Obamacare and my Missing Bathing Suit

On July 3, I made an online purchase of a bathing suit. The company chose the method of delivery for me…the U.S. Mail. Four days later, July 7, I ordered the matching cover-up from the same company. This time the shipper was UPS.

On July 10, I received the cover-up. THREE DAYS after order from the private United Parcel.

Today, July 15, Twelve (12) Twelve days after USPS-shipped order…the post Office has not delivered the bathing suit.

Yesterday, I called and spoke with (probably the Union rep) at the local post office. “Gee.” says he…like he’s just some guy I accosted in a grocery store parking lot about my wardrobe problems, “I have no idea where your bathing suit is.”

“Well, could you check to see where it is in the system?” I ask.

“What system?” He seems puzzled.


“Oh, no, no . no. Unless the company paid extra for a tracking number, nobody knows.” (UPS has tracking on every package)

Interesting. Historically at least the Pony Express knew what pony and what rider headed into the sunset.

“Could you look in the mail truck?”

“No,we are not required to go to those lengths. Your problem is with the company.”

“But the company GAVE the bathing suit to the U.S. Post Office. You have it.”

“Well, maybe you’ll get it. It can take even two weeks to get a package.”

HMMMM… Illegals are streaming across our border but the Post office needs two weeks to cross a state line.

The conversation ended.

Such is the level of professionalism, service, customer care and job execution at the Bureaucratic Bum-Around-and-Bloviation-Center called the United States Postal Service.

I got off the phone and thought….”OBAMACARE.”

This is the attitude and job execution coming to our medical care. The same inept, Who-is-In-Charge, “just-getting-through-the-day” KNOW NOTHING Bureaucratic mindset…coming to a clinic or doctor-assignment center near you.

We need no degree in medicine or government policy to see what lies ahead for us. Anyone who has ever had to deal with the labyrinth of a Big Bank or any Big Government entity…where everyone tells you it’s someone else job …or call another number…has seen the sneak peek preview of Obamacare.

Only it will be YOU with your Gallbladder bursting…like the poor residents of the Gulf with that oil well bursting…trying to get through the damned maze of disinterested Governmental red tape.

“Hello. Call service to the Doctor Assignment Service is heavy at this time. Wait time to speak to a Bureaucrat is estimated to be 45 minutes. Optionally you may utilize our Email system to send us your symptoms. Our response time electronically is under 2 days.Thank you for visiting the Obamacare Doctor Assignment Center.”

Meantime, our Elitist President and his minions who imposed this on us…will be able to use their personal millions to buy better for themselves.

And not even miss a tee time.


The Post Office.

I bet even now the Obamas all send their SEIU thank-you gifts through UPS. (You know, politically, the stuff they absolutely HAVE to get there.)


7 Responses

  1. I have a friend who visited the Soviet Union, that leviathan of bureaucratic inefficiency, in the 1970s, about a dozen years before the chewing gum and horse glue finally failed. When I asked him what he thought of that Shangri-La of the intellectuals, he responded, “Imagine an entire country run by our Department of Motor Vehicles.”

    Here’s a suggestion for the empty heads “in charge” of the Postal Service: Do away with electronic deposit of paychecks for all postal-service employees. Henceforth, all paychecks are to be mailed in plain unmarked envelopes, are to be mailed from several locations across the country, and must cross at least one state line en route to each employee.

    • “Here’s a suggestion for the empty heads “in charge” of the Postal Service: Do away with electronic deposit of paychecks for all postal-service employees. Henceforth, all paychecks are to be mailed in plain unmarked envelopes, are to be mailed from several locations across the country, and must cross at least one state line en route to each employee.”

      Benny, this is Brilliant!

      Wish this Blog had that “bowing” emoticon. …but envision it anyway.

      • Had I been grumpy when I posted that first note, I would have added that pay envelopes must be addressed by hand.

