Endangered Species and the “Little Woman.”

Someday, I will write about my husband for my children. I know…that they know…what a truly good man he is. But, at his preference, sometimes even they do not know how far and under what myriad of circumstances, his sense of honor…real honor…truly goes.

Oh, the stories I will tell.

But they will have to wait. I gave my promise. On my honor.

Honor is not too much in vogue these days. WE live in a “Gimmee” World, a Me-First World, the creation of what was called “The Me Generation.” We live in a world where right and wrong are secondary to our own interests, our own “wants”, our own personal pocketbooks.

My husband is an alien to that World. He is an endangered species.

He will not, nor has he ever, put himself or his interests before what he perceives to be the honorable thing. Sometimes, we have paid a heavy price for this, even financially. A lesser being myself , sometimes the end result of all this honor frustrates me, especially when I become bound up by his virtuous sense of “omerta” (even with our own). But always, it leaves me looking at him in awe. There are no longer, I fear, many like him.

He is certainly a bad fit for the times we live in.

Part of my political fury, is contrasting the man I live with and the values with which he lives his life…with our Political Class. My husband does not lie. I have said for years to my friends, this is not a man you ask on the way out the door..”Do I look fat in this dress?”

But our politicians lie. I think it is now considered a tool of the partisan trade.

They lie about the cost of Bills they want passed. They lie about the effects of those Bills. They lie about what they stuck IN those Bills.The lie to get WHAT THEY WANT. And by lying, they cut the American people out of the decision process.

This is government by charade.

This is government by arrogance.

We live in a time of “Me First.” New Jersey’s Governor Christie has been eloquent in describing his fight to get a teacher pay freeze…. as the equivalent of the Teachers Union saying to recession-ravaged New Jersey families (whose taxes must fund their pay increases and cradle-to-grave family health care benefits)…”Me First!” “I get Mine First!” “Gimmee MINE!”

As this editorial points out, the Teachers Union has lost much good will with this “my-greed-trumps-your-need” attitude. It’s a sorry spectacle to watch. But why do those in charge of the Unions believe that teachers alone must be insulated from the pain we are all feeling? Why are they not ashamed? Why do they not see how they look to those struggling on the outside?

It’s the “Me Generation.” It’s the substitution of “I’m OWED” for honor.

Time and again, in our married life, my husband has decided against our pocketbook, against our personal interest, to do what he deemed our moral interest. But unions have only the monetary interests of their own members at the forefront. They believe they can be selectively moral. Just don’t look BEYOND the Union Hall. The Congressional Black Caucus has the same selective empathy…inserting a racial/gender quota during a debilitating recession into the Financial Reform Bill. Rep. Rangel and John Kerry , who help create and impose tax law on the rest of us…have little honor to follow those laws themselves. Every special “constituency” lobbies to get their “bigger share”” or “way-out”….of everything the rest of us must face daily.

That is not honor.

This mimics a definition of Hell I once heard: a banquet hall populated with chained,starving people sitting around a food-laden table…but no one will help the other till he gets HIS first. So they suffer for all eternity. I am sick of politicians looking out for only people of their union hall, skin hue, zip code, gender or ethnicity. Stop grabbing for those LIKE YOU first.

Obama and the Democrats promote these “Gimmee” “Me-First” divisions.


In this administration, Obama and this Congress consistently pander…with our taxpayer money…to those important Dem constituencies that keep them in power. But the rage that is growing in America is the awakening knowledge that with every special deal….up goes our debt…and the bill gets handed to the Sucker-taxpayer the Dems aren’t courting. The Bill gets handed to those Unselected-by-Obama for Help. We are beginning to hear the political rage of those Americans …who were pushed by Obama et al. over and over…to the back of the line.

These taxpayers are paying the real price for his selective empathy and reckless largess.

“When you take money from the taxpayers and spend it to rescue the jobs
of one set of workers– your union political supporters, in this case–
what does that do to the demand for the jobs of other workers, whose
products taxpayers would have bought with the money you took away from
them? There is no net economic gain to the country from this, though
there may well be political gains for the administration from having
rescued their UAW supporters.”

