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There’s a catchy little lyric from a country-western song…”You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”  Unfortunately, I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious…not many people stand for anything these days.

Take abortion… a contentious issue…and I have good friends who stand on all sides of it. Over the years , we’ve had rousing, sometimes raucous debates on the topic, but mutual respect always stood as a backdrop to both sides. Why?….because these positions were anchored in ardent beliefs.

But a few years ago, one friend’s daughter got a job with a Democratic politician….and one weekend, she, of  the staunch Pro-life position…who articulated often that she saw fetuses as babies…choose to travel to D.C.  and march alongside late-term abortion devotees in a Pro-choice D.C. rally.  Why…because it was “good for her daughter’s career.”

Her moral values had an asterisk.  They were expendable.

I watched the rally on C-span. I might have pictured any number of my Pro-Choice friends participating and admired their effort to be forceful in their beliefs.  But this was not the case here….this was an act of nauseating self-interest that , in the mind of this “Friend”, outweighed any previous convictions she might have espoused.

She is certainly not an exception; she’s part of an ever-expanding Shallow majority. They want what they want. If any moral stance conflicts, guess what is going to be jettisoned immediately?

This is exactly my issue with most of the politicians on both sides of the aisle these days. The media has reported that Gov. Crist, formerly the devout Republican…is doing a um-m-m “Ethical-cleansing” of his website…removing his former Pro-life position. His beliefs, like those of Arlen Spector, are whatever will help him the most, keep him in power, get him reelected.  His positions, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind….determined entirely by what’s in it FOR HIM.

Which brings me to Barack Obama….and a reassessment of our President…I feel just about ready to make.  I’ve been asserting for months that I detest Obama’s world-view, his policies, his positions on the vital issues before our nation.

I think I’m gonna have to take that back.

Increasingly, I think Obama has few REAL beliefs..certainly not gut-solid core beliefs.  I think he has some leanings.  But, like my former friend, would be more than willing to sell them out for self-interest.

When questioned gently by an adoring media about his lack of experience, Senator Obama pointed to his legendary and most excellent campaign as proof of his executive competence. And, yes indeed, I’m going to give him that.  Obama is a masterful campaigner.  The problem is…he has never stopped. He is not GOVERNING; he is perpetually in a state of political calculation. I envision him hunched over our current crises and catastrophes in the Oval Office, Rahm calling off campaign contributions on his right, Jarrett reading off polls.  Every move he makes, even the language he uses…is gauged against his electoral self-interest.

He is tied up in boxes..bits of his soul sold here and there to achieve his goal of the Presidency. Now, to keep it, he has to calculate, always calculate…always consider what is owed to whom.  He has to try to bring down Healthcare costs and protect trial lawyers; improve our children’s education but only as allowed by the Teachers Unions; create a nanny state and balance the budget;  and deal with the worst ecological crisis of our lifetime  without offending Big Contributors (BP), Unions (no Jones Act), and environmental groups….and an increasingly infuriated public.

This is why Obama descends into odd dopey-ness. Why hasn’t he called the CEO of BP?  Why is he only “popping in” and not running the Big Showdown next week? Why does he appear to be dithering, unable to even alleviate JUST the RED TAPE of the nightmare bureaucracies and regulations …that he claims to ardently espouse?  Why is he rushing out. a day after Spike Lee mildly castigated him for his lack of manly bravado…to do a Barney Fife imitation of the Today show?

It’s all Show-biz, stagecraft. He can’t just do what might work…he has to see if that works FOR HIM.

We need leadership and instead ,we’ve gotten a lesson in what our President does best.


And amazing  though his political skills may be…sadly…that seems to be the sum-total of his skill-set.


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