Bring on the Melting Glaciers…I’m begging you

“The Lone Ranger of Love”…who partnered To Save the World with our own “Crazed Sex Poodle” Al Gore … has written a revealing little novel. The insights herewith leave one concluding that any society that empowers and elevates such idiots deserves to be swept away by melting glaciers and put out of its idiocy for good.

A must-read review is here.

“Although it remains unclear whether Pachauri is the Sinclair Lewis or the Babbit of this story, the satirist or the unintentional and unknowing butt, Return to Almora is a vicious and deflating portrait of international civil society and the Great and the Good. Vapid and unthinkingly fashionable intellectuals and activists drift in and out of international conferences and fancy hotels, propelled on gassy clouds of consensus, chattering like the characters in Cole Porter’s “Well, Did You Evah.” Professors, business people and officials swirl pointlessly around one another, feeling good about themselves while getting little or nothing done. There is a great deal of compassion for the poor, but nobody breaks a nail.”


One Response

  1. Rats. It seems Walter Russell Mead couldn’t resist including this passage in his review:

    “A family friendly website like this one is not the proper place to describe Pachauri’s portrait of Sanjay’s sex life. It is not a pretty picture; parts of the book read like the Memoirs of a Disgusting Old Goat — by the kind of Old Goat that doesn’t understand the concept of too much information.”

    Relax, all. I’m not going to pump sales, as I can get Pachauri’s loinfest at the neighborhood library.

    By the way, many of the readers’ comments following Mead’s review are quite cogent. Especially amusing is this response to Mead’s “the Peace Prize he shares with Al Gore is probably all the Swedish love that Pachauri can expect”: “The Peace Prize is handled by the norwegians, we swedes are not to blame!”

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