Punish the Collaborators

Mr. F and I are quite pleased with the Tea Party upsets last night. In our humble opinion, the Republican Party has been represented far too long by weak-kneed Rhino’s who are nothing more than Dem-lite. If we are going to have Democratic governance, then let’s have it…as we do now. Let the American people smell it, roll in it and have that Left wing ideology screw up every element of our private life…and let us call it what it is: left-wing Democratic governance! Don’t confuse the issue with so-called “Republicans” who have no spine and no will to fight for principle. If Dems keep the House and Senate…fine. (and I mean it) The American people just need to suffer more. And Obama has shown himself to be the guy who will do just that on every level!

He is in the process of inciting such glorious disgust and revulsion across the board. He needs no Rhinos to give him cover.

It’s just not enough to have an “R” after your name anymore.

Obama is “educating” America on what happens when Faculty Lounge philosophy seizes every corridor of power.

Let him have eight years to show us what his Leftist Democratic intentions truly are….how incompetent and off-center he really is! Destroying small business; redistributing wealth; creating a protected class of private sector unions and bleeding the rest of us to keep THEIR salaries and benefits increasing. Coddling Black Panther thugs and tolerating Black Caucus members as the latter dodge taxes and use our money to send their relatives to college. Killing jobs in coal states and oil states and driving up energy costs to every American consumer. Rapping about Green Jobs that don’t exist as they kill the real jobs that do. Allowing our border states to be inundated with illegals who strain our social services and state budgets and declare war on an American state trying to protect its LEGAL residents. Breaking legal contracts for political pay back to the UAW. Imposing a Health-care Bill on an electorate that opposed it and despises it. Demeaning America to our enemies around the world. Lecturing us on Islamophobia over some Koran-burning fool with a congregation of fifty, while making that the moral equivalent of a the continuing slaughter of Christians by Islamist radicals world-wide. (Notice how Obama does not stick in nose and the air and pontificate to the Imams that THEY have a responsibility to call out their radicals!)

No, we do not need moderates to collude with any of the above. That time has passed.

“Give me some men who are stout-hearted men and will fight for the rights we adore. Start me with TEN who are stout-hearted men, and I’ll soon give you ten thousand more.”

“For every Stoic WAS a Stoic, but in Christendom where are the Christians?”

If you managed to catch the spectacle of George Voinovich weeping over John Bolton’s appointment to the U.N….I ask you, what are we clinging to?


2 Responses

  1. Steve Sailer, movie critic for “The American Conservative,” recently summarized Robert Weissberg’s trenchant new book, “Bad Students, Not Bad Schools”: “Weissberg’s conclusion: the quality of students—intelligence and motivation—is by far the most important factor in whether a school is ‘bad’ or ‘good’.” Sailer again:

    “That bad students can make a school bad is a lesson that tens of millions of Americans besides Weissberg have learned the hard way. Yet, when it comes to thinking about education, we’re not supposed to draw any insights from our own lives. In contrast, you can win fame and, if not fortune, at least a pleasant career by loudly proclaiming that bad schools make good students bad.” (See Sailer at http://www.vdare.com/sailer/100829_weissberg.htm)

    Permit me to extend Weissberg’s argument: “That ignorant or supine voters make a polity bad is a lesson that tens of millions of Americans will surely learn the hard way.” Yes, the political class in Washington has saddled us. But we have supplied both boots and spurs. And even if those millions of voters eventually balk at being ridden, no one should presume that merely throwing off the oppressors will stop the slide into declining standards of living for our children and grandchildren, if not for ourselves.

    Not too many months ago, Joan, you seemed almost demoralized by our prospects WITHOUT entertaining giving Obama and his crowd six more years, years that would almost surely justify your saying “the American people just need to suffer more.” But if digging out of the hole struck you and that Duke parent fellow as about as likely as running the full length of an Escher stairwell (See the discussion at http://s1.zetaboards.com/Liestoppers_meeting/topic/2853952/1/, especially posts #53 and #66.), why now suggest that our prospects for extricating ourselves would IMPROVE after absorbing yet another six years of government unbound and who knows how many more trillions of dollars borrowed from generations unborn?

    At any rate, you are far too grand a lady to take a whip to our fellow citizens. Let lesser folks take perverse pleasure in Mencken’s definition of democracy: “The theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

  2. Oh, you’re probably right. 🙂

    I’m just steamed at the Karl-Rove types who assume we should be embarrassed to have a real person, warts and all, representing the R party. AS if she’s not good enough for the establishment.

    HAH! (snort implied)

    I don’t care about her money problems; I don’t care about Jan Brewer’s poor debating skills; I don’t care that Palin’s not getting into Mensa any time soon.

    Have we learned nothing from electing The One We Have Been Waiting For…with the patrician accent and Harvard degree? Maybe I’m the odd one, but one would think that after living for awhile on the roller coaster with a Anna Nicole Smith, normal types would begin to pine for Andy Griffith’s Aunt Bee.

    Just go there, reduce government and reduce spending.

    I don’t need any of them to be a Wunderkind.

    I really am seriously furious with Karl Rove.

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