Breaking: The Recession Has Ended.

Yesterday I took Sherman (the faux Shih-tsu) to the Vet. When we travel, the dogs stay at a very restrictive kennel…one that requires so many inoculations one would think it was located out in the Bush somewhere. Mr. F grumbles that our hotel rates are often less than what he (in his words) is “shelling out” for the dogs. Mr. F. says he travels internationally all the time, and these dogs have a more impressive “shot record” than he does. Mr. F. opines if Obamacare covered veterinary visits, he’d switch parties.

Whatever. I don’t care. They have activities over there and I can sign them up for individual play-time. Mr. F. says he wants to see video of the playtime. Let me just add here… I do not always fully appreciate Mr. F.’s wit or cynicism.


There was an issue yesterday about toe-nail trimming. Since just last month, “we” (specifically Mr F.) had spent about $600 on a “well-doggie” visit…and now another almost $200 more was projected, and since Mr. F. has increased his muttering on this topic…I declined the toe trimming. ( I am a very obedient and cooperative wife) But at the desk, I was told the toe-trimming had mistakenly been done. Oh dear. Papers were shuffled, the Vet came out to say the toe-trimming was free, and I added as a conciliatory comment, ” I’m just trying to be careful. We all have to watch these things these days.” To which, one of the employees added, “Oh, Mrs F. didn’t you hear? The Recession is over. It was announced this morning on all the news channels.”

Silence followed..


The whole waiting room broke into loud spontaneous guffaws. Good hearty long laughter. Then some older guy with a cat muttered some profanity linked with Obama’s name and the moment ended. I paid my bill and left.

A little vignette from a blue union city in the heartland.

Honestly, this administration, this government is so ham-handed. I mean, even if you are hard-core DEM, come on….who can stomach such an announcement “The Recession is over.” when no one can sell a house and about 10% of us are out of work. Can’t this administration just tell their brainy panel to stifle themselves…slip the note under Obama’s door? Do they know how this sounds to the rest of us great Unwashed out here? Do they understand this is now a nation of sound-bites and headline readers? Such is the sword by which Obama won the election , and it is now the sword cutting him off at the knees….slashing what’s left of his credibility. People assume that The One We Have Been Waiting For…is telling the people without government or public union jobs that happy days are here again for us.

There was, methinks, an undertone of anger and disgust at the Vets yesterday. The clerical workers behind the desk were not snorting because they think Hope and Change is working for them.

Oh wait…maybe Obama is still on one of his Recovery Summer vacations…and didn’t get the memo about the Great Economic Reveal.

The Recession Has Ended.

Did they expect to have cheering mobs gather in Time Square…women being commandeered by sailors for victory kisses? There must be a category BELOW “out of touch with the people”…Obama and his minions have seemingly boarded up the windows in the Ivory Tower, and are now just bellowing through their MSM megaphones the official Pap the Messiah demands we believe.

The Recession has ended.

Praise Obama and pass a few more Pink slips.

The Priests and Pundits from the Faculty Lounge have spoken.

And these are the Intellectual Elites mocking the inferior, common rabble over whom they currently hold sway?

The Recession Has Ended.

Ended months ago.

Remind me to tell Mr. F. to stop grumbling about the Vet bills.


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  1. Even Obama-friendly Warren Buffett doesn’t buy “the recession has ended.”


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