Those whom Notoriety has Joined Together…

Crystal Gayle Magnum, the troubled pole-dancer, stripper, and escort worker whose false accusations of rape put the Duke Lacrosse team and their families through a living Hell…is once more back in jail today.

And the Beat goes on…

Her life as she lives it… is an ongoing tribute to the mockery Rogue ex-D.A. Mike Nifong made of Durham’s justice system…and of himself. She is the poster girl for Nifong’s pitiful legal ineptitude and his pathological moral degeneracy. He is her Tin-Man, careening forever down the Yellow Brick Road of her life with her… to whatever criminal or crazed OZ she currently is seeking.

Let us rejoice in the mortification of their pairing. I might some day see fit to pity Mangum , but never Nifong. His smirking cruelty, his stubborn falsehoods, his persistent persecution, in my value system, do not permit me to ever cut him any slack. And any absolution for the serial False Accuser Mangum…must wait until after the long-delayed civil trials. I sense the stench of the Eric Holder School of Disparate Racial Justice, as witnesses die, and long days and months go by and the Lacrosse case lies unattended.

Justice denied.

But there are these small joys. Somewhere, Nifong is reading these reports. His “victim” has renewed every memory of his incompetence and outrageous behavior.

Demeaned again, Mikey.

And you so deserve it.

Tee Hee.

Until there is justice and you serve REAL prison time, this will have to suffice.


3 Responses

  1. She is a walking Typhoid Mary, err Crystal

  2. I honestly thought it would be the autumn before Crystal would again require the services of a bondsman and an attorney. How little did I know!

    The question now is this – will she remain in jail or will there be another of her enablers who will view her as the proverbial victim and spend their monies to spring her only to have her return, like a bad penny, to her old ways?

  3. Someone needs to help those little children of hers instead of propping up her insanity to provide themselves cover.

    I wonder of the Hoax Enablers ever realized…that by linking their credibility to the the myth of Mangum’s brilliance, innocence, goodness and sanity…that they were signing on to The Lifetime Babysitting Job From Hell.

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