Off to The Apple

I’m off to NYC tomorrow at some ungodly hour (car service coming at 4AM.)

It’s time to buy the stuff for the Fall Season…so my partner “Susan Lipstick” (as she has instructed me to call her if she is ever mentioned here on The Mead) and myself… will hit the pavement and the Showrooms in search of the “pretties.” Tomorrow, we will be thinking about women’s accessories; today, I can assure you, both of us will only be thinking about SHOES i.e. our own.

New York is a cold, merciless place for a woman with uncomfortable shoes. Fashion must end at the ankles, especially at our age.

These buying trips have a lot in common with any other type of Trekking Adventure only we are dealing with cement not scenic trails and identity thieves not exotic birds in trees. Susan and I have years worth of “New York Stories”…including a wild ride with a Russian car service driver who tried to force us out in a very unappealing neighborhood. (This could well be a blog-post someday…very dramatic..and let me add, HE started it.)

Anyhoo, I should be back by the end of next week…and, no doubt , I’ll be ready to roll on a variety of topics. I had wanted to pass out little papers to vendors we bypass…saying… “Because of new Obama administration policies that require we do additional paperwork for every vendor with whom we spend over $600, we must reduce the amount of vendors to whom we give our business. You did not make the cut. You may make your feelings known on this topic in the Midterm elections.”

Susan Lipstick, though of the same political persuasion as moi, vetoed it.

Probably thinking about that unfortunate Russian car service incident.


Oh well.

See you all in a few days.


3 Responses

  1. “New York is a cold, merciless place for a woman with uncomfortable shoes. Fashion must end at the ankles, especially at our age.”

    Do tread softly on those mean streets. And salve the pain you cannot avoid with the thought of the thousands of youngsters all you ladies have helped put through college.

    This message paid for by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

  2. Ah yes… A topic close to my heart. As the Imelda Marcos of the midwest, the sobriquet employed by Mr. cks this summer whenever we discuss the closet situation in our new abode (move-in day in just two weeks!!!), I can well appreciate the plight that pounding the NYC pavement engenders. I have yet to succumb to your dictum about fashion ending at the ankles though a three inch stiletto would not be my shoe of choice there or almost anywhere.

    Looking forward to tales from the city. NYC always seems a bit too forbidding – London, Chicago I can navigate – NYC has always baffled me though my better half takes to his old stomping grounds with a gusto that is somewhat frightening. I guess that watching The Out of Towners (Sandy Dennis and Jack Dennis) at an impressionable age is what did it for me.
    Happy hunting – btw I thought passing out the slips to vendors hilarious.

  3. Just realized that it is not Jack Dennis but Jack Lemmon. Too much on my mind that I cannot think straight!

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