Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

If you’re looking for a safe bet these days…here’s one.

I bet none of your Progressive friends or mine are reading the excerpts from Journo-list being exposed on the Daily Caller.

I know why too. Because they like the RESULTS of having a vitriolic, devious partisan Elite Media…but none of them want to be burdened by the details. Kind of like the old gangster movies…”Just get it done, but don’t tell me how.”

Today’s Progressives want no debate and brook no contrary discourse. They want an imposition of thought, a forced acceptance of their viewpoint. Today’s Left is extremely intolerant…and yet…tolerant at the same time.

How? Well, because they are deadly “intolerant” of any mind not in lockstep with their metanarrative…they must then be “tolerant” of tactics that might otherwise seem unseemly. For example, on Journo-list…Dean Baker argues for the merits of ignoring Obama’s dishonesty in this post:

“Dean Baker, at the time a blogger at the American Prospect, agreed the policy was dishonest, but defended it anyway. “Sure, some of the things they are saying are not true (the jobs story first and foremost),” he wrote, “but the industry groups have this town blanketed with lobbyists and own a large portion of Congress outright. … There has to be some counter-force to the industry groups and that is the populist rabble. It might not be pretty, but that’s Washington.”

In other words. let’s lie when we have to, and support lies when we must…and blame the Other because…”the devil made me do it.”

Therefore…Obama has been allowed to lie about the cost and consequences of many of his programs. For example, he has lied about the Health Care Bill. But the progressive Media Elite allow this because because Progressives can not tolerate the very people that Bill is to be IMPOSED upon…that would be the “populist rabble”…having any truth, knowledge or input into their own fate.


End of story.

Likewise, Progressive Climate scientists must “hide the decline” because climate science has now taken on religiosity that must be believed, accepted on Progressive Faith, and…certainly not scientifically proven.

Progressives understand these positions are lies…but in the arrogance of the Left, anything can be excused to achieve THEIR objective. Americans must come to understand this about Obama and his Progressive backers. They are not engaged with us…they intend to deceive and IMPOSE their WILL upon us…because of the confidence they have that they are superior to us.

There have been other regimes like this many times in History.

Our Progressive media is welling to lie to keep a Progressive President in office…to impose his agenda on the public that they will deliberately keep unaware. The MSM no longer exists to inform the public and encourage our participation…they exist to confound and convert the public to the view of the Leftist state. They are not “watchdogs” in our interest…they are “attack dogs” for this administration.

If lies don’t work…some suggest fear to silence debate.


Please understand…making other Americans FEARFUL to disagree.

In this article today…we find this example:

“While Journolist members were discussing strategies for suppressing news about Obama’s America-bashing pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., during the presidential campaign, Spencer Ackerman, then of the Washington Independent and now of Wired magazine, suggested this:

“It’s not necessary to jump to Wright-qua-Wright’s defense. What is necessary is to raise the cost on the right of going after the left. In other words, find a rightwinger’s [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously I mean this rhetorically.”

Oh, “rhetorical fear?”


But fear none the less. The objective remains to make anyone with a dissenting thought hesitant to speak against Obama and the State.

Or vote…

Yes, and of course, Black Panthers at a polling place fit this scenario. The spin is that their presence never kept one single soul from voting. But, how do they know? Does that even make sense? Eric Holder and the Progressive Media Elites would have us believe that we all enjoy pushing past Thugs with clubs yelling racist epithets to assert our citizen’s rights. Especially if we must live in the neighborhood and attend street fairs where the same Black Panthers are screaming about the necessity to kill white children.

Obama sees no obstacle any single person in this. Imagine that!

Perhaps the polling places will be proliferated with “benign” paramilitary thugs in November. (Hey, no biggie! As long as they aren’t White keeping Black Dems away.)

Progressives would never stand for that. They have their principles.

Progressives are also comfortable with the Random Smear too. This is the flip-side of the Necessary Lie. It’s the Ultimate PC Silencer. If you try to oppose their programs or ideas…prepare for decimating personal attack. Truth being no detriment.

On Journo-list…other discussions concerned choosing someone, anyone on the Right and smearing them across the MSM as “racist”…once again blase about the damage such a lie might do to a real person or his real Family.

Day after day, we see Obama and his Progressive administration deceiving us about racial quotas put surreptitiously into Financial Reform Bills…deceiving us about costs, deceiving us about new taxes and burdensome job-killing paper-work to come.

