Hoarders in High Places

A while back I self-diagnosed my sleep problems with having to do with my night-time TV viewing choices. Watching political debates left me in a mood to depart my bed to confront the World…not a good thing. I subsequently tried reruns of Law and Order, which, if you have cable, are offered on about 14 different channels so there is endless variety. But this forced me to adopt some form of combat-ready sleep mode…always semi-listening, always semi-alert. So anyway, all of this introduction is to explain the embarrassing admission I’m about to make …that last night I watched three episodes of “Hoarders, Buried Alive.”

I’m not about to satirize these poor people because this truly is a disease…no one would choose to live in such filth, crawling to find a spot to sleep among mountains of extraneous “stuff.” In some cases, there seems to be a trigger emotional event that sends them off the rational path into this awful syndrome. And candidly, it occurred to me, and might to the few who have signed releases and been allowed to enter my basement, that I might just want to watch what I say here. I have a collection of various seasonal decor down there that is now consuming so much space, that if any of the Law and Order villains ever do break in here, they’d wither and die before they found their way to the steps upstairs.

One of the Hoarders was a single Mom who couldn’t stop buying love-gifts for her child, her only son. She also could not part with any memento of his existence…any baby sweater, or any tub toy…ANYTHING. The boy was an adolescent now and they truly had to tunnel their way through unimaginable piles of this stuff to reach his room…which he tried to keep in fairly good order. He told the show producers in a flat voice that he could never bring a friend to his home and was mortified by how they lived, by all the “junk.” He no longer saw “the love”, only the degradation of the once pleasant way they lived. Yet, in the Mother’s mind, this was all about creating the perfect life for HIM, showering him with everything she believed he deserved. Of course, there probably wasn’t a cent saved for his education….there never had been a Mother-Son trip…and the one car that they depended on to get Mom to her job was in disrepair.

In case you’re wondering where I’m going with this…it made me think about the Conservative/Progressive debate over immigration. The Progressives always seem to hijack the moral high road because they style themselves as the “Good Mom”…the “Generous Mom” who wants to open the borders and care for all the children of the World. As the party of Big Government and Big-time cradle-to-grave taxpayer-funded services, they also want to provide these new citizens with every social protection, government amenity, and safety net. They are the Philosophers of Love…many of whose declarative positions sound like they were derived from some mystic-crystal revelation of that long ago Summer of Love on the streets of Haight Ashbury. (and probably were.)

Progressives want “to build the world a home and furnish it with love. Grow apple tress and honey bees and snow white turtle doves.”

Sounds good to me too…but how to PAY? How not to find ourselves like the Euro-socialist Greek economy. trying to financially tunnel out of the piles of excess.

The advantage to Progressives is that most things they say have the ring of empathy. But, watching that show last night, so did the explanation of the loving Hoarder Mother. Unfortunately, to anyone with a calculator and common sense, in both cases the clear impending result is chaos. Chaos is cruel. The end result has nothing empathetic about it.

Even as we now see the “Greek Tragedy” playing out on the world stage in real time, our Progressive leaders never get around to explaining how to GIVE all this to unlimited new sons and daughters without creating NEW mounds of unsustainable debt to burrow through. How do you have open borders and a Nanny State at the same time? I am no economist, but I know if I tell my child he may bring a friend home from college for the weekend to be entertained at our expense, and he shows up with the entire Freshman class, no one is getting much to eat…if anything.

Progressives seem to feel that they have the moral right to WANT WHAT THEY WANT…without providing explanation about how to sustain these things. They preach, they FEEL…but they don’t plan. The Obama administration seems to feel empowered to get as much of WHAT THEY WANT as they can…and shove the hard thinking down the road. Let me tell you…I learned a lot last night…that’s pretty much the Hoarder mindset. It’s as nauseating and irresponsible in that house on Pennsylvania Ave as it is in a small bungalow in some Pennsylvania mill town.

I keep thinking of the much loved child imprisoned in a home he can no longer recognize, by his Hoarder Mother’s wift-ty, stubborn mindset and ill-afforded gifts.

What kind of America would await these unlimited immigrants over time…will they even recognize it? Or will they just find themselves imprisoned in another third world economy created by the reckless empathy of those “who loved them”…who kept spending, and piling up the debt, with no rational common sense plan.

Anyway…here’s a fun conversational-starter question for your next dinner party.

“What reality show represents the Obama administration’s Immigration Plan?”

The answer?

“America…Buried Alive.”


2 Responses

  1. It is a pleasure to read your postings once again.

    Occasionally I have watched parts of the Hoarding series – never all the way through in large part because I feel that a melancholia will descend from which it will be difficult to extract myself.

    I had never really thought about the program as a metaphor for the political thinking of modern day progressive-liberals but you are spot on. At what point did the body politic make that turn to a state in which all is promised as necessary but that the costs should be born by others who have worked hard (or have managed their assets well so that said assets work for them) so as to enjoy a certain standard of living? Where has the belief gone that one must work in order to enjoy certain things? Young children understand the wrong thinking of such a path.
    I do not like group projects – did not like them as a student and dislike them even more as a teacher. However, the curriculum demands that students learn to work in groups as so many business models these days operate in that mode. So, a group project I assign. I find it interesting that the first question asked by students (regarding grading) is will everyone get the same grade – even if a group member does not work or do as much as everyone else. I will have parents call to report (this is high school which raises another set of issues worthy of discussion) that so and so is not working in their daughter’s group and they want to know if that will affect their daughter’s grade. Yet, the connection to the societal situation at large seems to escape many.
    The vaunted Protestant work ethic which made this country in large part the powerful nation that it is has seemingly given way to the belief that those who work owe something to those who do not or choose not to work. Merit is a word that has achieved a ‘dirty” connotation. Thus we have schools where a student cannot get below a fifty percent even if he has turned in zero work the entire term. We have a health care program being implemented in which there is little penalty for those who choose not to seek out healthcare – instead will rely on the state (ie the taxpayers and those who pay for health insurance that unfortunately due to mandates which must fund in part those who are uninsured) to provide for them instead. In the belief that a diverse workplace takes precedence over a qualified workplace, the color of one’s skin or one’s gender takes precedance over whether one is able to perform a job to the specifications demanded for maximum output. That our president (and those who voted for him) seem to think that the European model of society is the ideal makes one wonder how long it will be before we are nothing more than a second tier economy and society – grateful (like the Europeans) and deluded (like their leaders) into thinking that we really matter.

  2. cks,

    Recently I have reconnecting with an old friend from college days. She tells me she is a Marxist now.

    We are actually having some interesting debates of sorts…but I’ll tell you her bottom line: she WANTS what she WANTS…and it’s owed her. Somehow, this girl from the lovely home on the big corner suburban lot is now among the exploited.

    She has a terrific sense of humor which mitigates all this piffle a bit…but she is quite adamant. She doesn’t make much effort to explain how her positions could possibly be fair or practically implemented…just that they’re moral.

    And mine are not.

    I had no idea till thiscyber-reunion that I had become an exploiter and she an exploitee…but I’m learning more every day.

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