Dog eat Dog

We have two dogs…a little faux Shih-tsu (long story) and a big curly Labradoodle. They used to both sleep upstairs with us. Lately, Sherman (the Shih-tsu) has taken to staying downstairs. Harvey (the Labradoodle) positions himself on the turn of the upstairs steps…halfway between us and his Brother. He likes the company of his little guy. It’s sweet to see.

They weren’t always the picture of harmony. Sherman was here first and rightly intimidated by the big rambunctious interloper that arrived one Holiday season. He struggled to “control” Harvey….to manage him and his overactive lumbering BIG presence. I’m sure it was a fearful time for him.

But over the years, they seem to have come to a draw…with neither asserting himself as the Alpha Dog….and with that issue seemingly settled, companionship was the happy conclusion.

One summer, a large tree limb fell on Harvey and broke his hind leg. He had a long, slow and painful recovery. Unfortunately, Sherman found a new weapon for the occasions wherein he wished to assert HIS ALPHA-ness….grabbing Harvey by that bad leg and tugging till it hurts.

I wince when I see it…for several reasons.

I remember Sherman’s fear as the Little Guy. But I see Harvey’s real pain too. He’s big, and someday, that pain may cause him to strike back. Only recently did I hear the story of a woman who adopted two puppies from a litter…and one awful day, they fought till one was dead and the other had to be put down because of his injuries.

A tragedy that left this woman, this animal lover…bereft.

I think a lot about that story today as I read the news. I think of the choices we have to love or to hate. Love is not easy and takes working at forever. It’s sometimes exhausting. But hate can destroy in an instant. I think about the responsibility we have to protect progress, fragile though it may be.

I would despise anyone who would encourage my dogs to be aggressive, to hurt one another in order to be the Alpha-dog. I would despise anyone who would come into my home and disrupt the camaraderie built over years of love and retraining. I don’t want to see one dog, big or little dominate the other. I don’t want fear to be an excuse for new pain. What if I “hired” a…um-m-m-m “trainer” who deliberately made things worse so I’d have to continue paying him. What if Anger and Divisiveness were a deliberate agenda?

This is how I see Obama. “A community organizer” who organizes people by keeping them angry and hating others. A community organizer who keeps getting a paycheck, who keeps advancing his own power by exploiting pain and differences. Obama wants us in boxes of fear and loathing toward others, defined by him as victims or villain…. motivated to keep HIM in power for our own payback.

All we have seen in this administration is contrived. Contrived to build Obama constituencies. There should be a special quota-area of Hell for those who exploit hate to advance themselves.

I see Obama as destroying what my generation made the cornerstone of our American experience…to advance to a color-blind society…to stay on that road and not be deterred. No one said it would always be easy…but we stayed on that road…till Obama the Community Organizer set in motion his plan to demonize, deal an unfair new hand and DIVIDE.

If Obama wants diversity…I suggest he drop the stupidity of skin hue. A Black surgeon’s son and a White lawyer’s son have very similar American experiences. The diversity lies in poverty not pale or dark. Require Wall Street to hire some kid from the Barrio, or Appalachia, or any inner city you choose…who had to work three jobs to get an education. Now that would provide REAL diversity…not this sham that is nothing but political payback to the Black caucus.

Why should a Black kid who’s Dad makes a 6 figure salary…get a quota job over a fatherless white kid from a dirt-poor rural background? Who wants to argue THAT is fair? Only a racist would excuse that.

And those racists are NOT in the Tea Party.

I want the least among us to get a hand up in every way. Let’s join together, all of us,…to invite them on the Road…push or carry them if need be. But don’t tell me that “skin hue” today in 2010 is a trump card.

That’s obscene. That’s Obama’s scam.

The Community Organizer who is hell-bent to get us trapped in our race, class, gender, ethnicity boxes….angry and hateful, snarling at each other…to keep himself employed.

Obama has set up deliberate tollbooths for “certain” unfavored people and quicker detours for favored others ONLY….to get us off that Racial Harmony road.

Brother against brother.

Dog against dog.

Do we really need that woman whose puppies destroyed each other to remind us where this could go?

It’s not Hope and Change.

It’s a template for tragedy.


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  1. A story. Mr. cks and I are at different ends of the political spectrum in many things. It is, I think, in large part due to our respective financial upbringings. He was a child of privilege, I was not. He felt strongly, and still does, that all should have the same advantages that he had and that thre is something inherently unfair that he was blessed while others were not.