But what alarms me the most is the Boot-on-the-Neck of Debate.

How far will they take it?

Progressives have embraced dishonesty, fear, and random smear to advance their objectives. Progressives have convinced themselves that anyone who disagrees has no right to be heard. no right to be treated fairly, no freedom from fear or freedom from the tactics of personal destruction.

All for our own good , of course.

Our Progressive friends shrug and look away. They WANT WHAT THEY WANT…and apparently, along with Obama…will support stripping others of THEIR rights to get there. They style themselves as the People of Empathy…but the rest of us must educate ourselves to where that empathy stops. They will lie to you and about you. They will condone smear and fear to keep you in your Box. They have no empathy for my right to my opinion , or my right as a citizen to debate theirs. In their arrogance of having every answer, they turn a blind eye to the most blatant abuses of MY freedoms. Progressives are the party of intolerance and imposition.

And, somehow, as they do this…they look at the Tea Party and conjure up “Brown Shirts.”

Ironic, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s the cosmic mirror of history trying to show them what they have become.


“Rev Wright” is Coming to Wall Street

I might soon be applying for a Wall Street job. The fact that my simple addition skills are problematic and my checkbook is in a constant state of disarray, should not deter me from being a serious candidate. Our Leftist government has the boot on the neck of Wall Street now to demand women and minorities be given preferential treatment. There will be a scramble to employ any Doofus who has the right sex or skin hue. And a pressure to keep them….no matter how poor their job performance. Why not me?

My…how we are progressing along the road to a post-racial nation under President Obama and his pals in Congress! The trick has become not to hear Obama’s words, but watch what he and his troops hide in the Laws or say behind doors at the DOJ. What Billionaire John Kerry is…. to paying his fair share of taxes…Obama is…. to bringing our nation together as one people. Don’t listen…look at what they HIDE!

Pull up a chair to Dr. King’s table of Brotherhood …oops, NOT THERE! Obama has reserved those seats for “certain people.” Not the most qualified, the most experienced, the best and the brightest…no, special people who are the in the elite Pay-back Club. Special people who have the security of not having to compete….no, just be the sex or race that they are…to be installed in a job and enshrined forever (out of fear of lawsuits or Obama’s boot on the neck.)

We must all live in fear now of the Obama “ass-kick.”

Obama’s “hope” exists only for SELECTED victim-populations that will secure his power; his “change” is the most hostile attitude toward private business that this nation has ever seen. Bureaucrats everywhere…demanding certain genders and skin colors get hired and pushed ahead! Intruding, imposing, inflicting themselves..these people who have never met a pay-roll or sweated a start-up….into every area of American life. Ignorant bureaucrats emboldened by Obama to be between us and our doctors, our jobs, even, by God…our menu choices!

Much of this is being written BY STEALTH into legislation. Not discussed, not debated, IMPOSED!

A long time ago, I had a dream too. I had a dream that the evil, hurt and nonsense that skin hue was any different from eye color as a determinant of anything…would disappear. I had a dream if that my generation would stand up to the racist attitudes in our own families, that my children’s generation would never remember that such skewed thinking ever existed. I believe the best test for any of us on post-racial attitudes is to honestly judge the population of our own hearts. Who’s in there, folks? Look hard and you’ll have your answer.

Look hard at Obama’s heart. I bet you’d find his “mentor”, Rev Wright, sitting in Obama’s front heart-pew.

His Mentor.

I asked myself during the election, could I have spent 20 years in a pew listening to the racist vitriol of a white clone of Reverend Wright? Would I have subjected my little children to such a divisive, ugly mindset week after week? Could I have called such a man…”my Mentor?” Is there any excuse for a man who retired to the American dream of a million dollar home in a gated community…to be tolerated for preaching words and attitudes that breed an exclusivity of anger…that foster a new generation of separatism and hate? But Mr. Obama wallowed in that hate week after week.

American chose to look the other way and believe Obama’s protestations over his weekly seat in that front row pew. But we are seeing in his policies, actions, and non-actions…that Wright’s words have seeped into Obama’s presidency.

The Payback Presidency.

The result is apologizing to despots and dictators for “God-damn America”…the result is policies that protect certain racial civil rights, but ignore others…the result is decisions that prosecute White hate groups but coddle Black hate groups…the result is stealth laws that DEMAND jobs in a recession for certain races, but deny others. The result is not looking at both the NAACP and the TEA Parties as collections of people, including FLAWED people, behind faces in all colors. How ridiculous to elevate the NAACP to some collection of sainted all-knowing all-virtuous victims…who, by their victimhood ALONE, are never human enough to be wrong or unangelic enough to be accountable for THEIR OWN biased actions.

