No Union Left Behind

Daily Caller has an interesting piece here about the Dems essentially cutting Food stamps to support their Big Bud…the Teachers Union.

Progressive Selective Empathy rides again.

Another great point to back up Chris Christie’s arguments about “Me First” attitudes of the Big Dem Unions.

This editorial supports the same view:redistribution of money to Dem constituencies, not where it’s needed or might help the economy.


3 Responses

  1. Just lovely, the reverse of Robbin Hood.

  2. Yes, Parent. Well said!

    This is why I return to the topic of “selective empathy” over and over. Progressives style themselves as the defenders of the Little Guy..and so it may seem until you look closely.

    Why, during a recession, should there be a quota provision in the Bank Reform Bill that demands jobs for certain American citizens, at the expense of others? Why should your tax money or mine pay for that?

    Why should teachers in New Jersey not even agree to a wage freeze…when the taxpayers who pay those wages have had to endure the ravages of this recession themselves? Why are the Democrats taking from the poorest among us…to protect these teachers and others and those ever-rising salaries of theirs? And the cradle-to-grave full medical care they and their families are provided by the taxpayer as well?

    We hear only the spin. And it’s intense. But the facts don’t match the rhetoric….unless you are among their “special entitled” groups.

    But a lot of “little guys” who regularly vote Democrat are getting firmly kicked to the curb by our Progressive President and his majority in Congress. The real trick is for the Dems to keep these others blissfully uninformed.

  3. We are also presented with the Nadler idea (supported by a number of his fellow New Yorkers) that New York citizens be exempted from certain taxes that the rest of the citizens of the US pay because it costs more to live in New York (in large part because state and local taxes are very high to provide all the services that New Yorkers have demanded). Because they are “victims” they should get an exemption that the rest of us should then fund – in other words, a “special entitled group”. Where will all of this end? I fear with the destruction of the US as we become a place where class, gender, age, and race wars will be waged.

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