For our South Carolina gathering, two couples had a long drive south and one couple had a long drive north from Florida. Conversation one night turned to billboards. Our Florida friends had seen billboards along the way saying: “Government Dependency: YOUR legacy, Mr. President.” They asked if we had seen them as well.

We hadn’t. But we had seen other anti-Obama billboards. For example, driving through West Virginia, we saw several signs saying, “Don’t let Obama’s EPA kill our coal jobs.” I wonder if West Virginians are looking at the closed oil rigs in the Gulf and the plight of all the families affected…and realizing that one day soon..they themselves may well lie beyond the political pity-scope or selective sympathy of Obama and his Leftist elitist eco-crowd.

“Selective”…being the operative word. “Divisive”….being the only possible legacy of that pick-and-choose mentality.

Obama is an incredibly divisive President….simply because he MUST style himself as such. The Leftist metanarrative requires villains, and far too many hard-working Americans are now “enemies” of the Obama administration. If you work for an insurance company, an oil company, the Banking industry, or you run a small business that brings in more than $250,000 a year, you are complicit in denigrating some other… lesser but more worthy… part of our citizenry. Obama has succeeded in making hard work, self-reliance, and individualism …unattractive qualities.

Unions have always looked askance at the worker who overachieves and therefore puts a burden of productivity on his co-workers…or the teacher who might arrive too early or stay too late to help students. Unions want a conformity of mediocrity, a tilt down to the easiest attainable effort…so an overachiever is a problem to his co-workers, not an asset. Now, so it seems, our federal Government has adopted the same mentality. The Obama administration is in the business of punishing with taxes those who over-achieve.The best and brightest are “show-offs”…the most successful must have the fruit of their efforts siphoned off from their families…to prop up the Perpetually Dependent. Obama is interested in spreading the wealth around…punishing excellence and effort. To this end, he must nurture “victimization” and class warfare.

Who are the least among us? The most worthy are the easiest to identify. In those cases, there is little argument about contributing to a safety net or a step up. The problem lies in the murkier designations…the ones Obama and his ilk get to select from their personal sensibilities. They nominate THEMSELVES to choose and enforce the criteria. It is long past time when children of Black doctors and judges and businessmen can trump poor white children of Appalachia in college entry selection and job quotas. It is long past time when Black thugs at polling places receive a judicial Mulligan because our Black AG must placate the NAACP.

In that very real way, Obama’s America is not one of Equal Opportunity but “Selective” Opportunity.

Obama ”’SELECTS.

The new Banking Bill has quotas for certain genders and skin hues in a time of recession…because Obama considers certain Previously Oppressed worthy of their private TAXPAYER FUNDED “Road to Success”…but not the children of dirt-poor coal-miners….or poverty level white farmers. It is long past time…but the Obama administration is most concerned with…. “long past due.” We have entered the Era of Presidential Payback. Obama is articulating at every opportunity who are the Enemies of the People.

That means, by default, only certain Americans are HIS people. He messages victimhood to certain groups…and massages their desire to be “avenged.”

The Unions, the Leftists, the Feminists, “Wise Latinas”, “People of Color”, Academics, the Quota Crowd, those who are protected by “civil rights” laws vs. those to whom those laws now offer no protection.

The rest of us…are left behind. Make ’em pay.

Obama’s legacy is division. He travels the country preaching a doctrine that turns neighbor against neighbor…labor against business…race against race. He needs to ferment ill will to further his political purposes. Just as hate kept the coffers over-flowing to his mentor Reverend Wright who would retire to a million dollar home in a gated community…Obama hopes hate and division will keep the polling places over-flowing so he can continue to ensconce himself in that white Mansion in D.C.

But polls show, the American people are starting to see the light. It is not emanating from the false Messiah of the Leftist metanarrative. It’s coming from those in white, black, brown, and yellow communities who have come too far on the road to Brotherhood to let a Divisive Political Hack hold them in Partisan Boxes…that suit his political need.