    The last presidential election was a dilemma for us both. We both found ourselves, for different reasons, scratching our heads wondering how we would vote in the primary, let alone the general election. We agreed that Edwards was a fraud (this was long before it was revealed the Breck boy not only believed in his two Americas theme but put it into practice in his own life). He felt that there was something off-putting about Clinton as well….which left Obama. While the candidate’s youth and inexperience were troubling, the thought crossed both our minds that he might very well be able to speak to a different view of America – something akin to the tearing down of the racial wall that would show Europeans, Asians, South Americans, and Africans that the United States was indeed a country that had done more than close the many chapters of its racial past but could write new ones about what can be accomplished by all.
    The Reverend Wright episode was troubling (in hind sight of course, much more so) but keeping in mind that one may do things (his attendance at the Reverend’s church fell into that category) that are politically expedient to get elected, this was put aside.
    And so Obama got the nomination but as the time between noimination and election drew closer, Mr. cks felt less enamored and we both spent much time discussing what we would do.
    I was having my own crisis with the political party of my registration. Romney I would not vote for – ever. Mr. cks would tease me and ask if the election was between Clinton (who we thought would wind up with the nomination early on) and Romney, would I have a heart attack punching out the chad for Clinton? For me the Fells River case and Romney’s refusal to make right a terrible was not just a stumbling block, it was an unscalable barrier. Huckabee was just too….just too something that I have still not been able to explain. Perhaps it was (and still is) that one Arkansan in the Oval Office was enough in my lifetime. That left McCain. McCain, I worried about. He still seemed to hot-headed. Plus, to be honest, there was the health factor. Who would he choose as his running mate? Thus, when the primary time came around I voted for Paul from Texas who I knew would not get the nomination – thus not committing me one way or another. And then McCain won the nomination and made the surpise announcement of Palin as his running mate. (I will admit that the first I had heard of her was an article in Vanity Fair where she was profiled along with Sibelius of Kansas and a couple of other women whom I have completely forgotten). At first I thought it was a brilliant move, one engendered to shake things up. Her inexperience coupled with family issues were, for me, red flags as to how focused she could be on the problems of governing.

    I will admit that the time between late August and the November election was one fraught with indecision. We watched the debates and could come to no strong conclusion. What was interesting was the excitement among my students. They followed the campaign excitedly. In all my years of teaching, I could not recall a time when students were so engaged. I believe that they could sense history was going to be made and that they would be able to date a “before ” and “after” the election for the remainder of their lives. Both tickets, however, presented troubling issues – as Mr. cks ruefully commented – “once again, one must choose between the lesser of two evils” though it was not a question of evil people as much as it was with either candidate and running mate there were questions as to competency and experience. Whomever won was going to have a Democrat controlled Congress salivating at the opportunity to extend “Big Government”. To what extent could either candidate control Pelosi and Reid? Would an Obama administration be at their beck and call?

    And so November came, and in usual form, we cancelled each other’s vote though interestingly enough, we could very easily have cancelled in a different form. Neither of us were happy with our vote. But, when the results were announced, we were both hopeful that America had begun a new chapter in the history of race relations that would augur well in other areas. That hope was tarnished at the inauguration with the benediction delivered by the Reverend Joseph (I believe that is his name). The excusing of his remarks by the msm was even more of a disappointment – if this was really going to be a post racial administration, then there should and could be no room for such remarks. But still, we remained hopeful – thinking that indeed, that the final chapter on racism in the US was cming to a close. End of story.

    But here we are now, less than a hundred days from the mid-term elections. An attorney general who immediately refers to Americans as cowards on the issue of race, beer summit, a “wise Latina”, Black panther “non-voter intimidation DOJ determined, and the Sherrod incident have dominated the headlines. And compounding these, and of much more seriousness in terms of national security, the politicization of the failure of homeland security/immigration to confront and protect the southern border of this nation by claiming that Arizona is adopting racist policies. Everything is viewed through a racist prism. What form does not include a question about one’s race – all the while saying that race is not a factor. If it is not, why the need to delineate one’s ethnic background? Why also are there subcategories for some races but not for others? Why should race be important at all? If we are all God’s children, are we not equal in our humaness? The past two years have demonstrated this – when a group of people who have not had power come to power, they too often use their position to enhance the standing of their base. It is not a racial thing, it is as old as history itself. The newly empowered, without a wise leader, seek to settle old scores and try to implement such changes as to insure that their policies will hold sway long after their own departure from the reins of power. However, when a racial element is added (as again we have seen from history) affairs of state become toxic and the mood of a country can become bitter. That is where we are now. I despair that we will see any change for the better in the near future.

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