In North Carolina, in 2006, the NAACP insisted a drug addled hardened Prostitute who was pulled drunk from another Strippers car…with the Louvre of local DNA in her filthy underwear…was Durham’s finest example of virtuous Black womanhood. And they pushed those lies on their official Website where those who might still trust their long-gone integrity…MIGHT have come for the truth. There has been no outrage or outcry. No apologies, no demand that anyone be censored. Where were all those people having the vapors NOW over Andrew Breitbart’s ONE video? Two YEARS of damnable NAACP LIES that might have cost three kids the rest of their lives in jail…in a city that would sit a predominantly Black jury. Not a job…their LIVES!

But all those Progressive eyes and hearts just shrugged and turned away.

The Duke Lacrosse Frame should be part of the next election cycle…it is the supreme spit-in-the-eye to any charge from the NAACP of racism.

I am amazed at how betrayed and angry I feel at an organization that I once revered.

I am amazed at how angry and betrayed I feel by the Obama con-job.

My generation, Black and White…began a march toward something better for ourselves and our children. This is something…generationally, that is almost holy to us. It is being defaced by the “Reverend Wright” mindset of this Presidency.

And THAT is the most egregious, terrifying and tragic aspect of this Presidency….Obama is taking us back. Taking us back to attitudes and emotional places that drive us farther apart. He is creating an attitude that Blacks are the Bosses’ Son now. Hired for WHOM they are not what they can do. Protected for WHOM they are and not how they perform. And. most of us know, in the workplace, and in our homes…how we come to despise the Bosses’ Son. What good, what unity can come of this?

Charlie Rangel…the tax thief…is Today’s Bosses Son. Why-ever should a thief of any Party, Race, Gender or Ethnicity NOT be driven out of Congress in disgrace? How DARE anyone demand he be treated with special favors?

Obama is ushering back in an odious era we struggled to put behind us…only the favored skin hues have changed. Is THAT progressive? Is that moving us forward to be one people? Is that Martin Luther King’s dream?

New anger, new enmities will arise out of this “selective empathy” and “special treatment.” I am befuddled that anyone who truly cares about a color-blind community of ONE…can back Obama’s blatant political attempt to keep us in our racial, gender, and social boxes…all to wield political power for HIMSELF . Obama is the worst kind of demagogue….he divides US to conquer for himself. He has to create enemies, ferment anger…to centralize wealth and power where he wants it. But in doing so, he has undone the progress we have made toward racial unity.

Why do we have societies for “colored people?” Societies for only women? Organization to promote certain “boxes” of people over other people? I believe excellence is found in all genders and nationalities and skin hues. Are these groups saying it isn’t? For HOW LONG, do they need a government intervention to get or keep a job? How long must Obama make certain people “special” and “quota-favored” until…in what generation…will THE OTHERS demand payback. And the ugly wheel turn again?

If this happens…and if Obama continues this way…it will…his legacy will be Black Jim Crow. Or maybe not even that. Separate…but, under our Progressive government’s eye…never “equal.”

What’s “progressive” or enlightening or forward thinking about THAT?

I wonder what MLK would say.

Because our first Black President, Dr. King…has scammed your Dream.

The Secular Evangelicals

Two years ago, at the Holidays, Youngest Daughter arrived home and usurped my spot at the computer. “I’ve got a special gift for you, Mom. I’m going to sign you up to Facebook and then you can spy on me.”

And so she did.

Things went pretty well at first.

My other two children and my Godchild deigned to become my “friends.” (The Son subsequently has had me playing a game on there that I cannot figure out…but that’s another post.) I became friends with my nephew, my college roommate, and a couple others and then, alas… somehow, I locked myself out of my account for about 9 months. This is very par for the course in my cyber-life. Stuff happens and I have no idea why.

But I didn’t miss much about Facebook.

I really don’t think anyone out there in cyberspace is waiting with baited breath for updates on my well-pump issues or breaking news on me starting a load of laundry….which seems to be the point of most of it. And I don’t think there’s anything truly “social” about the apartheid of the Internet…and without the true intimacy of face to face social encounters. But I did miss the the pictures and…the interaction with my far away children.

