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  1. Hanson and Emerie are quite right in their reading of what is happening here at present. Obama is a member of the “not ready for prime time” players. It is depressing to see a president so ill-equipped to handle the job that he so desperately sought. It is even more disheartening to see the pass that so many are willing to give him – the latest being Bill Clinton in his assertion that Obama has been held back in his response to the oil disaster in the Gulf because he didn’t want to give in to racial stereotypes.

    There were many who wished for Obama all the good will possible – far outweighting the number who wanted him to fail were those who wanted him (in fact pinned all their hopes on him) to be successful. Unfortunately, he has demonstrated time and again that a candidate who spends all his time running for an office instead of fulfilling the duties of the office he currently holds has no real conception of what it means to govern. One cannot as he did both as a state legislator and as a senator, as president, vote present and let it go at that. What Obama is finding is that blaming Bush can only go so far – he is now at the halfway point of his presidency. It is time for him to take ownership of the office – and this he has not wanted to do. One of the reasons why I admired Bush, despite his many inadequacies, is that he manned up when 9/11 occurred. There was no blaming the previous administration. It was ok – we have a crisis and we will deal with it in the here and now – and not apologize for the steps that we take. That, to me, is the essence of leadership. Bush was a leader – Obama, unfortunately, is not nor will he ever be.
    Perhaps, (and I am no psychologist/psychoanalyst so take what I say with a grain of salt) Obama’s failures are rooted in his personal situation – he had no real grounding – an absent father, a mother who seemed more interested in herself than in her children. He had no rootedness. He seems more interested in how he is perceived in the here and now. That, to me is a dangerous quality for the leader of a nation to have. We can only hope that our nation will as it has been able to in the past, survive depite the occupant of the White House.

  2. I think Obama was selected to be the SPOKESMAN for progressive ideas…only that. He was selected by Progressives in the same way that an new advertising campaign is cast. He had no experience but it was image not substance that mattered.

    Another good article here:

    “It is a remarkable and, in some ways, poignant thing to witness. No candidate in our lifetime rode the wave of hope and change quite like Barack Obama did. His campaign was, at its core, less about ideas than about aesthetics, about a narrative, about capturing an American moment. “This is our moment. This is our time,” he would say again and again. He entered office with an enormous reservoir of good will — and with huge majorities in the House and Senate. So much seemed possible to his supporters. But bad policies, arrogance, and events have caused him to come crashing down to earth. The president’s popularity is sinking, the mood of the country is souring, and his party is heading for an epic mid-term election defeat. Obama looks inept and, at times, overwhelmed — at the mercy of events rather than in control of them. He doesn’t seem up to the challenge. He looks, in fact, very much like a community organizer who was thrust into the job of the presidency.”

  3. Thrust into a job for which he was neither prepared for intellectually nor ready for emotionally.

    You are so right about the enormous amount of good will and hope that he brought with him – and perhaps that has been his undoing in part as well. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the actual event – one builds something up so much that when the event occurs it is a letdown of sorts – I am always reminded of the scene in the movie Pollyanna at the Fourth of July party when things do not go as Pollyanna hoped that they would in large part because she thought that everyone would be happy and they were not (specifically her aunt whom she loved so much). That is what has happened with Obama.

    I think that a leader of a country needs some seasoning – Obama has had none. He brings with him the whiff of distaste that clings to many academicians – a distaste of real people, their hopes, fears, inconsistencies. He doesn’t want any part of that – he feels the necessity to lecture, to tell others how they should live or what they should do. His infamous “beer summit” is just one such example of his disdain for those who do not hold in an exalted manner those who reside in the ivory tower. The fact is they are no better than anyone else – they put their pants on one leg at a time as do the rest of us. Obama would do better if he not only remembered that but also acted upon that fact. However, I doubt that he will – his speech today on immigration (long on lecture non existent on policy) is just another example of how really out of touch he is.

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