That D.C. Reality Show

I don’t watch made-for-TV reality shows too often…. but that’s because I watch government hearings and political event coverage which is pretty much the same thing.

I caught an episode of Toddlers In Tiaras this Wednesday…and probably I won’t tune in to that freak show again any time soon. If I want to watch idiots spending money they don’t have…. on inane frivolities they cannot afford…I can watch Congress on C-span every day of the week. Just a little too repetitive for me.

And, come on, People, the feigned fistfights, the insults, and the low-life puffery of the folks on Jersey Shore could never beat the antics at your standard Congressional hearing. Why not invest your time WATCHING the real deal? The shows we are producing with our tax dollars? You are seriously settling for second best: Seaside Heights has nuthin’ on Washington D.C….trust me.

Take yesterday’s episode.

“Joey-Sweetheart” Barton shot off his mouth and within an hour, everyone was hopping out of the Hearing hot tub, exiting the Shore House and looking to get in on any star-making… viewer-favorite… derriere-drubbing fight scene. Apparently Snookie Pelosi was unavailable for the first filming, so Joe “The Situation” Biden was featured instead. This was a curious choice, I thought. I believe the affable, gaffe-able Biden is always better cast in, say, “The Cake Boss” role capacity….loopy, low-key and just creating marvelous high calorie BS. Biden’s not… buff enough… for the faux parts they currently assign him.

Henry (H-Woww) Waxmann got his share of face-time. He does have that Geek-Gone–Guido-thing goin’ on pretty well. Frankly, I always enjoy any episodes wherein he’s featured. I do think someone needs to give him the faux tan memo however. A rather pasty, but hey…a pugnacious pumping l’il street guy, isn’t he?

But to what POINT? Am I the only one that thinks all of this is severely overacted, redundant and, in practical terms…inane?

I guess I need to focus on the Entertainment value. These D.C. shows are really more like Bob Hope extravaganzas…these politicians are performing for their “troops.” Tonight, on “The Real House-Reps of Washington D.C.”….the drama will reach new heights when….

Lord, give me strength.

Any of you fans of Nancy Grace should be tuning in as well.

Nancy was smarmy-Southern-girl sweet to the late Melinda Duckett compared to the congressional inquisition of BP’s Tony Hayward yesterday . Maybe like Duckett, he’ll kill himself..oh wait, didn’t one of “The Real Reps of Washington D.C.” suggest that ALREADY? Hari-Kari no less. See what I’m talking about, TV fans?

Our Politicians must looking at Nancy’s ratings and believing overplayed outrage might actually pull them up in the polls.

I was expecting the Chairman yesterday to end the hearing with…. “Goodnight Friend.”

What was the practical point of that Theater of the Absurd? (I said “practical.”) Our President, who becomes daily more and more like the ineffectual, seldom needed Bruce Jenner (who haunts the back shots of the Kardashian drama)…has already informed anyone within the sound of his professorial voice that the US Justice Dept is weighing criminal charges against “British Petroleum.” So what did any of these dorks expect Jeffery Skilling..oh, strike that…Tony Hayward.. to actually SAY?

Like these inane reality shows, it’s all diversion. People pretending things. The uninformed grilling the over-lawyered. Professional political bottom feeders who never held a job or met a pay-roll pretending they are experts in everyone else’s field.

Individually, on both sides of the aisle….the average Congressman is as vapid and non-productive as the Guidos and Guidettes of the fake Sea Side Heights; their “contributions” to solving our increasingly hideous problems…just about as significant as the contribution that other show cast makes to our culture. As a nation we are fascinated by low-life types behaving badly. We elevate them for their outrageousness. We tolerate their nothingness. We make them celebrities. We elect them to office.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the state of our Government and our collective morals and malaise….you can find in the average Reality Show and …daily in the power centers of Washington D.C.

Except for the Oval office.

Obama is a throwback.

Every day… I swear….he is actually looking more and more like Barney Fife.


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  1. Absolutely loved the last line . . .and so true!

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