Don’t Look Left…

Well, Susan Lipstick and I in are high torque business-wise this week. The merchandise we ordered in NYC has begun to descend upon us. We are “toting that barge and lifting that bale” and if any of you possess a mental image of us as a um-m-m-m…youthful, toned twosome….say…Wonder Woman working alongside her friend, Xena, Warrior Princess, …that would be wrong. It’s pretty exhausting.

Before we started our business, the two of us did all this same physical stuff, plus buying, pricing, displaying and planning special events as the volunteer buyers at our Public Gardens Visitors Center Gift Shop. We had perpetual paper cuts from opening a gazillion boxes and wading through endless paper wrappings. For some of our years there, we even hauled all the trash and boxes to the dumpster ourselves and broke them down ourselves…bend, cut, crush, bend, hoist!…so as not to impose on the custodial staff. The only difference now is, as the word “volunteer” implies…we did all that for years for free…and now we actually make money.

We like the money. But, more than that, we like the work. That’s why we worked so hard…for free… for so many years. Idleness is not a’s a burden. With too much time on my hands I begin obsessing over the odd freckle…I get too much into reviewing old problems and morose poetry. And, believe me, ….of the latter, I have a seemingly endless supply. During one slack period, I did take up golf (at my husband’s urging I might add.) This did not go well and may someday be the subject of a future post. I have been told I had a “bad attitude” about golf. I won’t reveal the source but when I take in a club or two of his for repair (after its head has been ground off by sheer force) ..I can see the Golf Shop wondering if I might someday be the next Nicole Simpson.

Whatever. I prefer toting the barge and lifting the bale. At least, that effort produces a reliable result.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the mental and physical necessity to work. And I’ve been thinking about the desperation of the many people who remain out of work while our elitist Intellectual Class consume themselves with saving the earth and punishing business, prattling about sacrifice while indulging themselves like pigs. The good news is… although they are reeking havoc with so many lives , they are now reaping a full measure of outraged disgust. Perhaps we can rid ourselves of them in November. “The One We Have Been Waiting For”…has shown himself to be an arrogant Doofus who obviously never thought he’d need to produce anything but words. “We” should have hopped on an earlier bus….this Guy obviously doesn’t know the way home.

Never having met a payroll, Obama thought his lack of experience was compensated by his moral and intellectual superiority. He’s constantly preening in the rear-view mirror as we careen off the road. Turns out Candidate Hot Stuff is President Hot Air. Our Big Trip toward “Recovery Summer” is out of gas.

As I write this I’m watching the standoff inside the Discover Channel headquarters. Those on the scene are noting that this individual who is terrorizing the building is unemployed and has been for a while. He has filled his days stewing over a fictionalized autobiography of an incarcerated Gorilla and fixating on Al Gore’s eco-disaster-movie…which goes a long way to explaining how he’s got to the point he’s at. He seems to have issues with the proliferation of human children. In the past, he has actually thrown thousands of dollars into the air to get people to listen to him…leaving himself so in debt that he now resides in a homeless shelter.

He sounds like the perfect candidate for a Obama administration job, doesn’t he?

He coulda been a Czar.

I’m hoping they are right and they can get him out of there without harm to himself or others. But, one thing you can be sure of, you’ll never hear any of the MSM pundits blame over-heated rhetoric…on the Left… for setting off this situation. No one is going to call Al Gore’s rhetoric irresponsible. (They hardly blinked at the “Sex poodle” stuff.) We won’t see editorials condemning the hyping of unprovable, Global disasters.

No indeed-ee.

I predict by tonight there will be the first twinges of sympathy popping up on the Huffington Post. We need more people to care about gorillas, Gore and over-population, they’ll coo.

By tomorrow, they’ll find some way to blame this on Glenn Beck.


3 Responses

  1. Update: the man is dead. I doubt he’ll never be described as a “troubled individual exploited by fringe elements on the Left.”

    • So true, so true. Only the Right is responsible for the trouble in the world – or so goes the msm mantra.

      If one wants truly to work – then one can find work. It is a question of being willing to undertake things that one might otherwise not want tod do and then, doing them well. One could always clean houses, rake leaves, etc.

      A friend of mine, a devoted Libertarian, said to me today as we finished our last outdoor laps for the season, that there are so many jobs that people could do – it is just that there are so many who feel that they need to be paid an arm and a leg for inferior work. Go to a third world country – I rememebr visiting my brother in Panama. He employed someone to cut his grass, shine his shoes, press his uniform, fix his meals, clean his house, etc. I asked him how he could do that – that was not how we were raised – one did for one’s self. He said that it was expected that you would help provide employment. That to do those things for one’s self was being, in a way, selfish, as there were many people who needed the money from such a position.

      I am reminded of this these past several weeks as we have prepared and then made the move to our new abode. I could have put up my own curtain rods (probably gouging a few holes in the freshly painted plaster along the way), replaced all the mismatched door knobs with the cut glass ones that I ordered (figuring out the instructions would have taken me a day and then another day for just one to be installed until I got the hang of what was required), etc. – you can see that handiness is not my forte. Instead, I have had two very handy women who have been down on their luck but are hard workers, come to do these – and a number of other things – for me. They are grateful for the work – they tell me that constantly. I look upon them as my angels as they are handy and can do things easily and they are done well. They take pride in what they do. We have, over the course of the last several weeks talked a lot about what is wrong with the world – their take – many people do not have pride in themselves – they would rather take and then complain about what they have been given than do for themselves. Both of these women are proud of the fact that they are self-sufficient. They have instilled that work ethic in their offspring as well – they often brought them to help out. We need a lot more of them out there in this world – and politicians need to stop telling people that the government can solve all their problems. I do not look for that to happen anytime in my lifetime – but a girl can always wish!

      • Great post, cks.

        Those fine women you describe are on to something really key: pride in ourselves, in whatever we do with our talents and opportunities. Pride in our work. Pride in the dollar we earned ourselves.

        Our parents understood this.

        No Government can give you that.

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