Don’t tell ME about…ME.

My old friend Phyllis posted an article on her Facebook  entitled…”Ten things that Terrify Right-Wingers”

I’m always amused that someone who is not part of a group …chooses to answer for a group, but whatever.  Basically, it’s a collection of the usual drivel, the standard smears, the amplification of any outlier into a standard-bearer….that Leftists pull out of the hat whenever they lack common sense answers.  Increasingly, I think it’s an opportunity to slip under the snark and see the vast empty space it covers. (more about THAT later)  But honestly, since Phyl actually KNOWS a right-winger…I wish she would just have just asked ME what I fear. …instead of outsourcing the same old tripe.

What I fear is the immaturity of the Leftist mindset; the “Gimmee” culture that ….WANT WHAT THEY WANT…. but no longer have a practical way to pay for it.

I fear the insane collective Leftist tantrum to get those THINGS at any cost…without considering COST…even if it results in a national…um-m-m-m Greek tragedy.

I fear the divisive smear-jobs that stand to rip at the remarkable generational inclusiveness many of us, right and left,  HAVE made with mutual hard effort.

I fear a mentality that bleats about the danger of organized Christian religions but is blasé about organized Muslim terrorists almost to the point of beatification.

I fear all that.

The Gimmee Children of the Left want so many things. They want world peace, free medical care, free educations, increased standard of living, “money for nuthin’, chicks for free.”  Most conservatives want those things too. But we look at Greece , most of Europe, California, New York State…and we see the inability of anyone to honestly show us how HAVE THEM and to PAY for them too.  Many of us are accustomed to planning and paying for things we want. The Gimmee people are accustomed to somebody else picking up the tab AFTER they get WHAT THEY WANT…first.   That’s the fundamental dividing line.   We right and center-wingers don’t understand, for example, why Unions that gave a political party hundreds of millions of dollars…instead of funding their pensions…should now expect all taxpayers, even those who DISAGREE with that party…to fund those pensions now. That’s a shell game. You did WHAT YOU WANTED with those pension dollars. You spent it on influence. Now you want ALL of us to give it all back to you.

We’re not having it.

You should have secured those pensions FIRST.

To us, the “paying FIRST” part is important.   People get rightfully very angry when they are duped by Unions, Corporations, or Governments into expecting things those entities cannot afford to deliver. Historically, sometimes those people get so angry that they become violent. Now this might not be an “illegal war about oil”…but folks end up just as dead. “Dead” is very important to those “affected” and the people that love them.  The latter historically want to make other people “dead” to compensate.

That’s scary.

So that frightens me too.

Then there’s the divisive smear jobs.

Increasingly, with this President, the favored shut-up slur is “YOU ARE A RACIST!”  Now that really scares me.  It scares me because it is creating a divisiveness that is destructive to the END of… SKIN-HUE IDIOCY…. that so many of us considered the cornerstone goal of our generation.  It’s the fall-back name-calling gambit of the spoiled child, denied his sweets.

Personally, I am happy to inform you that I have lived my life in such a way that I may call Obama a “buffoon” any time I please and  it only underscores the fact that I see him as NO DIFFERENT to me than Bush was to you.   Obama is no Nelson Mandela…he has lived a life of American privilege…elite schools, a “community organizer” worth several million dollars in 2007*….(how’d he DO that?)   I deplore our national history of slavery, but personally, as the descendant of Irish coal miners whose meager existence left them equally as indentured and exploited…who saw in store windows of American cities signs proclaiming “Irish Need Not Apply”…I can only offer commiseration not guilt.  I know no racists among my conservative friends (or they wouldn’t BE my friends) …though I’m sure there are plenty out there…in Union Halls as well as Country Clubs.

How DARE you Leftists cheapen the word till it has no sting or censure? You’ve made the term..ridiculous…an “eye-roller.”  You’re de-fanging  an essential word that we all need to still be potent… by your careless and indiscriminate use.  And personally, I’m beginning to think the most overt act of political racism of our Time was to put an inexperienced man in the White House and then USE his race as a battering ram to push Leftist policy.

That does not frighten me, Phyl…it infuriates me.  If you on the Left truly respect Obama you’ll stop dodging issues by hiding behind his skin hue.