Finally, I started a new account…and was back in business. Not knowing quite what to do with myself there, I started posting some links to articles I liked…thinking (wishing, hoping) maybe one of my blood-related “friends” would read them. At the least, it might help to explain where I am coming from in my opinions…and why I see things as I do. Recently, I’ve figured out how to upload pictures. Very nice.

Let me say right here, I perceive it’s the norm on Facebook to accumulate many, many friends. This looks exhausting to me. I have a family, I write, I have a business, I volunteer, I have a social life…I have real flesh and blood friends interacting with me every day…I just want to keep my Facebook domain very, very small. To that end, I have removed everything I think could help in a search. I don’t want to be found or be befriended. I’m happy with the 15 people who are at my cyber-tea party now.

But two or three old college friends found me before I shut down my Info-wall. I’m glad they did. They are interesting people.

One of them is Phyl…another former English major with a great wit and a great mind. Since we reconnected on Facebook, she has informed me she is now a Marxist…or as she describes herself on her page “a dirty, hippie Commie.” We are two old friends, bound by fond memories who now, politically, could not be further apart. An entertaining little debate has ensued…where we pop in to post counterpoints on each others comments. There is always an undercurrent of the old affection…so it’s pleasant. But I’m beginning to notice a pattern.

There is a strange religiosity about the Left. Having abandoned main steam religion, they have replicated the fervor of the far-right Christian evangelicals except in their secular beliefs. They are as pure, dogmatic, and unwilling to critique their Faith or any member of their Flock… as ole Jerry Falwell.

They are true believers…and anyone who disagrees must be not debated, but shut down, silenced…as People of the Lie.

The Left have their priests…Obama, far-left politicians, Climate Scientists, University Professors like Duke’s 88. These are the proselytizers of their gospels. And like any religious doctrine, only true believers, repeaters of doctrine will be hired in their faculty enclaves, or welcomed to there scientific discussions. Science that is not open to contradictory data, to rough and tumble rigorous debate…is religion. Academic institutions that only admit like believers are monasteries.

The Monasteries of American Academia and Green Science are closed to the infidel.

The New Left has their “gospels”, taken on faith as absolute truth always…the New York Times, WAPO, Leftist blogs.

This week Phyl asked me, if the Black Panther story is legit, why are none of the mainstream media covering it? I remember an evangelical telling me that if something were true it must be found in the Bible….as if absence alone from their gospels was proof of incredibility.

Same type of religious thinking.

My old friend has absolute, nun-like faith in these Prophets of the Left, when they DO speak… as the only REAL purveyors of Truth. And like the fervently devout everywhere, I doubt she allows her quick mind to be sullied anywhere else, by reading anything else, or being open to fresh, not fermented dogma-ideas. If she were do do so…this might require hours of self flagellation kneeling before “The Holy Pillars of The One WE Have Been Waiting For.”

There is a pattern in her rebuttal to me…quoting unsourced, exclusively Left wing editorials or blogs..where she cannot even apparently discern provable fact from partisan rant. Often she provides no links to actual events to back up assertions. She just BELIEVES. Like her, she expects I will also accept all on Faith.

She forgets I am a veteran of the Duke Lacrosse Frame-up. I know now…that the objective is not now nor ever has been…about The Truth. I understand the MSM and Academia now…in a way I did not before 2006.

As we learned in the Duke Hoax, the MSM is undeniably biased in what it will and will NOT report, in the skew of its headlines, in the emotional slant in a so-called news article (The seasoned prostitute chock full of non LAX DNA in every orifice of her body was commonly referred to as “shy,young, college student Mother…new to dancing.”) But it is also too often sloppy, lazy, and misleadingly untruthful in its assertions. Facts…like a rape so violent the girl’s fingernails were “ripped off”…failed to address the fact they were Lee press-on nails. The NYT did an especially mortifying article (for them) savaged beautifully here.

But Phyl quotes these sources as she simultaneously condemns Fox. To me, they are two sides of one coin. WE need to probe deeper, watch actual videos,watch these hideous panels, read the documents. The brilliant LAX attorneys fought a MSM manufactured racist Lynch mob…with the release of actual depositions and data. We need to source our opinions that way as well.