  2. Ah yes…..the beginnings of that you visualize regarding health care have already made their appearance. Last month I received my new prescription card (a separate entity from my health insurance provider who also sent two cards even though there are five of us who are covered and we must show said cards whenever we visit the doctor or have a prescription filled so that the doctor is reimbursed). Along with the two cards thee was a letter stating the co-pay changes. While of course generics were the rule (unless I and my doctor submitted many forms and waited out the review process to see if said generics were not suitable – which could take up to a year to process), a new wrinkle had been added. The copay was minimal if I went to my local pharmacy to have a prescription filled. If I mailed my prescription to the pharmacy located on the form, the amount that I would have to pay was halved. But, if I mailed it to their central office for them to then turn over to a pharmacy that was currently offering the best deal – I forget exactly how it was worded but that was the gist – I would pay even less for said medicines. Of course, it would be best if they could have the prescription a month in advance sot hat I would get the medicines in time. I guess that I should go to the doctor now and say to her, “Look, I feel a severe attack of sinusitis, pharyngitis coming on in late August, early September, please give me a prescription now so that I can have the medicines on hand when needed.” “Give me a break”, as John Stossel would say. No doctor in his right mind would go for that scenario.

    The prescription insurance people (for lack of a better term) make no bones about the fact that their goal is to have better efficiency – and that means eliminating the corner pharmacy. This raises a real concern – particularly as one ages and finds that the kinds of meds and number of meds that one must take – either as preventive measures or for the problems that are endemic with the aging body – can interact in not so pleasant ways. WHO WILL BE WATCHING OUT FOR THE PATIENT? I doubt that there will be the attention paid to drug interactions by some nameless faceless functionary who is just keying in some strokes on his/her computer in between playing video games or viewing porn (ok, perhaps I exaggerate a little but probably not much).
    More to the point, by the time I would get my meds, one of two things will happen – either I will get well on my own without any medication (in which case, why even bother to send in the prescription and thus monies are saved by the insurance company) or I get worse and shuffle off these mortal coils – in which case, no meds are needed either. Anyway you look at it, the patient (who also happens to be paying for this service) is the loser. This is what we will all be paying (those of us working stiffs who have already seen premiums increase since the passage of Obamacare) for when the health program really is implemented.

  3. Cks, you are scaring me.

    I wonder if my pharmacist up in the Village who voted for Obama…knows his livelihood. is expendable.

  4. It was not my intention to scare….more to prepare one for what will happen sooner rather than later. When I got the letter I was hopping mad…though since that was quickly followed by a change in how my pension would be calculated (albeit what I was to get, upon retirement, was minuscule), my ire on the prescription notification (which I had had an inkling was going to occur) was shifted to the pension notification (which came out of the blue). My husband, ever the union man – even though his organizing days are long, long in the past – took great pains to point out to me that this is the reason why unions are necessary – to keep management from just this sort of thing. Of course, as I like to remind him, the Church, which preaches peace and social justice, has a very poor record (read that to be non-existent one) in its treatment of its own employees – particularly lay employees and most importantly females. (The treatment by dioceses of the female religious orders is something that deserves several columns all on their own – but I digress). As far as the church is concerned, each parish is its own entity (this is the nub of the Vatican’s claim to have the pedophilia lawsuit that has been filed in Louisville, Kentucky dismissed) and in the case of teachers, they cannot organize as each person who teaches is an”independent contractor” – whatever that means.

    As Mr. cks likes to say, the important thing is that we just have to stay healthy. To that end, we eat many, many vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water and tea (freshly brewed from whole leaves and unsweetened), little beef and lots of fish. Mr. cks has those long life genes – I tell him often that when looking for wife #2, he can correct those taste deficiencies that I possess – a failure to appreciate goat cheese (nasty); beets (lips that touch beets don’t touch mine); and fennel – which I do eat but don’t really like (that is my one food concession to maintain marital bliss). Mr. cks labors under the delusion that given enough time, that I will come to appreciate goat cheese and beets – though, as my youngest son said last night at dinner, it will only be when Alzheimer’s sets in that there would be the possibility of that occurring. I informed him that if there is a God, which I firmly believe there is, he would not take kindly to telling a deluded old lady that she had always liked both beets and goat cheese!

  5. A question? Did the swimsuit ever arrive? The US Postal system, which used to be very reliable, has become more and more the poster child for dysfunctional businesses. Currently I am trying to track down where my mail has gone (I had filled out the forwarding info) since I moved from my home to my temporary abode until my new home is ready for us to inhabit (I think that the remodeling work will begin in earnest this week). A bill was not forwarded that I should have received but the notice from the collection agency for said bill was (go figure). A check for work that I had done has gone missing as well – which has involved most of this morning talking with the company that owes me the funds to issue a new check. This is why I worry what health care will be like when the government is in charge.

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