Waiting for a Party…

As is our tradition, we attended the Big Fourth of July celebration and Fireworks at our Club last night. It’s always a little “buggy”….and our reserved table location is awkwardly sloping, leaving all of us ever watchful lest a strong gesture flip us into the cart path. But I love this event, love the patriotism of it…everyone decked out in some combination of red ,white and blue. I love watching the children, endlessly in motion all night until the wonder of the fireworks has them immobilized by awe.

And I love the continuity of it. The comfort of old and cherished friends and the joy to know…here we are again together.

Today, after my husband golfs and I blog, we’ll have another nice evening, our own little celebration….just a salad and chicken on the grill. We expect only two guests, neither of which were included in the festivities last night. Both of whom are slightly put out and already waiting for THEIR party to begin….


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