Obama The Incompetent.

There is a reoccurring theme in the news lately. Obama, the senator who “distinguished” himself by voting “present”…has been taking that same incompetence and unpreparedness into the Oval office…to our great detriment. General McCrystal, his man in Afghanistan, is quoted today as calling Obama “unprepared” for meetings about the War zone. Unprepared while our troops risk their lives. More likely, Obama , was prepared only to gauge the political ramifications for HIMSELF…the one thing that always takes precedence over anything else. *

“Another aide refers to a key Oval Office meeting with the president a year ago.
Barack Obama and Stanley McChrystal on Air Force One, Oct 2009 The Afghan strategy review was difficult for Obama and McChrystal

The aide says it was “a 10-minute photo op”, adding: “Obama clearly didn’t know anything about him, who he was… he didn’t seem very engaged. The boss was pretty disappointed.”

Gen McChrystal himself says: “I found that time painful. I was selling an unsellable position.”

Always the photo op. Always the fakery.

At the same time, the largest newspaper in New Orleans speaks to Obama’s ignorance about their unfolding tragedy.*

“Louisianians understand that deepwater drilling is central to our economy; we know that the jobs provided by this industry go far beyond those on the rigs themselves — more than twice as many people in oil-related jobs earn their livings on tugboats and supply boats and in shipyards, helipads, catering kitchens and other places on shore.

It doesn’t take an economist to see what shutting down the rigs for half a year will do to all those jobs and the people who hold them.

But President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to get it. His administration fails to grasp how Louisiana’s economy works or what the six-month halt to exploratory drilling that the White House has ordered will do to people who earn their living from this critical activity. Either that, or his administration is determined to disregard the economic annihilation that its shutdown will cause.

The announcement this week of a $100 million compensation fund for rig workers affected by the moratorium is striking proof of this administration’s myopia. In all, 18,000 to 24,000 jobs related to the 30 shuttered rigs across the Gulf are in jeopardy from the drilling moratorium. But this fund, which BP agreed to provide, targets only 6,000 to 8,000 Gulf Coast residents who work on the rigs themselves. Those workers make an average of $2,400 a week, counting benefits, which means the fund could dry up in as little as six weeks, with months left before the moratorium ends.

According to the LSU Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana residents account for 3,339 of rig workers who are likely to lose their jobs, but another 7,656 Louisianians who work in jobs related to drilling also face likely layoffs. That’s 10,955 people who stand to lose their source of income, joining the fishers, shrimpers, oyster harvesters, charter boat operators, seafood processors, restaurateurs and many others whose livelihoods have already succumbed to the oil spill.

The Obama administration succeeded in persuading BP to set up a $20 billion compensation fund for economic losses caused by this unprecedented disaster, and that’s a crucial step toward ensuring our recovery from this environmental nightmare. But it remains unclear whether workers left in the lurch by the moratorium will be able to get help from this fund.

Nor will the damage end when the moratorium is over. The harsh reality is that many deepwater rigs are likely to abandon the Gulf of Mexico for places like Brazil and western Africa. After spending millions to move a rig, it’s unlikely that a company will rush back to the Gulf. That leaves support workers with little prospect of getting their jobs back. Over half of rig workers could keep their jobs if they are willing to endure greater separations of time and distance from their families. But the rest won’t be given that choice.

President Obama said that he stressed the plight of Gulf Coast families in a private conversation with BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg.

“A lot of these folks don’t have a cushion,” the president said he told the chairman. “They were coming off Rita and Katrina, coming off the worst economy that this country has seen since the Great Depression, and this season was going to be the season where they were going to be bouncing back.”

Understanding the human face of those affected by the oil spill is vital, and President Obama was right to make that point in his meeting with BP officials. But Louisiana and other Gulf Coast residents whose jobs are now imperiled by their own government’s action deserve no less from the president. They, too, lived through the storms of 2005. They, too, have struggled through a tough economy. Moreover, workers in jobs that support drilling make less money than those who work on the rigs. Now they face the prospect of joblessness, and so far, all that most of them can count on when the pink slips arrive is an unemployment check from the state.

President Obama has not heeded the voices urging him to reconsider the scope of the moratorium. Those include engineering and oil industry experts consulted by the administration, who are calling the broad moratorium a mistake that could cause more harm to the economy than the spill itself. They had endorsed different steps such as a moratorium on new drilling permits. They suggested a briefer halt at existing rigs, so that safety tests could be conducted.

That’s still a viable strategy. A more nuanced approach would be far wiser and more compassionate than the punishing shutdown that the White House has ordered.

President Obama also needs to show that he’s willing to learn about Louisiana’s economic underpinnings. He missed an opportunity when he failed to appoint someone with that kind of knowledge to the commission that is investigating the BP spill.

Louisianians also need clarity on whether the $20 billion compensation fund will encompass losses caused by the moratorium. The White House has said that it expects BP to pay all claims for lost wages related to the moratorium.

At the very least, Gulf Coast oil industry workers who are worried about how they will pay their bills without jobs should have the assurance that their losses will be treated no differently than those of their neighbors.”



4 Responses

  1. Obama probably couldn’t run a 7-11 but he is elected President of the largest economy in the world?

    Whether the next President is a Republican or a Democrat let’s make sure he/she has a real history of being a successful executive where real products are exchange instead of living off the government as a city councilman, state senator, or Senator.

  2. Obama has never served in the military or met a payroll, but he
    feels he knows better than anyone who has.

    We need to rid the government of these professional politicians….these inexperienced charlatans….whose only objective is THEMSELVES!

  3. The lawyer who argued for the lead plaintiff before Martin Feldman, the federal judge who shortly thereafter voided the moratorium, is a partner in the firm for which my elder daughter works as an associate.

    I spent this past weekend in upstate New York with my best friend from my high-school days. A chemical engineer, he moved to Louisiana fourteen years ago after reporting to BP in Ohio for more than twenty years. He corroborates the economic disaster that would follow on a reviving of the moratorium.

    The smile I’m flashing at Obama’s getting whupped on his imbecilic diktat deserves play at Colgate-Palmolive.

  4. Benny, I’m smiling right back at you.

    But they’re gearing up for round two. Do we shut down the entire airline industry after a crash for months? Not even after 9-11!

    These are real jobs, real families. Has anyone addressed how they pay their bills or feed their families.

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