Buh-bye Gray Lady

Breaking up is surprisingly amusing to do.


” Every so often I check to remind myself that Maureen Dowd isn’t amusing, though she is an improvement, I suppose, over the termagantial Anna Quindlen, whom I used to read with the trepidation of a drunken husband mounting the stairs knowing his wife awaits with a rolling pin. I’d sooner read the fine print in my insurance policies than the paper’s perfectly predictable editorials. Laughter, an elegant phrase, a surprising sentiment—the New York Times op-ed and editorial pages are the last place to look for any of these things.”


2 Responses

  1. I’m surprised that Joe Epstein, with whom I’ve enjoyed a multi-year exchange of e-mails, would open himself up to this obvious taunt: “You mean that you’ve only NOW decided to stop subsidizing that execrable rag?”

  2. ok. I will admit that I still get the Sunday Times delivered to my home – though I went through a period this past winter when it seemed I spent every Sunday on the phone with someone in the subscription department because I only received a part of the newspaper – but that is another story.

    Old habits die hard in the cks household. Sundays in our home are spent leisurely perusing The TImes and our local newspaper (though that has increasingly required less and less effort) discussing the various things that we read. Weekdays find us reading downloaded articles from The Times, the WSJ, as well as the local rag though Mr. cks feels that the local rag is a waste of our money – I tend to agree but feel that one should read the local rag and much that does appear within its pages cannot be found elsewhere.

    My question for Joseph Epstein is this – what is he reading? I doubt that The American Scholar is coming to his door (I was very upset when he was booted from its masthead) and I think that he had written that he had turned his back on The Tribune. I enjoyed reading his take on things.

    I would agree with his assessment of both Anna Quindlen and Maureen Dowd (Dowd had a bizarre article in the last issue of Vanity Fair). Another person who is just as deflating is Judith Warner – perhaps it is her migraine affliction that affects her view of things – I do not know.

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