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The Scent Of November…

January isn’t the start of the new year for me…September is. I love these days as the light comes more softly through my windows…and I drag out what Mr. F calls all my “pumpkin junk.” The clubs and organizations I belong to…begin their meetings again. Everything seems like a fresh start, new beginnings.

Monday, my friend C. came for lunch. She helps Susan Lipstick and me with our business. She is also the perpetual fund-raising chair for a local charity that raises money for children in need who have cancer. This group was founded years ago by another friend’s oncologist husband. He and his professional cohorts were already providing free care but were perceptive enough to see the need was greater. Some families could not afford babysitting for other little ones so they could comfort and be with their sick child during chemotherapy. Some teens with cancer who had lost their hair were shamed to go to school without wigs. There are lots of little expenses like this that are a tremendous burden on families already under great duress. C. is part of a tireless group that addresses those needs year after year. This year they will expand their outreach to a few neighboring counties.

C. is a single woman, who supports herself as a manicurist/pedicurist….and is a powerhouse in her energy and devotion…and in taking a lead in getting problems solved in our community. She represents the kind of “community organizer” who builds bridges, not fences of resentment, envy, and class/race/gender/ warfare. And she is not looking to use anger as a fuel for self-promotion…or personal power.

She is simply trying to help.

I am privileged to know many people around this town like C. Tonight Mr.F and I will have dinner with two more….the Generals in the Army of the Unpaid. There is a fierce dedication among these folks that is accelerated by their unselfishness, their willingness to work long unpaid hours, do the ugly unpaid grunt work, and ask for little stroking or self-celebration. They are a far cry from the ugly face of our current money-sucking Political Class. They are not chumming for votes, or pimping for campaign contributions. Most of them have full time jobs and the spend their free time addressing community needs.

A few months ago I described myself as “leaning Tea Party.” I have pretty much fallen over the fence now and into the Flock. The MSM seems to want to pull me back with trivia….OMG Jan Brewer is a poor debater….OMG O’Donnell has money issues….OMG Palin is an outcast among the Eastern elites! Time and again, I watch our Harvard educated President affect his nose-raising posture of superiority as he addresses America. He actually looks like he smells something offensive when he addresses the common folk. It is the demeanor of one who believes he is special, anointed…The One We Have Been Waiting For. But the undeniable truth is …Obama has “fixed” nothing…improved nothing.

In the small city where I live, it is fair to say, our closest friends are among the people who own or run the businesses that create the jobs. They are also the same people who support the Arts and the charities here…both with financial and moral support. Over and over, they dig in their pockets to meet a long list of needs on the local level. It is their generosity of time, talent, and tithe that keeps our local Symphony alive, the Art Museum open, the public Gardens flourishing. Why does that matter? Well, let’s look at the inner city schools here. An unbending Teachers Union has driven the inner city schools to near bankruptcy…with many programs cut. Private money from local businesses and individuals has kept art and music programs going into these schools…so these children have the ability to experience what those in the affluent suburban public schools take for granted. We are working for free to give back some semblance what others greed has taken away.

This time of year, the Public Gardens, a gorgeous park located in one of the grimiest neighborhoods of the city, will host a free Pumpkin Walk, with free treats and Jack-o-Lanterns along the many pathways…for kids whose neighborhoods are loaded with drug lords and pimps. I like to call our Gardens “a borrowed backyard for a Urban neighborhood.” People around here know what that means. We are trying to give the children of the least among us some semblance of a normal childhood. For a few years, we had a beautiful experiment in a private school in probably the most dangerous part of town. Once again, local business people and private individuals paid the FULL tuition for the neighborhood children. Soon, folks from the neighborhood were wandering in, asking to be put to work…seeing the transformation of these little ones if given the slightest chance. In time, we failed. Unions and Government despise these types of initiatives , because they want the money and the power to flow ONLY through THEM.

Money and Power.

