Bad Bedroom Encounters

We have a different routine now on Sundays. For many years, we had a quick breakfast, dressed and left for Church. We are now, as I like to say, “recovering Episcopalians.”

This has been one of the most painful transitions in my life.

We were not just faces in the Congregation either. My husband was a lay reader and for years,in our Chicago Church, the Senior Warden. He chaired Faith Alive when that program came to our Church; he was President of the Brotherhood of St Andrew. I taught Sunday School, for years ran the Youth Program, chaired our Canturbury Faire, and was President of Episcopal Churchwomen. We gave generously as well. We were committed Episcopalians in every possible way.

September 11, 2001, was the “Finding the Girlfriend in your Husband’s Bed” moment for us and our Church. It was the painful revelation that this spiritual cocoon in which we were raised and that we supported with not only tithe but personal time…was a stranger to us. Our Youngest Daughter had been in New York City that terrible morning. In the evening, I attended an ecumenical service at our Church. I remember a stranger loaned me a handkerchief and then we cried together. She told me her husband was a fireman and might be going to Ground Zero. We held each other like old friends. We “ministered” to each other’s fear and grief.

I think that was the last comforting, spiritual moment I had in that Church.

The first sermon, the first Sunday after the tragedy, was given by a visiting woman Priest….excusing the terror and implying America deserved this. As she came down the ailse giving the “Peace”…I held her hand and said, “It’s obvious no one YOU loved was in NYC or Washington or on a plane last Tuesday…or you could never have preached such an offensive sermon.”

She looked startled. Probably back up at the Diocesan Central Command, they had been sympathizing with the hijackers all week.

Our Rector was more subtle in his subsequent sermons…but the Diocesan newsletter was not. It became more and more politicized, especially after the start of the Iraq War. He advised me to “stop reading it.” I should think of the work that lay before us in our community and all that could be achieved.

My husband called that “Shut-up, Put up, and Pay up.”

Our Presiding Bishop was quoted as saying he was “ashamed to be an American.” Oh yeah, Well, I was ashamed to be an Episcopalian.

At one point, our Rector invited a group of Muslims to explain their faith. I told him I was reading the entire Koran and taking notes for questions.

He told me there would be “no questions.”

So essentially, we were presenting not dialogue, but one -sided propaganda. In our church.

Sunday services had the aura of Left Wing political presentations. There were committees in the Diocese to send busloads of protesters to D.C. against the War…but nothing to support the Troops. My Son was one of those possible troops.

We decided to take our donations and fund a local “Operation Support Our Troops” through USMA. That became our project for the next few years.

One Sunday, my husband said…”We’re outta here.”

And so we were.

This was the Church I was christened, confirmed and married in…whose liturgy I knew by heart. But I found myself in bed with a Left-wing ideology and there was nothing much remaining of the Church or it’s missions that I once knew. I came to church for prayer, not a political message.

We have never regretting leaving, but I have mournfully regretted the loss of being “churched.”

Today, I’m reading about the NAACP’s condemnation of the Tea Parties.

This is another old love of mine that had morphed into something unrecognizable…a cog in the Leftist political machinery. In the Duke Lacrosse frame, The NCNACCP prostituted every precious principle they held for payback…and for a flex of political power. They advocated for rigged line-ups, altered police notes, defense gag orders, witness intimidation, and especially indictment with NO evidence.

They turned on a Black witness, an immigrant who feared losing his chance at citizenship, who stepped forward courageously and told the truth. But the NAACP is no longer amenable to The Truth. The NCNAACP kept a pack of vicious out-right lies and fabrications on its official website… well after the Frame was demolished….lies that were already REFUTED early on by court documents and medical reports. They left them there shamefully… for anyone who TRUSTED THEIR VERACITY to be misled.

The NCNAACP assisted what the Democratic AG called “a rogue prosecutor” with “no evidence” in framing three innocent kids…in some horrific display of a political temper tantrum fueled by reverse racism.

