Ready, set, …go.

I’m feeling a bit on overload right now. This is the week before we leave for South Carolina for our annual Lucky Duck House Party. I’m not feeling real organized right now.

On Thursday, Youngest Daughter will fly in from London. Saturday we will caravan with Golfing Buddy and wife…who are unfortunate enough to own an SUV that can trailer a boat. (Every year, Golfing Buddy threatens to sell the car before the next trip.) We will pick up God-daughter, who is flying to S.C. from NYC…and our Florida friends will meet us all at the house.

It will be a week of swimming off the dock, and boat rides on the Lake, playing bridge and scrabble…and (for all but me and G-daughter)…lots of golf. G-daughter and I will, as always,devote ourselves instead to solving all the world’s mysteries and political problems.

But this is a week of preparation, packing suitcases, calling the Dog Babysitter, making lists, and making tee times,

Original posts may be light, as the Muse usually avoids a cluttered mind.

But, when things settle down…there will certainly be fodder for many more “stories.” 🙂


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  1. Best wishes for a happy and restful Lucky Duck Party – sounds like fun. Always the preparation for any trip is fraught with the intricacies of preparation – sometimes making one wonder (if ever so briefly) if it is all worth it (and of course, the answer is yes).

    WIll be looking forward to subsequent “stories”.

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