I make a visit at least once a day to the Huffington post.

But, gee, those Huffies are getting a bit tedious.

Don’t misunderstand me…it’s not that they lack for creative and/or inspired writers over there; it’s just that the talking points never change. Our progressive friends cannot discuss any topic without bringing up The Ghost of the Administration Past….George Bush..who is apparently STILL the most powerful spirit in the Universe. From far away on his ranch in Texas, the spectral Bush clanks his chains into every Huffy conversation and his ghostly persona is STILL, apparently,in charge of the whole wide world.

“The One We Have Been Waiting” for is just a skinny bit player consumed by the Shadow of “The One We Left Behind.” The most eloquent man of our time has been reduced to being… “Mr. Yes-But-Bush.”

Obama’s first presidential term is almost half over and The Progressive Boy Wonder, believe it or not, is playing the accordion for Chimpy.

All that Obama genius…all those bows to despots…all the taxpayer money thrown about like confetti. Yet…the world still hates us….we’re broke and getting broker…and only census workers are getting jobs. Nothing Obama initiates works, but it’s all because of Bush.

It takes time, Obama and the Huffies tell us. Time way from golf, personal vacations, partying with Sir Paul. Time way from partisan speeches, and photo-ops and fundraisers.

Time way from the Perpetual Campaign.

Obama is a stellar campaigner.

We know.

But we kinda sorta expected the usual transition to PRESIDENT. Even the most beautiful, lauded bride has to, at some point, take off the wedding gown, and get down to cleaning house. Especially when our Bride and her Bridesmaids have been faint with rage over how filthy that homestead has been left.

We have been told for years how stupid George Bush is. In fact, The genius Obama and his progressive Dems knew exactly where, how and when Bush was stupid. They told us so. George Bush was also evil. Obama and the Dems had the goods on him there too. They saw Bush’s shortcomings SO clearly:they campaigned on changing all that. Now you don’t swan about promoting your partisan self…when you have to change, dear God, STUPID and EVIL. This is the stuff of emergency interventions…operational immediate surgeries. Don’t you get right to it? Huh?

The American people gave Obama and the Dems unprecedented power, including for a time a filibuster proof majority. They were scared, I suppose, about STUPID and EVIL.

So. Ready, set, go! Go, Team, Go! Hope and Change! Get’er done.

Almost half-way through…let’s review.

One of the Stupid and Evil things Bush did was opening Guantanamo. Obama told us while campaigning that was one of the first things that HAD to go. But turns out, that stupid and evil place is still open for business under Generalissimo Obama.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, although a Clinton era compromise…was also an abomination whose continuation was another cross for Bush to bear. …but it seems to be abominating right along under the progressive Obama . The Obama media lackeys, who depend on most of America being only headline skimmers…have put out some puff pieces like it’s going away any day now. But…read the fine print, say, in the liberal L.A. times:

“Rather, the legislation abolishes the policy once the president and the Pentagon certify that a repeal will not hurt military readiness, recruitment, and retention.”

It’s another political “roadmap” like that rapid expressway to Peace that runs through Gaza and the Middle East. Are you impressed?

Any well-read Progressive knows that Bush the Oilman and his evil twin, Dick Cheney, were entirely controlled by the Oil Cabal. They cared, we are told, nothing for preserving the environment, only for increasing piggy capitalist profits.

One might think if you are out to change STUPID and EVIL, that might be a pretty big FLASHING NEON ARROW to the first stuff you have to fix.

Surely, “The One We Have Been Waiting For”…the most brilliant mind of all time…knew immediately where in Bush’s government to look the hardest, where to scrutinize the deepest and where to scrub ferociously . But almost half Obama’s first term has passed…and a gusher is spewing into our Wetlands, and an ecological disaster of epic proportions has come upon us…and it appears Obama was so appalled by Bush oil policies….that STUPID and EVIL stuff…that he never found time to correct any of them. Or impose better ones of his own.


Remember what Obama promised us: His administration was “the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth. ”

Looks like instead…Obama is ushering in the moment when bureaucrats…”begin to care for the sick”…..and good temporary census jobs “are provided to the jobless”…the ocean levels are rising with crude oil and the planet is gagging on it…. the wars continue…and Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-il…are still throwing verbal shoes at our Progressive Barney Fife.

Whether kissing derrières or kicking them…Obama hasn’t proven successful at either endeavor.

Finally there is the Mantra…”Bush Lied!” Well, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Obama lied about his Health-care Bill…lied as to its real costs, lied about the extent of power bureaucrats would have over our heath choices, lied as to whether we would be able to keep our own doctors.*

Take a look at the infuriating Gordian’s knot of red tape and governmental rigidity that is fouling our response to the Oil Spill. The Coast Guard says ask the EPA; the EPA says ask Homeland security; Homeland Security says ask the Coast Guard. One layer of Bureaucrats hands you off to another in a dizzying display of incompetence and CYA. Now these people will be running our Health-care…standing between YOU and your doctor and me and mine…as they do between Gulf residents and the hundreds of idle oil skimmers.

Will we hear the Huffington Post partisans shouting “Obama Lied, and Patients died?”

Will we hear “stupid” and “evil” applied to Obama?

I doubt it.

They are pretty resistant to new material over there.



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  1. Obama is clearly over his head. I hope the American Voter will choose our next President on real results from holding an executive position instead of the Hopey/Changey Thingy!

    Why did anyone think he was qualified to be President?

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