It’s coming from Americans who need a pay-check, not pay-back. Americans who need American Businesses to flourish not an Obama boot-heel-on-the-Neck to punish. Americans who are smarter than our over-educated but under-experienced “Community Organizer in Chief” who seems to think he can “organize” all of the diverse areas of our United States with the “motivational rhetoric” that worked for him in inner-city Chicago.

Obama is only hearing the voices that tell him what he wants to hear. He needs to quiet his divisive partisan message and listen and look around.

Simon and Garfunkel wrote in the Sixties…”The words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls.”

Yes indeed.

Today they are written on billboards along American highways.

Listen to the Sounds of Silence, Mr. President.


2 Responses

  1. My parents both grew up in single family households. My paternal grandfather ran away with his latest paramour when my father was six (therein lies a story) leaving my grandmother with two young boys and her own mother to support – she would work until she died from stomach cancer at the age of 72. My maternal grandfather died when my mother was nine. Unbeknownst to my grandmother, he had not made the payments on the house that they were buying so she was left with eight children and no home. All of the children (except the youngest, who was two) worked so as to make ends meet (my mother dug up weeds until she was old enough to work as an aide emptying bedpans, etc. in a hospital). Two of my uncles joined the military as the pay was better (their paypackets were sent home so as to support the family) and my older aunts worked for the government (again, their pay went to my grandmother who stayed home so as to care for everyone). The idea that the government “owed” them something would have been rejected out of hand.

    My parents were married soon after my father returned from the war. They lived with my dad’s mother and grandmother until after I was born and they could afford, on the GI Bill to purchase a house. My dad worked two, sometimes three jobs, my mother stayed home and cared for the increasing brood (five children in five years) and read and outlined my father’s college texts which he read and studied on his coffee and lunch breaks for his nighttime college courses. My mother had had a music scholarship but did not go to college – although it paid almost everything, almost was not enough. She never attended college though, I have always felt that she was one of the most educated persons I know as she was never without a history book or some great piece of literature. It took my father ten years to get his degree, but graduate he did though he always maintained that my mom should have been the one with her name on the diploma as she did the work that made it possible for him to achieve the degree.
    I relate all this because, growing up, my parents had very little in the way of money. Yet, my siblings (there would eventually be seven of us) and I never felt that we were anything but upper middle class (if we were to put a label to it). Though we rarely went on a vacation (twice when I was growing up), my parents sacrificed to send us all to private school. Wearing a uniform definitely made clothing cheap as we had our two uniforms (one for one week, one for the next) and then a dress outfit for Sunday and play clothes for when we were not in school. They scraped together the money for us to belong to a swim club – as that was something we kids went to everyday (walked there by ourselves) in the summer – would leave with our packed lunch and return in time for dinner – I think it was vacation for my mother that we were gone for those hours. We did not have any sense that we were deprived in any way. My parents insisted to us that if we wanted to do something badly enough, that they would find a way to make it happen. Occasionally, when we did not take care of something or were lax in our chores (because we had things that we were expected to do as members of the family), my father would make the comment about his pants being so shiny his underwear could be seen through the fabric. But other than that, we had no real sense of how closely my parent budgeted and how much they denied themselves so that we could have the things that they felt we needed.
    We were brought up with the idea that we would go to college – it was a part of what was expected for one to do. All but one of us would graduate from college, four of the six of us have advanced degrees. Though we did have student loans (all repaid), and we worked summers and saved our pay, my parents once again scraped and went without to make our education possible. We were expected to work hard – to get good grades, to stay out of trouble, to keep focused. We were always told that the goal was for all of us to have a better life than the one our parents had. Now my father worked hard and eventually achieved quite a bit of financial success. He showed us, by example, how one should conduct onself . Always give 110%, be courteous, dress for your next job, remember that no jobis beneath you, and that honesty is always the best policy. He also taught us that no one owes you anything. You should get something because you have worked hard to achieve it.
    I know that life is not easy. There are many roadblocks that one can and does encounter. One has a choice – to give up or to soldier on. The government has no responsibility to provide for those who choose not to help themselves because they believe that they are owed something because they happen to exist. Tough love, my parents believed, was a good thing. We need a president and a Congress who believe that as well.

  2. Amen, cks.

    Beautifully said… and I could not agree more.

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