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Goin’ to Carolina in the Morning

Posting hopefully will be light…if I’m behaving myself.
But here’s some discussion questions if anyone wants to offer their opinions.

What’s the future for Obamacare? Do the R’s stand a reasonable chance of being able to repeal? Should they?

Can there ever be, in our Lifetimes….a post-partisan era?

Why, when so many of us now live post-racial lives, does it seem institutionally we are moving farther than ever from that goal? Or do different races view the definition and goals differently?

Long drive today…I’d better get organized.

Footnote to add: There are many intangible things that keep a long marriage together. Over the years. I have wondered if my husband is wistful about his lack of a wife who schusses down the slopes, or stars on the golf course, or participates in any of the myriad athletic activities that I do not. But on vacation departure mornings, as the husband of a woman who arises at 4AM and is never, ever late…I see him gazing at me as if my price were above pearls.

Yes, dear, there are compensations.

2 Responses

  1. Hope that the drive is a happy and safe one with few (if any) traffic jams or construction tie-ups as you journey to the beach.

    Regarding the questions “Why, when so many of us now live post-racial lives, does it seem institutionally that we are moving farther than ever from that goal? Or do different races view the definition and goals differently?” I think that the key word is institutionally.

    I enjoy people watching – I always have and doubt that this will change as I trip down the slope in my senescence. One thing that I have noticed over the years is the increasing number of mixed race couples and now children. It is the late 20th century and early 21st century equivalent, in many ways, of something that one saw in the 20th century, the mixed religious marriages of young men and women. More and more young people, thrown together in first public schools and then at college, saw that the “religious other” was not the devil incarnate. Gradually, as more such marriages occurred, there arose first accommodations among members of the older generation (innocent babies do have a way of melting even the most obdurate of hearts), which in turn have led to inter-religious couplings in the US being no big deal at all (except among a very few). Now one can argue that this has served to weaken traditional religious congregations (though I believe that there are other more serious reasons that has occurred) but the fact is that here in the United States, there is a greater religious toleration than at anytime in our nation’s history.
    Much the same is happening in the US on a one-on-one basis. However, the government, in the form of mandates and quotas, keeps the notion of separation of the races front and center. One must label oneself – and in doing so, there is the tacit implication that one race must be better than another (or has been historically) – thus the need from an institutional standpoint to address that historical imbalance. Except for a very few religions, there is no outward sign that marks one’s faith. There is no tattoo that Lutherans have that distinguishes them from Methodists or Catholics. Skin hue, eye shape can however, distinguish (though not always) one race from another but as intermarriage continues to occur through the generations, such distinguishing characteristics will become more muted. However, as long as the government insists on set asides, quotas, and, I would argue, the requirement that we in fact categorize who we are (Hispanic, Caucasian, etc) then we will fail to make that leap which will make us truly a post-racial society in both fact and deed.

  2. I would agree that a spouse who is organized, packed, and ready to leave on time is a jewel to be treasured!

    There is nothing worse than leaving past the intended departure time due to circumstances that one can easily control.

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