Look at the members of the CBC, scabbing off scholarships to give to their own families…that were meant to be awarded to those in need. This is not a problem of just the CBC…this is the ugliness of entrenchment. More than any others, the CBC feels “safe” in their districts, just as certain inept Union teachers, public service workers and laborers feel so safe in their jobs. This “safeness” breeds ethical sloppiness, greediness, and contempt for the very job they were hired to do. We have created a Nation of Untouchable Moral Degenerates..inside government and out.

This is the constituency Obama represents.

It’s time to send REAL PEOPLE to Washington. Anybody but the professional politicians, in it to perpetuate THEMSELVES. We need to send people to STOP the spending, STOP the growth of government. THAT is all that matters. People are finally over the Guy who looks great in the Soundbite…the Guy that gives the Media tingles but has no resume of real results…the Smooth Operator, the Sweet-Talker, the One We Have Been Waiting for.

While some are “waiting” for this Tin-God Messiah…people like C. are doing the real grunt work. People like our friends are creating the jobs…or would be…if Obama and the Dems hadn’t savaged their bottom line and thrust them under the boot heel of endless new regulations. The Other America…is awash in pink slips because we have the Faculty Dreamer who never met a Payroll experimenting their jobs into oblivion. Down in oil country, in the coal mines.,..they are waiting for Owe-bama’s Green Jobs. These are REAL families. And they wait as the Obamas swan through their lavish vacation schedule. And they STILL wait.

Michele has a beach closed for her in Spain. Obama closes down the rigs.

But any day now..a swarm of green jobs are coming. Or something. Hey, “we’re buying lobster.” Don’t bother me.

Yeah, right.

Here in Middle America, we see plants and stores closing because their entire payroll is now assaulted by Obama as the Big Wallet of Richie Rich..not the account that funds somebody’s middle class job.

Our failing President… with his nose perpetually in the air as he hectors and lectures us…. is actually smelling the stench of his own failure…the odor of having OVERSOLD his non-existent excellence…the stink of millions of Americans realizing they voted for an Incompetent, a Job-Killer.

Back home here, we will keep on doing what we can…everywhere we can…led by the Unselfish like C. and the community minded business partners…who still keep trying, although on a smaller level. We see that Obama’s race/class/ gender War has scarred a few among the affluent, but the suffering in the trenches is really among those who have a lot less…whose job prospects now are now bleak to none…whose children are now back in our Union-hostage public schools…whose property taxes (if they still have a home) continue to rise to pay for Obama’s Union patronage.

There is discouragement. There is despair. But the good news around here, is there is palpable DISGUST. At the hair salon, in the grocery line, talking to the guy at the deli…they are not angry, but FURIOUS. They see that Obama has elevated the Private Sector Unions and the UAW, etc to a protected class OVER THEM. The white collar workers at Delphi see THEIR pensions dissolved while the UAW gets fat. The clerk in the hardware store NOW understands that teachers demand pay hikes that balloon his property taxes while HIS hours are cut. Business owners get it now that the Messiah is a freaking Job-killer.

There is such beautiful anger…growing everywhere. Deliver us from the latte-drinking pseudo-intellectuals that have lived easy “tenured lives” and speak down to us.

This November…we vote for REAL. This November we send in the Roto-rooters, and flush them out. This November, God willing, we storm their bloated, bombastic, self-basting Bastille.

September is certainly a beautiful month…but, I’m thinking…November could be glorious.

Yes, the scent is in the air.

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  1. “There is such beautiful anger…growing everywhere.”

    I’m not sure about “growing everywhere,” Joan, but I cannot deny that no one among my friends can put a charge into my old and skeptical bones quite as deftly as you manage to do. That you maintain such an incandescence while bolstering so many persons in your community could well give a new twist to that wonderful movie line, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

    Allow me to paraphrase a wag whose name escapes me: If ever I sin against you, permit me to choose my own punishment. To avoid anything like the withering fire you’ve brought to bear here, I’d watch seriatim all the movies produced by Michael Moore.

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