Hold the Bud…II

Hold The Budweiser

Contributed by BENNY!



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  1. No I don’t think so…..he is a bit nieve but he means well, he is trying. I think he has to take a harder line on many things, a little too soft.

    Unfortunately the world is not a very nice place, has some lovely parts but on the whole getting pretty scary.

    • Earlier this afternoon the Obama Administration announced it would issue a revised ban on deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico if the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit upholds the lifting of the first ban. Now such an announcement exemplifies the anti-business bias of Obama and his minions, which has been mistakenly labeled naïveté by so many friendly critics. The naïveté here has been that of the critics.

      Were the livelihoods of so many folks in the Gulf region not at stake, I’d be quite happy to see such a revised ban, as Obama’s prospects for getting re-elected will turn more on the unemployment rate than on any disputes we might have about his intelligence, his oratorical skill, or his political savvy.

      The dropping of the case against the Black Panthers cannot plausibly be explained by naïveté or by anyone’s taking too-soft a line. Attorney General Holder and his cronies should be excused as ingénues when Paul Krugman cedes his Nobel Prize to Thomas Sowell—but not before.

  2. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=CNG.5812f97c10bdfbe8edaa2f9744f1bba2.41&show_article=1

    Glad to read tonight that Obama has been denied by the Fifth circuit.

    It’s a victory for .REAL working people who would have been left totally adrift…while Obama consults and confabs with other Elites who have never known what it is to have their livelihood just shut down COLD.

  3. Great caption!

    Obama truly does not seem to grasp the intricacies of government nor does he understand the concerns of the vast number of this country’s citizens. It seems that little is really given serious thought as to both the long and short term implications of policies. I cannot quite put my finger on why it is someone who came in with such good will could squander it so rapidly. I do not think he is unintelligent, nor do I believe he is malevolent. But, I do think that someone who spent his legislative career voting present either lacks the desire or fortitude to commit to a course of action which requires explanation of more than platitudes or is so imbued with a desire to reach the next rung on the ladder that all else is seemingly unimportant (let nothing get in my way of climbing upward). The last thing a person wants to be is Icarus – however, watching Obama in so many ways reminds me of Icarus. I only hope that we as a nation don’t falter as well.

  4. I’ve been trying to put my finger on the problem as well. The best I can come up with is Obama is a Philosopher-King.

    He came out of academia, where they dream a lot, talk a lot, but, as my husband says, never have to meet a pay-roll.

    They ASSUME their views are beneficial but often, they are narrow and they are blinded by their philosophies…mired in the meta-narrative.

    Obama thinks universal health care is a wonderful thing. And it would be. The trick is achieving that without loosing what we have…and paying for it. Our Philosopher-King just pushed ahead…and neither he nor any of his ilk…know for sure what they’ve done, what is will cost, what we will lose.

    They are inexperienced in life, but determined to indulge their dreams. They are reckless in their righteousness.

    I think Icarus is a most appropriate image.

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