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The Secular Evangelicals

Two years ago, at the Holidays, Youngest Daughter arrived home and usurped my spot at the computer. “I’ve got a special gift for you, Mom. I’m going to sign you up to Facebook and then you can spy on me.”

And so she did.

Things went pretty well at first.

My other two children and my Godchild deigned to become my “friends.” (The Son subsequently has had me playing a game on there that I cannot figure out…but that’s another post.) I became friends with my nephew, my college roommate, and a couple others and then, alas… somehow, I locked myself out of my account for about 9 months. This is very par for the course in my cyber-life. Stuff happens and I have no idea why.

But I didn’t miss much about Facebook.

I really don’t think anyone out there in cyberspace is waiting with baited breath for updates on my well-pump issues or breaking news on me starting a load of laundry….which seems to be the point of most of it. And I don’t think there’s anything truly “social” about the apartheid of the Internet…and without the true intimacy of face to face social encounters. But I did miss the the pictures and…the interaction with my far away children.

Finally, I started a new account…and was back in business. Not knowing quite what to do with myself there, I started posting some links to articles I liked…thinking (wishing, hoping) maybe one of my blood-related “friends” would read them. At the least, it might help to explain where I am coming from in my opinions…and why I see things as I do. Recently, I’ve figured out how to upload pictures. Very nice.

Let me say right here, I perceive it’s the norm on Facebook to accumulate many, many friends. This looks exhausting to me. I have a family, I write, I have a business, I volunteer, I have a social life…I have real flesh and blood friends interacting with me every day…I just want to keep my Facebook domain very, very small. To that end, I have removed everything I think could help in a search. I don’t want to be found or be befriended. I’m happy with the 15 people who are at my cyber-tea party now.

But two or three old college friends found me before I shut down my Info-wall. I’m glad they did. They are interesting people.

One of them is Phyl…another former English major with a great wit and a great mind. Since we reconnected on Facebook, she has informed me she is now a Marxist…or as she describes herself on her page “a dirty, hippie Commie.” We are two old friends, bound by fond memories who now, politically, could not be further apart. An entertaining little debate has ensued…where we pop in to post counterpoints on each others comments. There is always an undercurrent of the old affection…so it’s pleasant. But I’m beginning to notice a pattern.

There is a strange religiosity about the Left. Having abandoned main steam religion, they have replicated the fervor of the far-right Christian evangelicals except in their secular beliefs. They are as pure, dogmatic, and unwilling to critique their Faith or any member of their Flock… as ole Jerry Falwell.

They are true believers…and anyone who disagrees must be not debated, but shut down, silenced…as People of the Lie.

The Left have their priests…Obama, far-left politicians, Climate Scientists, University Professors like Duke’s 88. These are the proselytizers of their gospels. And like any religious doctrine, only true believers, repeaters of doctrine will be hired in their faculty enclaves, or welcomed to there scientific discussions. Science that is not open to contradictory data, to rough and tumble rigorous debate…is religion. Academic institutions that only admit like believers are monasteries.

The Monasteries of American Academia and Green Science are closed to the infidel.

The New Left has their “gospels”, taken on faith as absolute truth always…the New York Times, WAPO, Leftist blogs.

This week Phyl asked me, if the Black Panther story is legit, why are none of the mainstream media covering it? I remember an evangelical telling me that if something were true it must be found in the Bible….as if absence alone from their gospels was proof of incredibility.

Same type of religious thinking.

My old friend has absolute, nun-like faith in these Prophets of the Left, when they DO speak… as the only REAL purveyors of Truth. And like the fervently devout everywhere, I doubt she allows her quick mind to be sullied anywhere else, by reading anything else, or being open to fresh, not fermented dogma-ideas. If she were do do so…this might require hours of self flagellation kneeling before “The Holy Pillars of The One WE Have Been Waiting For.”

There is a pattern in her rebuttal to me…quoting unsourced, exclusively Left wing editorials or blogs..where she cannot even apparently discern provable fact from partisan rant. Often she provides no links to actual events to back up assertions. She just BELIEVES. Like her, she expects I will also accept all on Faith.

She forgets I am a veteran of the Duke Lacrosse Frame-up. I know now…that the objective is not now nor ever has been…about The Truth. I understand the MSM and Academia now…in a way I did not before 2006.

As we learned in the Duke Hoax, the MSM is undeniably biased in what it will and will NOT report, in the skew of its headlines, in the emotional slant in a so-called news article (The seasoned prostitute chock full of non LAX DNA in every orifice of her body was commonly referred to as “shy,young, college student Mother…new to dancing.”) But it is also too often sloppy, lazy, and misleadingly untruthful in its assertions. Facts…like a rape so violent the girl’s fingernails were “ripped off”…failed to address the fact they were Lee press-on nails. The NYT did an especially mortifying article (for them) savaged beautifully here.

But Phyl quotes these sources as she simultaneously condemns Fox. To me, they are two sides of one coin. WE need to probe deeper, watch actual videos,watch these hideous panels, read the documents. The brilliant LAX attorneys fought a MSM manufactured racist Lynch mob…with the release of actual depositions and data. We need to source our opinions that way as well.