This is not the honor-bound NAACP of old. This is not an Organization that has any moral authority to point fingers. Even if I were to concede that elements of the Tea Parties are racist…Good God…today’s NAACP harbors an immense racist element of its own! Check out your own mote, people, before you set up your optometry services!

Memo to the Tea Parties: read any of the books about the Duke Lacrosse case. You’ll have great fun with this.

This Old Love we found in bed with a Durham prostitute with a police record and a 2000 page medical record and MENTAL, alcohol and drug problems… who is now facing arson charges. The betrayal was not just sorrowful..but deeply shameful. Those whose dignity and moral fortitude inspired a generation to confront their own families and reject racism everywhere we encountered it…has now shown itself to be an example of institutional racism itself. Skin hue trumps human solidarity every time.

Blacks who want what we want, what MLK wanted…now are going to have to do what we DID.

Confront Racism in those Black faces THEY love. It’s there and it’s appalling.

The NAACP is now just a shell of itself and a political shill of the Democratic Party…where it believes its political muscle lies. This Old Love is no longer recognizable. We thought we were in the embrace of the an Inspirational Star…but in morning light, we awake to see that today’s NAACP is really more like Mel Gibson’s mirror image.

Sickening to listen to…and no “Jesus” in either of them after all.

Update: great article here on the NAACP’s desperate playing of the race card.


2 Responses

  1. For your “It’s obvious no one YOU loved was in NYC or Washington or on a plane last Tuesday…or you could never have preached such an offensive sermon” I salute you. Perhaps if more Episcopalians had had the moxie to say something comparable to the diocesan panjandrums, you would have stayed on longer—though not indefinitely, as multicultural nihilism and postmodern relativism had already sunk their roots deep into the fertile soil of your denomination and that of many other Protestant establishments.

    On the morning of 9/11 my first born stood at a 10th-floor window of her office building in Washington, D.C., watching in horror the plumes of smoke rising from the Pentagon. Not many hours later she learned that on board the ill-fated plane that crashed that morning were two “non-strangers”—i.e., the half sister of one of her best friends and a male partner of her own law firm. As my wife and I were especially concerned (okay, frantic) about our daughter’s difficulties that morning getting safely out of downtown D.C., I might have been charged with assault & battery had I shortly after 9/11 managed to grab the hand of the lady priest you so appropriately chastised.

    Here’s a thought experiment for today: Imagine the drumbeat for revoking the tax-exempt status of, say, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education were it to engage in activities even remotely as partisan as those routinely launched by the NAACP.

  2. “I might have been charged with assault & battery had I shortly after 9/11 managed to grab the hand of the lady priest you so appropriately chastised.”

    You are both more restrained than I – I would have been charged with homicide as I am sure that I could not have contained myself (I found a killer instinct that I did not know existed when I found that a mouse had scampered across my child’s vacant crib, leaving a “calling card” ).

    My husband was supposed to have been in the World Trade Center that morning for a meeting -that he wasn’t was due to an argument that we had much earlier about the fact that I could not be in two places at once (two “Back to School nights – the one at the school at which I taught – a required attendance for my job – and one for our high school daughter, her freshman year). So home he was. My husband had colleagues who were on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. My cousin was at another meeting, not at her Pentagon office, that morning as well. As I say to my students, I cannot nor will I ever, be able to talk about 9/11 dispassionately. My youngest brother was sent to Afghanistan where he served for thirteen months. Another brother, has worked until very recently, on the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Iraq.

    Unfortunately, the Episcopal church does not have a stranglehold on ” multicultural nihilism and postmodern relativism”. One finds it in other mainstream Protestant denominations (as Benny noted) as well as in Roman Catholicism. The older I get, the more deist I have become. I miss attending church services – but, I find it difficult to sit still, to not stand up and shout out against political message that castigates those who are not in agreement as somehow the devil’s spawn.

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