A Weird Sort of Depression


via A Weird Sort of Depression.


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  1. Hanson’s observations mirror what Mr. cks and I have observed for some time. For two law abiding citizens, we know a number of people who pay no taxes as they operate as a part of the large, and dare I add, growing, underground economy. While walking to the ballpark the other evening, I passed several “homeless’ men with their hand lettered signs on cardboard proclaiming their status. One was operating a cell phone – it looked to be of a better quality than those owned by myselves and my companions – while he sat awaiting the contributions of passers by. I see women wielding food stamps with expensive manicured nails (the elaborate stone studded with expensive fake nails) the price of which could buy enough good food for several meals.

    It is a weird sort of depression. However it must be kept in mind that poverty here is not like poverty in the rest of the world. This is something that struck me when I first journeyed outside the US (though that was in western Europe where even there, poverty was, relatively speaking, much like that in the US) but hit me like a hammer when I visited Central America and then the Middle East. To see real poverty, take a trip to the City of the Dead in Cairo or travel the back streets of Panama City. In doing so, one can fully understand why it is that so many desire to come to the US whether it be by legal or illegal means.

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