A Tale of Two “Hoaxes”

If you’ve “met” me first here on this blog…or even read here occasionally, you’ll soon pick up on one of my ever-returning issues. Like a betrayed wife, I can hardly argue over who should let the dog out, without bringing up…. That Topic. I cannot get past it…and fair warning, I do not intend to try. In fact, I believe this issue could be the “teaching moment” of the Mid-term elections. I believe, if examined again in TRUTH and in terrible detail, this issue could define our Leftist government, its corruption, lies, and allies…in a way every parent, every family could understand.

Because everything you wanted to know about the Obama administration, I learned in the Duke Lacrosse Hoax.

To anyone who shrugs…”it’s an old story.” The Holocaust and slavery are old stories…albeit more horrific in their scale…but none the less instructive in the waywardness of the powerful hatred of human bias. I refuse to accept only SOME stories can be told anymore!

It seems odd to say that peripheral participation in a terrible ordeal of others could so permanently effect me…but it did. I’ll admit I have always been an emotional person and I’ll confess to an intensified sense of right and wrong. I’ve been told (by friends) that I am happiest when I am “up to my neck in alligators.” But I could never have predicted that watching a live afternoon news event in 2006 would leave me doubting so many institutions, individuals, and iconic organizations that, until that day and the stunning days that followed, I had revered.

The Shirley Sherrod flap would amuse me if it did not evoke the worst of the Duke tragedy. The NAACP and its Leftist allies in politics and media are having the vapors over the two-day ordeal of a woman they say was unfairly misrepresented.

But in every discussion, every debate..I’d like two words flung back at them: Duke Lacrosse . Hey, any of you in the NAACP…do you want to talk false accusations, media lies, the fear of… not a job loss…but thirty years of young lives lost..innocent kids incarcerated , their friends forever tarnished?

I’m game!

You want to talk retribution against Breitbart’s edited video? Okay, but…let’s ALSO talk about the NCNAACP’s infamous case description…that anchored their official website long after the boys were declared INNOCENT by the Democratic AG of the state of North Carolina.

The NAACP seems to think that “the past” is a trump card for THEIR abuses, attitudes, and outrages in the present. The Left adheres to the position that “once a victim, always a victim” and the membership for victimhood is now closed. The Duke Lacrosse kids and their loved ones need not apply.

To return to my betrayed wife example…the NAACP wants to say that there is no expiration date on their old hurts and therefore THEY have no accountability at all in our “relationship.” Can any marriage, family, or diverse society of people advance or survive when one of the partners insists on that prevailing idea?

Let me be clear, certainly not all of the Black community feels this way. Only the loudest voices on the Left. It’s past time we stood up to this and shouted back…”Duke Lacrosse! Duke Lacrosse! Duke Lacrosse!”

As the election season approaches …buy your friends a copy of “Until Proven Innocent.” Tell them to use it as a tactical handbook to how the Left operates. The companion book is “It’s not about the Truth.”

The title of course comes from the answer Coach Pressler was given by Athletic Director Joe Alleva as to why Duke was firing him…when in mere days, the DNA would clear the boys. Wait for the truth, he implored.

“It’s not ABOUT the Truth.” he was told. And so it wasn’t.

There may have been confusion and outrage that had at its basis good faith in the beginning. But, in a short period of time, Innocence was evident. This was the turning point for me. The awful moment when my own innocence and naiveté were shattered. There followed a long, hideous display of prosecutorial outrage, right before our eyes, sanctioned and spear-headed by the NC-NAACP. Leftist Duke Professors and the Black leadership of Durham.

It was blatant. It was blood-thirsty. And it was heart-breaking to all who had once believed in the integrity of these individuals and institutions.

Past wrongs entitle the NAACP and all of their skin hue…to our sensitivity, our steadfast attention, and our action when real NEW wrongs are uncovered.
Past wrongs do not entitle the NAACP to a free pass for their own outrageous behaviors, their biases, or their 18 month campaign to railroad three innocent kids because…because…they were “owed.”

