Say What?

I’m thinking if I ever run into President Obama, I’m going to tell him my Swimming-with-Dolphins story.

The Swimming-With-Dolphins Story is a Bermuda story. Mr. F and I honeymooned in Bermuda and it remains one of our favorite places to visit. We got into a pattern over time of going in the Fall, every other year. As time went by, different friends began to join us and sometimes we’ve had 4-5 couples along for the trip. The rule was…”all in” for dinner. At dinner, we announce our individual plans for the next day. Sometimes we’ll opt to do something en masse…but more often we break into little groups or even singles. The essential thing is…. everyone does whatever they please. This is the penultimate secret of the harmony of “Camp Foster”…as the tee-shirts a friend once gave all of us on the first night… jokingly dubbed our autumn trek.

Anyway, on the activities front, Mr. F always opts for the Golf Group. Almost everyday,on these trips, he’ll be in some foursome, heading off to try the various island courses. Let me add here what we all know, because it’s important to my narrative, that golf is an expensive pastime, even more so in Bermuda. I,on the other hand, am just about always in the Beach group, reading my book, enjoying the ocean, pretty much a cheap date.

One year, one of “the girls” came to dinner with a brochure about a “Swimming With The Dolphins” experience at another hotel. She intended to go and wanted to know if anyone was up to join her. When the brochure was passed to me, I looked hard at the photos. Have you ever noticed how BIG dolphins are? They are BIG. My next impression of them is that, in the water, they are very hyperactive…all that leaping about and popping up here and there. All that splashing. So the impression I got is… that if I should join my friend….I would sort of be doing laps with a huge unpredictable mammal while some guy with a whistle (not even in the water, dear God)…was supposedly keeping order. I said nothing but, no way was I going along.

When my husband and I got back to our room, I brought up the Dolphin Swim and was about to confide my fears and negativity when he interrupted me. “That whole thing is ridiculously overpriced. I hope you’re not entertaining throwing away money on something like that.”

Say what?

“Throwing away money?”

“Throwing away money!!” says Mr.-Loose-Change-on-the-Links to…. the Little-Matchstick-Girl-on-the-Beach?

I won’t detail the lively conversation that ensued, but suffice to say, the next morning I had a reservation for the “swim” which would be two long miserable days hence. Convinced I had a good chance of being the first Program fatality, I became moody and melancholy. I became withdrawn while my Friend enthusiastically chirped about it…and bandied that terrifying brochure constantly under my nose. But I had taken my stand with aplomb…and by principle, must now, despite misery… stay the course.

Mr. F was increasingly confused and concerned about my behavior. Wasn’t I fulfilling some life’s dream here? Hadn’t THAT been the point of my rhetoric?

Well no.

Finally, at the last moment to cancel, the truth and tears came out and I….reversed course, backed out, made apologies…and retreated to the serenity of the Beach. Lessons were learned.

Mr. F , I think, learned that one has to consider a larger picture when one chooses ones words. That is very important in martial unions and State of the Union. If wise, one considers the circumstances of the audience vs. your circumstances. One considers not how those words feel to SAY…but how they feel to be HEARD…to your listener.

I learned….when you take a stand and it’s a dumb one…move on.

Anyway, this is a long way around to asking a political question.

What is Obama thinking, with unemployment at 10%, nobody able to sell a house, car-bomb-wannabee’s surfacing in Middle America and Times Square, oil still gushing in the Gulf…and his maniacal taxpayer-funded spending spree on daily display…what is he thinking adopting the Midterm campaign slogan, “Yes, We Did.”

Who is advising this man? How delusional are these sycophants?

Yes, WE DID!

I’m thinking of people in the audience listening to this slogan.

“Yes, you did, Mr. President? Did what?

Yes, you did pass Health-care, Obama. But not one benefit to one person has been seen yet. Meantime, your dishonest “budgeting” has been revealed, you’ve appointed a Medicare czar who applauds rationing, the cost of Heath care insurance is still rising, malpractice lawsuits still inflate the system, and most of us fear that you have been as dishonest about where this is leading FOR US PERSONALLY as you have been about the cost.

So, yes, you did that.

And , yes, to the Black Panther contingent, you dismissed an egregious case of voter intimidation and arrogantly refuse to detail why. Yes, you did.

And, yes, you toured the world, bowing to dictators and despots and dissing our country. Yes, you did.

And, yes, you are suing the state of Arizona…while refusing to do your job and protect our borders form ILLEGAL (get that) ILLEGAL immigrants. You are forcing that cash-strapped State to spend money it needs for police, firemen, welfare, etc…on defending the your “Get-Out-The-Latino-Vote-For-Midterms” inane lawsuit.

Yes, you DID that too.

But no, after blowing all that Stimulus money, you DID NOT keep the unemployment rate under 8%….you GREW it.

But no, after lauding yourself and lambasting our country, you haven’t stopped Iran’s nuclear program or forged potent partnerships for yourself and us around the world.

But no, you haven’t brought our sons home from Iraq or Afghanistan, or closed Guantanamo.

You haven’t brought to Washington a new brand of politics or a civil tone. You haven’t had the class to keep your Celebrity guests from mocking your predecessor at White House soirees.

You haven’t led a quick definitive, imaginative response to the worst ecological event of our lifetime. You haven’t displayed any expertise as the Head Bureaucrat atop a Bureaucratic chaotic Hell, impeding more than advancing the clean-up.

You certainly haven’t lived up to your hype…the pillars, the self-inflating rhetoric, The One We Have Been Waiting For.

I think many Americans…be they in the crowd or watching a snippet on TV…will view your words as ill-chosen as my husband’s, and many of your actions as foolhardy as my subsequent response. Mr. F didn’t consider his own circumstances and the effrontery of his words to his “audience.” I stubbornly made a misguided (for me) decision and almost to the bitter end, refused to change course.

Mr.Obama, every day the Dolphin is looking bigger and smarter than you. The chaos in the holding tank is increasing. The guy with the whistle was laid off months ago. It’s past time you and the acolytes around you…look up and out…and start to understand how your words will be perceived by your American audience.

Mr. Obama, do you really want to be standing in front of America saying… “Yes, we did!”


3 Responses

  1. Still the best book on the pathologies displayed by the chattering classes is Thomas Sowell’s “The Vision of the Anointed,” published in 1995. Sowell’s subtitle can easily be applied to today’s “Yes, we did” blowhards: “Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy.”

    These three sentences from the first chapter, entitled “Flattering Unction,” capture beautifully the hubris so emblematic of our overlords:

    “What a vision may offer, and what the prevailing vision of our time emphatically does offer, is a special state of grace for those who believe in it. Those who accept this vision are deemed to be not merely factually correct but morally on a higher plane. Put differently, those who disagree are seen as being not merely in error, but in sin.”

    • Absolutely encapsulates the current state of what the current leaders hold to be true. As I read this, the vision of Nancy Pelosi immediately appeared – carefully streaked hair, pastel suit of armor, and chunky pearls – reminding me with a wave of her carefully manicured hand (to match the lipstick so tastefully applied) that she knows best for me and that I should be ever so thankful.

  2. What a great piece – nothing I have read so clearly articulates the Obama style of leadership and the effects of that leadership. One is hard pressed not to be grabbing for some sort of panacea (be it in pill, liquid, comfort food form) to assuage the increasing feelings of discontent that seem to come in even larger and larger waves. I do not have much confidence that Obama (or any advisors with any clout) will wake up and see that he his words and actions are not having the desired outcome.

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