Additionally, those of us who had to stand and rebut our parents view of race….and those of us who believed in MLK’s dream AS IT WAS ARTICULATED…need to be vigilant for that dream today. Power and anger and fear corrupt. There is a new type of racism who has it’s roots in empathy and guilt from the past….but is not learning from it. One hundred years from now, there may be reparations due to the descendants of those kept from the polls by Black Panthers, kept from jobs in subsequent hard times by racial set-asides and quotas, or indicted on trumped up charges so a White Politician can win an election in a Black City.

That’s not progress…that’s the circle of damnable repetition.

But it’s one of the missionary projects of a powerful new evangelical movement…the Leftist Socialist Church of the Secular Divine.

Hold the Budweiser; this is Too Big.

If I were inclined to give some Motherly advice to Barack Obama…I’d tell him to get out in front of this Black Panther-DOJ mess and do it definitively.

Put out the reasonable definitive explanation for why the case was dismissed, if there is one. If there is another side and a strong one…this dismissal must be easily defensible. The fact that the Administration continues to avoid addressing this, adds to the aura that something unseemly is afoot.

When you have a strong defense, you are eager to articulate it. When you have a strong defense, you strut right into any accusation with almost enjoyment.

So why are they not doing this?

Obama campaigned on being a new kind of politician; he also campaigned on being post-racial. Those two issues resonated with most Americans across both parties. We are sick, our Nation is sick, our Economy is sick from incessant and increasingly intolerant partisan squabbles. Furthermore, many have come to despise the Race Pimps and Professional PC Victims who make a buck by buttressing discord and division. The election of Obama brought hope…even to those of us who did not support him….that at the least…maybe just the latter would be our consolation prize.

Time has shown Obama to be just a standard issue Leftist politician whose every decision seems to be determined by polls and party dynamics. Well, many marry the Championship Football Captain, and find a pot-bellied Lump of Inertia parked weekly in front of the TV. We get over it.

So as the Blago trial unfolds and details emerge about Who Was Asked to Exit What Campaign, Americans understand they have no new enlightened mindset in the Oval Office. Many are neither surprised nor outraged; they hoped but did not expect it to be so. Many have no great issue, except hypocrisy,with Obama on that score.

But many ARE incensed by this Black Panther dismissal and even more so, by the arrogance of the Obama/ Holder non-response. They are also stunned that an Administration that rushed to hold a Beer Summit to quell any racial uneasiness that might be seeping into voter consciousness…is letting this much more potent issue remain unexplained. There were no U-tube videos of the Harvard Professor that Obama championed saying he “might hafta kill white Babies.”

Why would this most politically sensitive White House…not stand and defend WITH FACT…this issue?

That is…if they can.

We are left to surmise the defense shows the tears and frays in some part of the NEW Politician Pant Suit …that Obama’s still trying to strut about in. So he assumes it’s the lesser of two evils to dodge and play dumb.

At least that’s one of the better assumptions.

Is Obama truly a new breed Post Partisan Politician? If anyone is still clinging to that dream, the fact that this dismissal was a political payback to the NAACP might be something Obama and Holder simply can’t admit. The NAACP has admitted inserting themselves in the case. (Read info here) Was the dismissal of this case against Thugs who were already CONVICTED and are on record threatening to kill Whites…political grease to the NAACP from a grateful Obama? And what does it say about today’s NAACP that these Black racists are worthy of their organizational intervention? Of course, for a brief lesson in the current operational tactics of this once worthy organization, read the history of their complicity in the Duke Lacrosse Frame. They have now assumed the judicial posture of the Fat-Pot-Bellied Sheriffs of the Old South:skin hue, not truth, guilt or innocence….only SKIN HUE is SUPREME.

Or was this unexplained dismissal simply an indicator of a racist mindset now installed by Obama/Holder at DOJ? Are Americans to understand that the professed “post=racial” Obama is instead codifying different rules for different races? Is Obama taking the racial divisiveness he ran against and allowing the DOJ to see COLOR over the content of any particular case?

A compliant Media may be mostly avoiding this case but they cannot contain it. Obama should realize this is not only dangerous to him politically, it is dangerous to the American psyche.

And deadly to our system of justice.

Do Obama and Holder assume that White Guilt will gut this story for them? Is that the real arrogance and lassitude behind the lame non-response?

Obama, the eloquent Great Communicator, and Holder need to justify the actions of their DOJ. If they have a detailed explanation, let’s hear in full in hearings, all hands on deck.

No Beer Summit between Mr. Adams and Mr. White Baby Killer Wannabee is going to quell this story.