“The One”…comes undone

It’s terrifying when Keith Olbermann and I agree.

After watching Obama’s speech last night, I kept thinking of that great line a dissatisfied  King Lear delivered to a daughter that disappointed him, “Nothing can come of nothing. Speak again.”

Actually, O, don’t bother. Left and right…we’ve heard enough. It’s better to say nothing silently.

I’m sensing your dilemma. You never wanted to be President; you wanted (and still want) to be “The One We Have Been Waiting For.” You want the kingdom, the power and the glory…not the inconvenient terror incidents, veteran’s events, and oil spills. You want pillars behind you and swaying crowds, waving their arms in a mass embrace of you, chanting “Yes! WE Can!”  “Yes, WE Can!”

You didn’t have to offer specifics…just hint…and receive the adulation of the adoring crowds.

YOU were the penultimate American Idol.

Those were the days, huh?  But that’s NOT the job.

You were a stellar campaigner. You were America’s coolest non-custodial parent. It was so easy to trash the soon-to-be Ex and tell us how fabulous life would be with you. You were deliberately vague but that was exceedingly seductive. We could then impose our own future vision of wants and wishes and all the wonder that lay ahead for us WITH YOU… into the empty set of what you actually said. All our friends around the world wished you were… theirs. But you were ours.

So cool.

So now, here we are together and you have full custody of  every problem, crisis and inconvenient family tradition. You now seen peeved. You seem put-upon. You seem  very unprepared. You still want to blame the “ex” but it’s exceedingly clear, you are in over your head yourself. You now seem more shallow than suave….more clueless than cool.

This is probably why your party schedule seemed to ramp up every time the oil spill estimates did. Sir Paul made you feel like “The One”…again.  For one night anyway. “Michelle My Belle.”

This is what you need. Why you are here.

Vacations, golf, celebrity parties. The terrified residents of the Gulf Coast, the tired and discouraged unemployed, the families with the ravaged 401ks watch you with now with narrowed eyes.

The One We Have Been Waiting For, huh?

There’s your trouble, I think.

It’s clear you have a greater burden than other Presidents…than, say,   Bush.  Yes, he faced the greatest terror attack on American soil barely months into his Presidency…but YOU face trying to juggle those dual roles..President of the United States AND…. that other thing….”The One We Have Been Waiting For” deal.  A President must choose, must lead, must make decisions.; The One must try to keep every adoring cow, here and internationally,  in the herd.

That is why, since taking the oath, you have not governed …you have continued to do what you do best…campaign. Essentially, you have opted to go with “The One” gig.  In your campaign, we heard whispers that “Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth.”…but only in small groups…just giving various constituencies, a little private tingle… tempting them with a little private “insight” into what was to come. Officially, as a candidate, you were vague. But, so many people, Left and Right, thought THEY had the inside story. The One We Have Been Waiting for…was just playing it cool; once elected you were their guy. THEY had won BIG with “The One.”

But almost two years in, on almost every contentious decision, from Afghanistan, to”Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, to Guantanamo, to Terror Trials, to the worst ecological disaster of our time…all we get is dithering and words. We are still IN Afghanistan…but , don’t worry, we have a sort-of date to get out.  We are closing Guantanamo, but not yet. We are abolishing DADT, but only when the military agrees. We are new and clean, except when we are making old school Chicago pol deals. We are “kicking ass” but real vague on names or giving details.

We observe the standard slippery, completely self-involved political machine in action; that’s the mindset that now stands between the American people and financial, ecological, and/or  actual mass destruction.

As our President, you are still trying to be magically vague….confusingly cool. All things to all people…because your Presidency is all about YOU. You have been adored for imagery, not action…so you cling to the former and avoid the latter. Going back to my non custodial parent riff…you appoint czars and intermediaries…essentially babysitters and nannies to take the heat and pressure off yourself. Someone to fire and blame and make the hard choices.

You, President Obama, avoid responsibility, hard choices, tough love.

Yes, Obama, the cool non custodial parent is now in over his head. Our international friends now think he’s kind of a weak, dopey Dad…and they have gotten more obnoxious and bold. Every day, he pushes us to pay MORE for more Big Government but  every day, he acts as Poster boy for  the false promises and ineffectiveness of Big Government.  We’re starting to wonder why we chose to live with this fool.  We’re starting to fear  his crazy spending will  leave us without a roof over our head a few years from now.  When we look closer now…we see  the shallowness underneath the artful spin.

Obama needs to be loved too much. He’s too into himself. He has no fire in his gut or great attachment to anything other than himself…certainly not us. Like so many “custody fights”…this  was about POWER…NEVER about…US.

If Obama is The One We Have Been Waiting For…a lot of us have been at the wrong bus stop.

The Cool One is still singing…but increasingly, no one’s dancing along.


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  1. All I can say is, ” Where’s the Kobe Beef?”

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