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Big Sister writes to the Local Newspaper…

Wrong number

In the Aug. 8 Sunday Monitor, Shira Schoenberg’s Capital Beat column informed us about federal largess. U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen announced several federal grants to New Hampshire that were approved by the appropriations committee but still must pass the full Senate.
The White House announced that New Hampshire will receive $2.3 million to expand broadband internet service in rural areas, with $2 million going to Merrimack County Telephone Co. and the rest to the Kearsarge Telephone Co. Has anyone informed Shaheen and the White House that both companies were taken over by TDS Telecom? Does anyone ever check on companies receiving millions to make sure they still exist?
Maybe our elected officials should come back more often to find out what is in operation in our state under a new name.
D**** R*****

(The writer is a former Merrimack County Telephone Co. employee.)

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  1. Just another example of the power of Milton Friedman’s “all you need to know about economics” matrix, which displays the four possible ways to spend money. Government clearly stakes its claim to the most inefficient of those quadrants: You spend somebody else’s money on somebody else.

    Friedman’s characterization of government spending would draw blood even if “somebody else” had never been debased to include persons who have assumed room temperature and corporations that no longer answer their phones.

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