The Guy who is NOT in Martha’s Vineyard…is welcoming home our heroes…


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  1. I found myself crying as I watched this video (thank you for posting it). George and Laura Bush are two classy people. You can tell by the reactions of the people with whom they talked that their (the Bushes) welcome home and thanks was sincere and heartfelt.

    They were two people whose parents inculcated not ony good manners but also a good sense of self. They never put on airs. What you saw (and continue to see) were two people who were comfortable with who they are and what they could do.

    • Although my sentiments about the Bushes are probably not far from yours, I’d feel better about this clip had it been taken by an amateur rather than produced (and distributed?) by professionals.

      How much more powerful had we been given more footage of other welcomers and only intermittent glimpses of the Bushes?

  2. I cried too, cks.

    George Bush watched 3000 Americans slaughtered on his watch. He went with the information he was given in that context and at that time. I believed his priority became preventing a second attack. In that, he was successful.

    Partisans refused to even credit the horrendous circumstances that colored his decisions that followed. They were not even honest or humane enough to do that. They wanted to encourage HATE.

    Now they wish Obama to be wrapped in cotton, canonized, and endowed with every “widdle excuse.”

    It really turns my stomach. Truly.

  3. Joan,

    I don’t begrudge G. W. either. But I can imagine a better way.

    Ten years ago this week I helped move my son into his freshman dorm. The tradition, then, was for crews of upperclassmen, decked out in school colors, to help the newbies and their parents. Among the techniques the helpers used was that old reliable, the bucket brigade—along which human line hundreds of boxes and bags were moved quickly into the dorm. When our turn came, I took my place in the line, only a few feet away from the president of the university, herself dressed in jeans and the college’s emblematic tee shirt. She was accompanied by no entourage. No cameras flashed. No camcorders whirred. She seemed far more interested in keeping up with the students on each side of her than in acknowledging knowing glances. The point, after all, was to get her new freshmen into the dorm as expeditiously as practicable. I’m confident that many of the parents there assumed she was just another parent happy to help out. And I’m equally confident she was quite okay with that.

    Although I later came to question her judgment in handling other matters at the university, I cannot deny the favorable impression her understated presence made on me that day—an impression almost as strong as that made by benefactors who insist on anonymity.

    True, George and Laura Bush cannot remain unnoticed in any crowd. Perhaps all the more reason for downplaying, even if only modestly, their unmistakable presence . . . Cameo appearances and supporting actors can still steal the show—but typically without overawing the main message. The main message here, as you note, should be welcoming our soldiers, not vindicating the Bushes.

    Our differences, if any, turn on technique and presentation. I still believe that George and Laura deserve their own “Do you miss us yet?” billboards.

  4. “I still believe that George and Laura deserve their own “Do you miss us yet?” billboards.”

    Benny – Absolutely!

    The first time I saw one of the billboards was on my trip to Tuscaloosa for my son’s graduation from Bama (Roll TIde!). Since then, I have seen them in other locales as well. Around here, it appears more and more frequently as a bumper sticker.

    While I have no great truck for either Wilson or FDR, they along with Bush are the only ones who had to confront the massive (ok, for Wilson it was the fact that a ship of innocent women and children were attacked) loss of lives by an enemy force bent on wreaking havoc. Those who are so quick to lambaste and satanize Bush should be ever so grateful that he occupied the presidency rather than an Al Gore who would have bloviated and done nothing and then have had the audacity to blame Republicans for what happened.

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  5. Yes, I see your point, Benny.

    Truth be told, I get “touchy” about GW.

    “The One We Have Been Waiting For” was basking his skinny derriere on a private beach today….so aloof, so superior….so far away from the returning Rabble at any airport.

    I liked the video. I liked the way Bush related to those young soldiers. I like theway he wants to look them in the eye, shake their hand, make contact. I’m glad I got to see it.

    I hope Obama has sand in his shorts tonight.

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