Additionally, those of us who had to stand and rebut our parents view of race….and those of us who believed in MLK’s dream AS IT WAS ARTICULATED…need to be vigilant for that dream today. Power and anger and fear corrupt. There is a new type of racism who has it’s roots in empathy and guilt from the past….but is not learning from it. One hundred years from now, there may be reparations due to the descendants of those kept from the polls by Black Panthers, kept from jobs in subsequent hard times by racial set-asides and quotas, or indicted on trumped up charges so a White Politician can win an election in a Black City.

That’s not progress…that’s the circle of damnable repetition.

But it’s one of the missionary projects of a powerful new evangelical movement…the Leftist Socialist Church of the Secular Divine.

3 Responses

  1. Where to begin – what you said about the religion of the Far Left is so true…as a college professor of mine used to say about the Nazis and the Communists – they were at the far extremes of the table but underneath they played a form of footsie – the actions that they decried in the other were exactly the same actions in which they themselves were so busily engaged. So too it is with the Far Left. I find their “religiosity”, secular though it may be, just as bigoted, one sided, blinder wearing as that of the religious Far Right.
    One finds it difficult to really engage in any discussion because there is a failure to be open to the possibility of any view other than the one deemed politically correct. It is frustrating and, if one lets it be, downright infuriating because of the smugness that one so often finds among its adherents. Yet, it does not have to be that way. A former colleague of mine was an old FDR democrat – she had little if any use for Republicans. I doubt whether she has ever voted for anyone with an R beside their name. Yet, we ate lunch every day until she retired and spent most of our time (when not bemoaning the state of education today and the inanities of school administrators) discussing politics. Ours was always a civil and enlightening conversation – we sparred but never were feelings hurt, one’s intelligence questioned. Quite often, the final remark as we cleaned the lunch table and made our way back to our respective classes was – “well, I had never thought about…(fill in the blank)…that aspect of the case before. In fact, she came to see, through my discussion of the Duke case, that what she had thought, based on news reports, etc. was not in fact, the case. But, as a spinster who had not much experience with sports, male athletes, the attitudes that often prevail toward young men today, she had not considered that there might be a different way of looking at the issue. But, she was not so doctrinaire that she was not open to seeing things from a different perspective.

    We all have points of view on what happens around us (there is no such thing as not having a point of view because that in and of itself is a view – an I don’t care or I do not think it is something worthy of my interest). What should be encouraged (and what a liberal education should foster) is a mind open to questioning, to listening, to evaluating what one sees and hears. Not to take something as a matter of rote faith. I am always interested why people believe what they do – how did they come to the conclusions that they hold, what evidence or gut feeling influenced them. It is in questioning and listening to others that I can test my own beliefs and assumptions. One must also be willing to admit that one can be misled, misinformed, or just plain pig-headed. No one is perfect, we cannot nor are any of us correct 100% of the time (much as we might wish or think we are).

    On another note – I too was introduced to Facebook by my children and like you, forgot for a longtime how to use it. I was “discovered” by some acquaintances from high school (it is a big reunion year and there is a push to get as many as possible to attend). While I briefly considered (I have not seen anyone from my high school years since the summer of my junior year of college) attending, the date – in mid September – is not possible given work and family commitments. It has been interesting if nothing else to receive “friend requests” often accompanied by both high school and “now” photographs – often, the person unrecognizable. One former classmate who I didn’t recognize – the last name was familiar but not the first, had had a sex change operation). I keep being besieged for a picture – after seeing the ones that have been posted, I am content to retain the pro forma shadowy pix that the site provides – this way, I can retain the illusion of that younger self in the Facebook cybersphere. Much is posted about things that while given individuals may have a passing interest, I doubt (though I may be gravely mistaken ) that for most of those logged in, the activities described (here I am thinking of the game Farmville which seems to occupy the attention of a number of those with whom I have been “friended”) are really of such grave import that people log in to read the latest purchase or whatever. But then again, I have three sons who play warcraft (I think that is the anme of the game) all the time and carry on conversations about the game with each other and their friends – so, what can I say?

    • My son has recruited me to his Mafia War gang. It seems to consist of me sending him (free) cyber things and he, sending me others.

      I was castigated for not sending him “energy”…but then, he realized I haven’t got enough “status.” Another friend “energized” him.They also seem very engaged with the game.

      I haven’t a clue.

      If getting more status in the Mafia Game is going to complicate this any more…I’m hoping to stay low profile. 🙂

      By the way, I posted a variation of this in Notes and Phyl left this comment.

      “at first I thought — oh, good — it’s satire… but you whine too much so you must be serious.”

      She does make me laugh…always has.

  2. A hundred years ago one could be both a Marxist and a respectable person. Today one cannot be both. The horrors of the 20th Century and the lamentations of millions of victims of Communist regimes have intervened. I’m betting that your friend is only pretending to be a Marxist. Does she not understand that the only historical inevitability in Marxism is its resorting to cruel force wherever it finds itself holding the reins of government? How can it be otherwise for a theory that despite its predicting the withering away of the state must first invest the state with a range of action hitherto unknown in human history, and with powers that dwarf those wielded by the most brutish despots of pre-modern times?

    Perhaps your friend cannot find a better way to let out the enfant terrible in herself. And as you suggest, even that display of her personality probably owes more to her genuflecting to academic herd animals than to her own free spirit.

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