Evey action by our Leftist political leaders has a reaction. The boot-heel on the neck of taxpayers making over $250,000 is a boot-heel on small business owners who report their company income (that keeps others employed) on their individual tax returns.

Kerry sits on his 7 million dollar yacht and thinks how he can get out of paying Massachusetts taxes he owes…and assists Obama in making a “rich” owner of a small Dry Cleaner or Hardware store shell out more.

More taxes. More pain. More jobs will be lost.

One assumes our politicians understand the most rudimentary part of our tax code.

So this is deceit.

So this is dishonor.

Obama is holding in his hand ominous reports on our budgetary crisis from the CBO..but faced with a decision between his responsibility to the citizens we have, over-taxed and under-served in many cases by financially strapped social programs and…..gimmee, gimmee. gimmme…. his personal re-election needs…Obama chooses himself. Therefore we see notes on how he might impose Amnesty for Illegals, by-passing Congress and the American people with some regal writ. Simultaneously Obama will add ALL these new citizens to the cost of every American social program, add mightily to the burdens of every American taxpayer, but selfishly, add all these Latino voters to his Democrat majorities.

Where is the honor in that?

Such are the scruples of the Leftists in power today.

But here, in my little household, we live in a different moral world.

My husband will not advantage himself at the expense of others. He will not quibble to avoid hard consequences. And yes, there are times that this has meant hard consequences for us.

He tells me the truth. He stands first on his integrity. He chooses the harder “right” for us…over the easier wrong that might be more personally beneficial.

I wonder sometimes.about those powerful Feminist voters on the Left. You know, the warriors that are pushing up against that glass ceiling…”We Are Strong. We are Invincible. We Are WOMAN.”

The women who want equality, respect and shared power.

I have always assumed most of them would be incensed to have a husband who lied to them about their family budget, lied to them about family debt, lied to them about how their family money was being spent. I’ve assumed feminists wanted relationships that respected their intelligence and respected their right to share power.

But, as voters, with our tax money, these Feminists and… ALL of us…are being lied to every single day by our ruling Leftist political class. The American voter has become the embodiment of the Fifties “Little Woman”…told not to worry our little heads about The-Big-Things-That-Hubby-Knows-Best.

Patted on the head and told to look pretty and…stifle ourselves.

This is the arrogance of Congress and the Obama administration. What most would never tolerate in a spouse…for partisan reasons…voters ignore in the House of Representatives, Senate, and the Oval Office.

Why do we tolerate it?

Because each Democratic constituency thinks Obama will bring home the mink coat and chocolates for THEM…protect THEM from the cold recessionary bad world outside…and like that archetypal spoiled Fifties housewife in her flounced taffeta skirt..no one cares much for how he got OUR goodies…or who got hurt in the process.

Or about that endangered silly old concept of…. honor.


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  1. Another powerful post. Honor, I think, is a word that is quickly being relegated to the dustbins of history. The belief that “one is owed something” has become firmly entrenched as has the notion that what is owed should be provided out of the funds earned by those who work hard and whose earnings are taxed (higher and higher) by the government – what we have had for some time is income redistribution.

    I think there are very few who would quibble with the notion that those who find themselves (through no fault of their own) in need should be assisted by either government (or more favorably through charitable organizations) for such a time until they can get back on their feet and be self-supporting. However, help should not be open-ended. The taxpayer should not be regarded as a printing press that can crank out more and more.

    I find the hypocrisy of such people as Kerry, Rangel, Frank, Dodds, Waters, etc. (yes, I know all are Democrats but they have their Republicans counterparts) appalling. “Do as I say, not as I do” seems to be the code by which they live. What is even more galling is that so many Americans re-elect these people without integrity and honor because “the devil you know is better than the devil you do not know.”

    As a young girl, my parents told me that one has a choice – one can be a lemming and follow everyone else as they jump off the cliff, or one can stand up and do what one knows is the honorable course of action to pursue. In the end, one must live with one’s conscience – to be a person of honor and integrity makes sleeping at night much easier.

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