Let me be very clear… I am not frightened in the least by the racist or homophobic ” jingle-bell rock.” It’s a cringer but only because, like the seasonal refrain, it’s so overplayed. I’ve lived my life in a way that I don’t have to hum along.  I call these lies what they are…Leftist cultural diversionary tactics to change the subject. The Left can jump up and down like Rumpelstiltskin…but until you can answer the Big Questions with practical solutions …you’re just a nowhere-gnome spouting partisan hot air.

I am frightened by SPENDING and the heightened, hateful partisan rhetoric to get your own Leftist way, and the increasing thuggish tactics of the SEIU . There’s nothing morally superior about promising people things you have no idea how to pay for.  There is nothing  morally superior in using fear and intimidation to override your responsibility to participate in finding PRACTICAL, affordable  solutions.

I am not afraid of “Mooslims” (as used in your erudite article) but I am afraid of radical organized Muslims with shoe-bombs and underwear bombs and seemingly relentless plans to repeat 9-11. I wonder how glib this author would have been at 30,000 feet over Detroit on that December night?

I’m afraid next time it will be nuclear weapons.

I’m happy for you Leftists that these thoughts don’t breeze through the windmills of your minds as you concern yourself with Sarah Palin’s breasts and Wing-Nuts oversalting your food. . however…once again, in this sophomoric article’s humor and pandering …I see no PRACTICAL suggestions…NOT ONE… on how to deal with horrific  situations.  While it’s true that Muslims in general are not terrorists…our most “frequent  flyers” of the Terrorist persuasion  these days are Muslim. We have yet to pick up one Rabbi with radioactive Fruit-of the Looms, trying to blow a plane full of innocent strangers to smithereens.

This is not a coincidence.

I wish the Left would get as upset and VOCAL about this issue as they are about sex abuse in the Catholic Church.  But one faith is an open target and the other is a protected species. Can’t you Leftists speak up about BOTH?  Eric Holder certainly has his problems with this.   And speaking of Holder..I want neither KKK or Black Panthers intimidating voters at the Polls.  Explain why I should not see reverse racism in AG Holder’s inexplicable decision NOT to prosecute the Panthers?  Unless YOU can explain it to me…and I’m waiting , Phyl.

Lastly, I do fear the Gimmee people flooding our country with illegals as the ULTIMATE partisan power ver try to plan an  dinner party with a budget AND unlimited “guests?”play. You still haven’t explained how we pay for the promises ALREADY made to all those waiting for a check from flushed-out state and Federal Government (maxxed out in every way.)  The Joke-meister who penned this article didn’t invest any brain-power to the end either. How do we sustain open borders AND a Nanny state? Ever plan a dinner party on a budget with an endless guest list?

I think this is the place where someone yells “RACIST!”

Translation: “We don’t know but we want what we want.”

Or they say… stop the wars. Okay. As someone who , from time to time, has read newspapers where the casual mention of military casualties sent the bile of panic into my throat…I say fine.  But, when the enemy envisions strong women like you and I, Phyl,  living under Sharia law, and our freedoms and way of life under a religious thumb of state…you have yet to tell me your alternative plan.  I sense your antipathy to religion is not any more amenable to radical; Islam, is it?

So tell us what answers the Left has…or, better yet…tell Obama.  Because whatever he thinks he’s doing, the world is just getting more and more obscenely dangerous.  The world’s coffers are filled with IOU’s. And Obama and the Left  seem to have no NEW answers just tired, empty rhetoric from behind teleprompters.

Nothing but cheap divisive talk, snark  and partisan smears….and a WANT LIST with a price tag that never ends. Increasingly, Obama is saying “I realize we cannot  keep kicking this down the road.  I realize we are in an emergency financial situation. But I haven’t a clue… so gimmee another busted-billion dollar  kick.”

And , Phyl, if you’d asked me first…I’d have told you…THAT is what scares me most of all.


*The top campaign contribution to Obama in 2007-2008 was $145,654 from employees of University of Chicago. Barack Obama’s net worth was between $2,022,016 and $7,356,000 in 2007, according to Obama’s mandated financial disclosure statements. For more information, see the Center for Responsive Politics’ page for Obama.


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