Who and What is “Racist!”…the List for Well-meaning Dummies.

As a public service… StMaryMead is now offering frequent updates on who or what has been recently deemed “racist.”

I have already covered the fact that the NAACP has declared the Tea Parties “racist.”

But, in case you missed it… the San Antonio City-wide Smoking Ban has also been pronounced “racist” by the NAACP.

And today, the Obama administration declared Al Qaeda “racist.

And Jesse Jackson declared the Le Bron/ Cleveland Cavaliers situation “racist.”

I hope you people are keeping up on these things. I don’t mind doing it for you, but only because we have elected a post-racial President…otherwise it would be too exhausting.

UPDATE: The NAACP says the BP Oil Spill cleanup is racist.


6 Responses

  1. My head is spinning – here I thought, after November of 2008, that we were about to enter into the post-racial age of American history. What was smoking (or in my case drinking) at the time? What really sent me over the edge was that the LeBron James- Cavalier dust-up was racist. Guess that I need to go back to pc school so that I can fully understand the complexities of racism in the 21st century.

  2. I think we need to compile an evolving list, cks.

    This is extremely complex.

    Or maybe we just need to start a fund-raising project …in able to provide Jesse and every member of the NAACP with a Thesaurus.

    • A Thesaurus is probably what is needed – the proceeds from the sale of which could be used to put a historical marker at a certain address on Buchanan Street in Durham? Just a thought.

  3. The stories you link to here depress me in the extreme. Please consider linking instead to stories that bring us the latest in the category “racy.” God knows that if the same dreary nut-jobs who’ve emasculated “racist” play the heavies in those stories as well, then my wife will be spared my chasing her around the dining-room table.

  4. Benny, I DID write about “Bad bedroom Encounters” today,

    I thought that was pretty racy. 🙂

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