“Arizona’s law is not a case of a state helping the federal government do a job it neglected. It is a radical upending of immigration priorities, part of a spiteful crusade to force a mass exodus of illegal immigrants. Arizona still has a governor, legislators and law officers determined to pursue immigration enforcement at any cost.”

So speaks the NYT.

A crusade to ask people who are here illegally, that is against the law, here IN DEFIANCE of our law…to return to their country and go through the legal process is….”spiteful.”

The Progressive Times is demanding that U.S. taxpayers who cannot fund the old and new social programs we have now…embrace millions of more illegals into our broken schools and bankrupt social programs…because to say we can’t afford to care for our own…is “spiteful.”

There are numerous newspapers now going under. I suggest the NYT assume the entire payroll for every employee of the Chicago Tribune right now! To not do so…to expect those employees to submit applications for openings…well, that would be “spiteful.”


One Response

  1. Don’t look for those NYT to add the Chicago Trib employees to their payroll anytime soon.

    I am at a loss to understand the government’s stance on the Arizona issue. It was my understanding that legal immigrants to this country possessed a green card and that they were supposed to carry it with them at all times. Has that changed? Remember the adds that one use to see on television toward the end of the year reminding aliens to renew their cards? There still must be something that they must carry as it is necessary for anyone (even citizens) to show identification and proof of citizenship or proof that one is allowed in this country legally when filling out the I-90 form that is required by the federal government of all employers.

    All of us must carry some form of identification. One cannot cash a check without proper identification – there are few places that do not require some form of ID. One must carry one’s license in order to drive. Most places of business require the wearing of ID’s. Is it that intrusive to have one extra bit of information encrypted on an ID – one’s citizenship status?

    Many years ago when I was a student in England, I had to carry a small booklet (about six pages that easily fit in my walled) that was my permission to be in the UK as a student. The Home Office, that branch responsible for immigration/visas/ naturalization, routinely sent out police to check up on students and others like myself who were on visas (I know this because I served as an au pair as well for a family – no money received, just room and and board – who were politically active. They found it interesting that the government was so active in this regard. The booklet freed me from carrying around my passport within the UK. I did not feel that it was any intrusion.

    The days when we could welcome anyone to this country are in the past. There is not the wide open spaces that begged to be tamed and populated. The jobs that immigrants could take and parlay into something better are fewer – the sweatshops, railroad gangs, etc. no longer exist. We, as a nation, cannot afford the costs that illegal immigrants place on hospitals, social service agencies, schools, etc. I cannot for the life of me understand those Hispanics (and others) who do not see that unbridled support for the rights of illegals to be here harms not only them but the US as a whole.

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