get a new cook top. When pressed by my husband about the expansion of this project, I explained it’s like our little “stimulus.” Isn’t this a microcosm of what we see happening in Washington every day? Here I am starting small and then adding. adding, adding on….all for good purpose, of course. Being a good “talker” like Obama…I can always find a good argument and a noble intent to explain my spending. These are always things that need IMPROVEMENT. Everything is an emergency.

So…here I am spending my husband’s money …and there Obama is …spending my husband’s money TOO. My husband’s tax dollars and yours…and yours…and YOURS, of course.

Similarities everywhere I look.

But… unlike Obama, there are people around me who wisely enforce constraint. In NYC with my business partner (she actually being the entire “business” part of the partnership)… the question was posed to me once “What part of …’We’ve spent our whole budget.’…. don’t you understand?” On the kitchen improvement, I may amuse myself with these designers, but when the estimates come in…my husband will take out the red pencil.

Between us, I might just find myself with only the oven.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone close enough to Big O…to affectionately but firmly…pull in the reins. To remind him, he’s not a Senator anymore…he’s President. He has a Budget…our Budget….that’s OUR money he’s blowin’ through and the national account is overdrawn…the national credit cards are loaded. Obama is trying to spend his way to a grandiose legacy for himself..no matter the cost down the road. He can envision himself as some triumphant Deus ex Machina …but he can’t see Greece.

Someone needs to tell Obama…stop PROPOSING…start IMPOSING some discipline…on Congress and on himself.

But nobody wants to do.

I guess the American people are going to have to tell him that in the Midterms ourselves.

Another thing about Obama and me…we like to be uninterrupted from our dreamy improvements, be it societies or kitchens. We do not like to be called back to reality by any inconvenient crisis. He has this darn Oil Gusher and I have my air conditioning compressor. Let me tell you I can sense Obama feels as imposed upon as I do…having to tear myself away from designing the perfect kitchen island…to deal with that equipment nonsense. But of course, I HAVE to…it’s gonna get HOT!

Likewise, while Obama is trying to create the perfect new world order….how dare this troublesome rig blow up and try to divert his attention? This is the reason he only paid minimal attention…he let BP handle it…forgot to return the Congressman’s call…never stepped in for 6 weeks to get the berm permits through Federal red tape… because Obama had BETTER things to do. Pushing those big expensive dreams.

So he delegated. He declined. He did only the obligatory “sand-in-hand” photo-ops. Unfortunately for him, he really waited far too long. Just like my compressor situation, things finally HAVE gotten HOT.

Struggling to stop the Leak (the Political one, Silly…remember…BP’s handling the other) Obama was forced to up the ante and emerged last night and make a public pronouncement of minor profanity….”kick ass” or something, wasn’t it? This stagecraft is politically necessary I suppose….but, to me, if I squeeze my eyes almost closed…he’s beginning to actually look like Barney Fife.

But now Spike Lee is happy and the pundits have proof Obama “cares.”

There’s one way though that The Big O and I are very different. I’ve always understood that relationships require a certain symbolic tending. One has to show up on the High Holy Days of other people’s lives…at least the people you claim to care about. Funerals, weddings…those one time “state occasions” of sorrow or joy. It’s the supreme chance to say “You matter in my life.”

You just HAVE to be there.

But…unlike his last two predecessors , Clinton and Bush, Obama would not mar his vacation to go to Arlington on Memorial Day….a day of sacred mourning for all those who served our country in harm’s way. No… Obama chose an…. easier venue…a “convenient” venue FOR HIMSELF…just getting the obligatory ticket punched. Like a scene in some Victorian novel….”sympathy of nature” it’s called…the Gods themselves seemed to tell him what they thought of his presidential “indulgence.” Let’s face it, on the High Holy Day of the Armed services…as Commander in Chief with two wars underway, Obama signals to men who are never ALLOWED the easy way out…that they are second to his own needs and wants.

And now comes D-Day.

Not a word from Obama.

Ironically, on the same weekend as the D-Day anniversary the President found time to release a statement on Friday noting the passing of William Miranda Marín, Mayor of Caguas in Puerto Rico, and another on Saturday noting the passing of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.

Didn’t want to exhaust the vocal chords during a Tax payer-funded Big Party Week…. talking about D-Day.

I’m beginning to believe that Obama’s problem is that he has never transitioned from being a Senator to being a President. He thinks his job is to dream and spend. He seems miffed to be interrupted my any major crisis. He is also annoyed to be expected to interrupt his schedule…just to respect symbolism…so he picks and chooses in a slick partisan way.

Like honoring the Latino mayor of Puerto Rice (think Latino VOTE) but ignoring our D-Day Vets.

The Latino vote is very useful to him. That is what matters in the “honoring stuff” to Big O.

But the D-Day vets…hey,why bother? Most of them may well be dead before Obama might need them again.


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