Somebody needs to tell them and tell America in the midterms…that’s NOT equality, that is false entitlement…that is arrogance….that is the lowest of human responses. What we demand others to be, we must be ourselves.

As we approach the Midterms…let’s look at what happened to Shirley Sherrod.

Then, let’s discuss IN DEPTH the Duke Lacrosse Frame and saga.

That’s what I’ll be doing here. Anybody want to join me?


3 Responses

  1. Left a long comment that somehow disappeared into cyberspace.

    I agree with what you said completely.

  2. I hate when that happens!

    I never can remember the best lines either when it happens to me. LOL!

    But if any of it comes back…I’d love to hear what you have to say.

  3. Though there have been issues in the past that have aroused me – nothing has ever so stirred me as the Duke Lacrosse Frame. I think, in part, that the issue struck very close to home. At the time that it occurred, my oldest was a college athlete at a North Carolina college. Something in the story as first reported just did not ring true although as the mother of three sons and the sister of four brothers, I knew all to well that the portion of young men’s brains that send the message “this is not a good idea – don’t even think about it” is not highly developed at that age in the overwhelming majority of late teen-early twenty young men. Still, the claims that a stripper was gang-raped in a tiny bathroom (1920’s houses of the Buchanan Street size are not known for commodious lavatories) stretched the bonds of credulity. Such bathrooms barely fit one person, let alone three men and a woman and then “doing it” in addition. There was just no way.
    This case was, in no uncertain terms, a set up to assuage the oh so politically correct crowd in Durham. On the one hand, there was a young, black woman with several children who was working her way through college in order to get a degree to better her life. That she was dug and alcohol addled, with a police record, and her employment was that of a stripper (and more likely than not part time hooker – she had the look that my father always described as “rode hard and put away wet”) was glossed over. Instead, she termed her employment that of an “exotic dancer” and claimed that she was forced into such employment because it paid better than other jobs for which she had applied (no record of her applications anywhere have ever surfaced to my knowledge – but I digress). The young men that she accused of the assault were white, affluent, and of course male – the trifecta. The oh so politically correct Duke administration bent over backwards to throw its own students under the bus with the president, Richard Brodhead claiming “what they did was bad enough” and the BOT chairman, Robert Steele claiming “that it could all be sorted out on appeal”.

    What passes for a justice system in Durham allowed a prosecutor who saw the case as his ticket to re-election to an office that he had been appointed to and had promised to only serve in as a caretaker until the next election to play fast and loose with legal niceties. A corrupt DPD aided in this regard and was helped by the DUMC who did not follow its own policies and procedures (Tara Levicy SANE examiner extraordinaire – not). Combined with the pot bangers and the Black Panthers who in open court threatened one of the accused, the three accused were faced with a stacked deck. Few if any politicians or news media thought to ask important questions. Instead, the likes of Nancy Grace and Wendy Murphy commented nightly on the guilt of the three accused. There was this willingness to accept the pc mantra – since they were white, privileged, and male they must be guilty – case closed.

    Where were those who now proclaim the unfairness with which Sherrod was treated by both the NAACP and the White House when the lacrosse players were being hounded? The damage done to Sherrod has been minor compared to that done to Pressler and the lacrosse players. And yet there was a rush to restore Mrs. Sherrod and what has been done to make the lacrosse players whole? Their civil suits languish – delayed as Judge Beatty takes eons to rule. Their are those (justice4nifong) who still loudly proclaim that “something did in deed happen that night at the Buchanan Street house”. Crystal is still lauded by many as a poor working girl who is the victim of a miscarriage of justice. Cry me a river, Shirley, I would like to say to her. If one wants to talk about injustice, if one wants to talk about discrimination – let’s talk about the Duke Lacrosse Frame first and foremost. Where, Mr. President, is your desire to right an injustice that was perpetrated against these three young men – why can’t your AG pursue charges there?

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