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“This gap between ideals and practice is becoming a defining narrative of the administration. Obama once promised, for example, to end the “divisive food fight in Washington.” Apparently there is an exception for sugary, frozen beverages. In his new stump speech, he says: “We’re slipping and sliding and sweating, and the other side, the Republicans, they’re standing there with their Slurpees watching us.” In Seattle, the president of the United States pantomimed drinking a Slurpee to mock his opponents. A campaigner such as Ronald Reagan could draw political blood with a wink and a smile. Obama’s partisan rhetoric manages to be prickly, mean-spirited and unfunny. On the campaign trail, he taunts and whines. He does not charm.”

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One Response

  1. Obama is no different, despite his media whores’ claims to the contrary, than any of the other politicians that we have seen lo these many years resort to meanness, lies, and innuendo.

    The media laments that so few citizens are informed, let alone vote. The real reason is that so many feel that it matters little these days who the candidate is, he (or she) will, in due course resort to the same stock figure as whomever he or she replaced.

    A pox on all their homes.

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