Manchester Union welcomes Jokin’ Joe to New Hampshire…

“Jokin’ Joe Biden came to Manchester yesterday to educate us all about the Obama administration’s weatherization program. Readers should marvel at the total coincidence that the 200,000th house weatherized with stimulus money happened to be in New Hampshire, home of loyal Obama trooper Paul Hodes, one of the few Democrats in America so far down in the polls that, figuring he has nothing to lose, he’s actually willing to be photographed with Joe Biden.

But we digress.

Biden said the weatherization spending was creating thousands of jobs. Because we know Joe Biden never says anything untrue, we greet this news with a hearty “huzzah!”

Pity the poor vice president, though. While he was in Manchester, those mean fact checkers at The Associated Press reminded readers that last March an AP review concluded that “the weatherization program had retrofitted a fraction of the homes and created far fewer construction jobs than expected in its first year.” And yesterday it reported a similar downer about the impact of the stimulus spending on renewable energy.

“While the Recovery Act has helped increase renewable energy, the fact that it is a one-time jolt makes it difficult to project that the growth will continue for the next couple of years,” the AP reported.

Those surly skeptics at the AP are just dead set against giving the American people hope. What rotten realists. At the end of the Summer of Recovery, they upset everyone by pointing out that stimulus spending is going to end up like the home-buying credit and “cash for clunkers” — with a big crash when it runs out of cash.

The AP should quiet down and let the good times roll. The administration tells us this is the Summer of Recovery. That makes sense. With summer, the fun is over when the warm weather ends. With the stimulus program, the few stimulus jobs are over when the spending ends. So let’s just sit back and enjoy it. Labor Day weekend is only a week away.

Until then, remember, everything is sunshine, jobs and girls in bikinis. Don’t worry about the nice weather or the money running out. Do what Obama does. Just close your eyes and hope.”


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